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    deaktivate RasMan

    anyone please?? merry x-mas btw
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    Strange WinXP app launch error

    You are probably talking about this little windows installer dialog that comes up when you first start a freshly installed program, for instance word or excel correct?
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    Odd ram issue in xp32, system sees 3.5 + 8800gtx?

    Memory adressing still is a mysterious thing to me. I do understand where the 4gig limit comes from though. I have a vista laptop and i put 4 gigs of ram into it, because i remembered that 32bit can handle that. As i had to figure out, yes it does handle it, but not the full extent. I had...
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    deaktivate RasMan

    Hey there, I am using Vista Business x86 SP1. Since I am moving around quite a lot, i am using a UMTS connection to connect to the Internet. However, this connection appears to be unstable at times, and it gives me some strange error messages. I believe it could fix some of them, if only i...
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    Hey, I bought an Acer (i know i should have known it :rolleyes:) Aspire 7720G. There is a 8600GT 512mb Grafics card build in (aka g84m). I started playing CoD 4 again, and I was majorly dissapointed. I had to turn down all details and Screenresolution to 800x600 to play it smoothly. Then my...
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    Hot-keys without software

    Hey, thanks for your help, we managed, though we had to reinstall the software. As you said, there doesn't seem to be a way to use those buttons other than to use their software. As long as we didnt restart the computer, it worked fine. thnx anyway!
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    Hot-keys without software

    Hi, most notebooks nowadays use hot key software to activate buttons like w-lan, bluetooh etc. A friend of mine uses an Acer 5020 running XP. Several weeks ago his acer hot key software crashed, so we removed it from the system. Today we wanted to activate his wlan, but of course that...
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    SMC9432BTX Driver?

    Yes it is as old as it looked like, however i had to use it... I was able to convince my boss to get me a new one though ;)
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    core 2 or quad core?

    If I may throw in this comment: from what I have learned, the clock speed aka the amount of giga herz a processor has doesn't really say much of the acutal performance. It just a meassure that is used by the industry to make them sound cooler.. There are many other factors, like...
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    SMC9432BTX Driver?

    Hey guys Im starting to feel like a complete idiot. I'm trying to use my SMC9432BTX on my Windows Server 2003 mashine, however, i don't seem to be able to find a driver for it. Is there a generic Windows driver you guys could recomend or is there any driver i could download? Thanks in...
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    USB stick Problem

    Ok so is there anybody who has an idea about this? Or did i just fail to discribe the problem??
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    USB stick Problem

    bump :D
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    USB stick Problem

    Hey guys, long time no see :) A friend of mine came with a problem to me, and i just can't find a solution to it. He unplugged his USB stick and when he tried plugging it back it, it said an error had accoured douring the installtion of the drive (sorry, tranlsated from german) He said...
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    VLC probs with wmv files

    is there any way to fix that problem?
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    VLC probs with wmv files

    I have always had these problems, whenever I play a wmv movie on vlc, i get errors, as in the pictures turns quite strange. However, i downloaded the new one, and now i only see green, is there any way to fix that?
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    Internet Question theoretical download speed

    well u know when u download in fireofx, and it acutally says mb/s, so i dunno, i have had that once, but that was only becuase i was saving that file, so it always shows a higher download speed
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    Internet Question theoretical download speed

    I dunno if tahts where you post a normal internet question, but i have ordered a 3mbit line, and an we are using it with 5 ppl. Now a friend of mine came up to me today and told me 300kb/s download is really slow, he has a 2mbit line at home, and the supposedly downloads with 2mbit.. Now i told...
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    ATI diagnostic tool

    I did, ran for 2 minutes, but it didnt show any errors...
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    School Poll

    ATI Radeon x800Pro ATI 3d Rage Pro
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    ATI diagnostic tool

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    ATI diagnostic tool

    Hey ya, I am just wondering if there is any specifc ATI diagnostic tool, that would check the hardware of my x800Pro (i know, oold :rolleyes: ) I tried some overclocking with my "ATI Tool" and during the test it locked up.. i put my mem and clock speed a little lower than the locking up...
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    Affects of Dust on Hardware??

    great thank you guys
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    Affects of Dust on Hardware??

    Hey ya, I just have a quick question, I have the feeling that when my rig becomes kinda dusty that the performance of my rigs decreases significantly... Does dust have anything to do with it? Whats the most effective way to get rid of the dust (low level vacuum cleaner is not a...
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    Suse 9.3 download prob

    im not using a download manager, i am using the one in firefox.. how would i add those flags (windows)
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    Suse 9.3 download prob

    all in total i must have tried something like 12 mirrors, us europe and someplace else
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    Suse 9.3 download prob

    no not really, because i am on a shared i net connection and that would mean that my fathers internet becomes quite slow as well... I was hoping for an ftp way of solving this
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    Safest way to surf.........Live cd?

    lol, well i guess question answered, with that life cd nothing really should happen.. but seriously, that would be a pain in the butt...
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    cant install madrake 10.0

    try the new suse, if you can download it.. awesome hardware support, well me thinks and me = noob
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    Suse 9.3 download prob

    Hey guys, I am frustrated...:confused: I dunno what is wrong with my connection, this computer or the world, but i have once downloaded the full 4 gigs of the dvd version. Cheksum was wrong, so i couldnbt install it.. Noticed that one a little to late. So i tried again, and since then...
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    Laptop Broken? Tools needed!

    I have a laptop and recently its being acting sort of weird. with that i mean, sometimes it doesnt switch on at all, sometime it gets past the bootscreen, acceses the hd just to then stop doing that and rest showing a black screen and sometimes it just switches itself off. I could really use...
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    what are you looking for in the next os longhorn?

    lol, i hope Billy is readon this, especially the default billy wallpaper bit :p
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    SuSE 9.3 ISOs are out

    I've just downloaded the dvd and the cds.. My dvd iso didnt work, as far as i could see because the hash code wasnt the one the install expected, strange. So i downloaded the ISO. For some reason, however, i don't seem to be able to delete on the of the graphic cards that i have had...
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    thats some serious lanpower you have there
  34. M virused???

    I see one banner on this forum. it even fits in nice with the sceme i find. Why block it? I don't even notice it even more... plus i like newegg ads.. :confused:
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    Grey Screen Of Death?!?

    thats not xp installing is it? looks like win3.x
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    anyone been able to download the xp64 trial?!?

    I'm sure there are some on the warezing sites... since its a trial, I don't think thats illegal, or is it??
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    Recylce bin command

    Does anybody know what the "run" command for the recycle bin is??
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    10bit sufficient`?

    I don't think it is the cables really, mine is 17m by dads is 25m. Yeah i do get spiky pings at times, i always thought that might be something my dad might have done wrong. the thing is im living in norway, im a poor student, and what costs 20 bugz of there costs 50 bugs over here..
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    10bit sufficient`?

    Right now i have a 2.5mb connection to the internet.. from there is a hub connected to my router but it is only 10mbit. My dad has a long wire going up to his room which links into a 100mbit switch and i have the same thing in my room. Question: I have the feeling that the internet is going...
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    Guess the Google

    lol im in the hundrets :(