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    Who else isnt impressed?

    The specs for the PS3 look good and all, but im just not that impressed. When you look past all the marketing BS numbers, It's the same thing as an XBox 360, only coming out months later. I think Sony is now in the position MS was with the XBox. They are going to need a couple REALLY GOOD...
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    Question for those with HL2/CS:S crashes; virtual mem

    For anyone who is or was having HL2/CS:S texture not loading or crashing problems: What is/was your virtual memory set to and how much RAM do you have? I have a system right next to me with an Athlon 1.2, GeForce4 ti4600 128mb, and 512MB RAM. It was running CS:S fine (at 640x480) until I...
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    People with disabled Steam accounts...

    This is for people with disabled, not banned, Steam accounts that can no longer play the game(s) you bought. Call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Tell them you did not get the product you purchased, and Valve is not responding to your requests for support. They will take it...
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    HL2 DM - have patience

    Everyone complaining of the lag and non-smooth play of HL2 DM, just hang in there and give them some time. When HL1 was released (I bought it day 1), DM was just as bad, if not worse. It was even kinda laggy on LAN. Apparently Valve is still a little slow in the DM department lol.
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    Way to save Office XP activation info?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to save Office 2003 activation info like you can for WinXP? I have had to reinstall Office 3 times on a comp and I have to call MS for a new activation every time. It would be nice if I could just save it like with Windows.
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    Russian pirate market

    I read that article about the piracy in Russia at mosnews and I can tell you it is no joke. I spent a month in Russia earlier this year. The Ruble was 26 to $1 when I was there. Most games, music, and movies were about 50 rubles. High end apps like 3D Studio Max went for about 100-200...
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    Doom3 character texture resolution

    Is it just me, or does anyone else also feel ID really slacked off with the character textures in this game? The environment looks great, the walls and such are covered with great looking, sharp, high res textures.. The models? They look like crap IMO. ie: the clothing on the people.
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    Doom3 specific rendering paths

    Those of you who read this months PC Gamer already know this, but im sure there are a lot of people who havent. I've seen some comments that indicate some people believe there may have been more rendering paths included soooooo.... Here is what ID says about the rendering paths of Doom3: (in...