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    US Military Changing "Killing Machine" Robo-Tank Program after Controversy

    While the military is taking a step back from the forced moral issue, private industry will step in make this monstrosity and sell to the highest bidders. Video game Armageddon is/will be at hand and T series killer autonomous machines will be hunting the water sacks
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    MIT Has Developed a Four-Legged Robot That Can Do a Backflip

    Like add a machine gun or a flame thrower and play hunt the human
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    NATO Experiment Manipulated Soldiers Through Facebook

    So social media is not being manipulated by the Russians and Chinese...because you know....we trust them :ROFLMAO:
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    NATO Experiment Manipulated Soldiers Through Facebook

    And this is the world we have chosen to live in..said it before..we are vehemently paranoid when the government does something shysty but willingly offer up our daily lives to the harvesters on social media who can really manipulate and predict behavior. This is just the government verifying...
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    Columbia Engineering Researchers Create a Self-Aware Robot

    Why? We are so fu*k*d!!:vulcan:
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    AI Creates a Deep Fake of Steve Buscemi's Face on Jennifer Lawrence's Body

    For all that is holy (and sacred :-) ) please stop :vomit:
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    Engineers Automate Software Exploitation and Patching

    “just the beginning of a revolution” ...Yup...SkyNet becomes self aware in 3...2...........
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    Live @ 149.99
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing: i9-9900K CPU Testing @ [H]

    :bag::) chunk it!! I love this.
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    CenturyLink Blocks Internet Access to Utah Customers Until They Click Pop-Up

    I find it amusing that some here have a choice of high speed providers..I have also..slow as f**k dsl or fast as hell cable...and no dsl and cable are not in the same league don't give a damn what the definition of high speed is :).
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    Woman Sues Apple over iPhone Notch

    Hard to believe this is a thing, but then again when you are a fruit addict your whole existence revolves around making fruit company richer:meh:
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    Amazon Patent Melds Facial Recognition Technology with Ring Doorbell Cameras

    And people worry about the government tracking
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    U.S. Study suggests Drone Collisions with Airliners may not be Fatal

    Birds (soft tissue mostly) will not just pass through an engine so don't kid yourself about minor plastic parts. A small standard 10/32 screw will and can cause major and potentially catastrophic damage and all drones have metal of some kind (to include batteries). I see minor and massive damage...
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    Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN

    We are so fucked. And folks worry about the government monitoring.
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    Forza Motorsport 7 Will Be a 100GB Download

    Data Caps...ISP's control the future and ain't a damn thing can be done about it..cause we have competition don't you know :facepalm:
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    RT-AC68U clone $59 - use code WIFI40 -

    Time to dabble ..thanks for the heads up
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    Hot: Dirt 3 Complete for free at Humble Bundle

    Why not...thanks for the tip.
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    The Many Ways Car Dealers Fail At Social Media

    Exactly.. besides who would really want to follow a car dealership on social media anyway..
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    Amazon Prime $72 for the year (normally $99/year)

    Gifted myself...thanks for the heads up
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    is this legit?

    If you gotta ask it's probably not...if it's too good to be true...and so on and so on
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    Intel SSD 730 480GB @ $199 - Newegg AM shell shocker

    And why not for this price..merry Christmas to me
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    Surely it's worth twenty bucks?! ;)
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    Mine came by DHL and no extra fees for me
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    Took the plunge on the 5th and got it today...pretty darn good I think coming from Korea especially since it's over a weekend. So far so good. Used the enclosed DVI-D cable and it works fine for me. OC to 96 Hz using the guide from Here played around for a minute then went right to 120 Hz and...
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    Refurbished WaterPik Waterflosser Cordless Plus $22 shipped

    awwww.....hell nah!!!!:eek:
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    Good air cooler that work with the ASRock Z77E-ITX?

    AXP-100 is available on amazon as of this writing..$70 :rolleyes:
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    SilverStone Nitrogen NT06-Pro CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Really nice compared to the axp-100...too bad I can't fit this in my elite 120..about 20mm too tall :-( guess I'll just wait for the Thermalright to be more available
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    [Hot] PowerColor HD 7870 MYST. Ed. 2GB + Bioshock & Tombraider - $209 (no rebate!)

    Maybe I've been lucky but I've had no issues with BF3...but maybe I'm just lucky :)
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    available here in stock
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    Thermalright AXP-100 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    I see it's finally available in stock now only if I could get it here in the US :D
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    Thermalright AXP-100 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Been keeping an eye out for this thing since it was announced...still no availability is such when it finally shows up its gonna sell at the price point or above...besides I'm just pissed I've been waiting this long ... vapor ware ;)
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    still no sitings in the wild? guess I should go another direction for my cooling
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    Best Electrostatic Discharge Safety Video EVER

    Can't believe I waited this long before watching this video TFF :D
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    Cooler Master elite 120 build

    That's nice....I opened the front of mine...deciding which way to go for a vid card...something that's equal to or better than CF 6850 ....really neat set up you have there
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    My goal was to use this with a Asrock Z77E-ITX in a CM120 and get really close to my 2500k oc that I currently have without heat issues...not sure if there will be room for a larger cooling solution without blocking the pci-e slut :p
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    hoping that this was going to be the awesome cooler but it seems like it's marginally better... think I expected too much.. guess I can pretty much forget about o/c my 2500k without thermal meltdown :-D
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    Saw about $60 USD mentioned somewhere...practically last piece of the puzzle I'm waiting to appear...bloody thing's been promised since November...and still no sightings in the wild...vapor ware? :p
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    Thermalright AXP-100

    Anyone get hold of one of these yet? If so...where from?