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    whats the worst hit you took on a modding project?

    I was mounting a motherboard onto a sheet of acrylic, and I had the brilliant idea of placing the pcb right on the acrylic, with no markings, and then screwing the self-tapping wood screws through the mounting holes and into the acrylic immediately below. That way, I would eliminate the chance...
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    Bondo on plastic?

    The varibles that you have to research are the kinds of plastic you are using. Bondo is polyester based. It will adhere to acrylic (plexiglass), but it might dissolve some types of styrene plastic. If you are gluing plastic, a solvent bond is best. Buy a solvent for the type of plastic you are...
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    Crazy ideas...let's hear them

    The post about a case opening like an Apple G4 reminds me: I thought it would be interesting to make a case that contains two motherboards, facing each other. The thing would open up like a vertical clamshell, with each mobo/side hinged at the bottom. Cooling duties would be run off of a...
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    ducting cpu fan

    I know I'm stating something that's probably obvious, but I thought I should mention it just in the name of being annoyingly thorough: If you are using a flexible duct of the kind pictured, make sure the intake isn't placed near an exhaust fan, or any openings in the case. Otherwise, you will be...
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    best render farm for $500

    If you do have a bit of extra money, I would suggest getting a power supply that's slightly more hefty than what you need. Running renderings that put the system a peak load for several days will really stress secondary components, such as the PSU. I have literally had a coumputer start emitting...
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    My first 'built from scratch case'!!!

    If you want to save a few bucks on metal, try cutting apart a junked refrigerator. The great thing about this is that it's powdercoat enameled, which is a better quality finish than regular paint. I don't know how they do it where you live, but here in NYC, when people throw out a refrigerator...