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    Westinghouse LCM-22w2 only runs at 1400x 900

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    SCSI drives not shown under my computer

    First off, I'm fairly new to this raid stuffs. I just got a Dell poweredge 1650 that comes with 3 73gb drives. I set first drive to Raid 0 and installed server 2003 on there. After that, I went back create another container for those 2 other drives. 2 containers show up under my device...
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    Playstation 3 wireless?

    I have a 20 gig Ps3 model that does not have wireless card built in. My cable modem is currently attached to the Netgear wireless B/G router. I also have an usb wireless B adapter & wireless B accesspoint laying around the house. How do I go about connecting my ps3 wirelessly using those...
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    Using LCD TV as a computer monitor

    Any one has a LCD TV and computer set up? How's the resolution picture quality? Would there be noticeable difference in picture quality if I connect my laptop via VGA input instead of HDMI input ? I'm considering getting the 27in Insignia TV at best buy. Thanx
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    Does any one know the brand & model of this laptop?

    I got this laptop off ebay with a missing battery. I been trying to locate a replacement battery but no luck at all since I do not know who makes this laptop. It weighs about 2.5lbs with 10in screen. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanx!
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    AGP or pci express 16x videocard?

    Hi, i't sbeen awhile since I'm upgrade my desktop. I think I'm a lilttle behind in the videocard field at this point. I'm planning to pruchase a new desktop. What is the difference between AGP slot and pci express 16x slot other than compatible issue? Also, what graphic card would be good...
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    Need help on BIOS PW LOCK on a Thinkpad t41

    I recently bought a thinkpad laptop from a local seller but there's a PW protected on there.IS there anyway I could bypass the PW? Thanx