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    1005ha batteries interchangeable?

    Does anyone know if you can purchase a 1005ha-p battery and stick it in a 1005ha-e series? or even a 1005ha-v battery and stick it in? It seems that the higher quality battery on the 1005ha-p has a different voltage than the other models.. but all the other models seem to have the same voltages...
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    xonar/windows volume increments?

    Does anybody know how to adjust the increments that the volume goes up by? I use a saitek eclipse II keyboard and the volume seems to go up by 3 increments every time I push the button. Is there any way to change it to 1? sound card is an asus xonar stx if it matters
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    evga and its warranties?

    Mainly asking for advice here... but if i recall, even if evga doesn't replace for free, they at least offer you a repair cost right? My 8800gts, which was registered maybe 2-3 years ago, is artifacting. I did mod it with an hr-03 and it's stayed consistently under 80. I have the original...
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    IBT: application config problem?

    does anyone know what causes this?
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    8800gts 320 but smaller and less heat?

    I'm currently using an 8800gts 320mb. The card is doing fine, but I'm building an SFF system. Is there a video card that will do just as well if not better and do it passively? or extremely quietly? Right now I'm considering the asus gtx260 in .. matrix form? but it's not sold in the US yet...
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    noob to sff help?

    I'm looking to build a new system.. maybe dual or quad core.. can I get suggestions? I am a silentpc enthusiast.. but I do want some decent gaming components 1)case and Heat sink - $200 a) should fit standard PSU.. i'd like to put a corsair unless there's somethin quieter b) I'd like something...
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    which netbook?

    I've been looking at the lenovo s10s and the eee pcs (some) and acer aspire ones... can anyone recommend one to me based upon ease of upgrading (ram and hd), battery life, everything else? For now, let's just say cost isn't a concern Someone told me they'd have netbooks that last longer...
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    gigabyte processor upgrade?

    I bought this mobo about early 2007: GA-965P-DS3 P965 w/ an e6300 and OCZ2P8002GK 2x1gb I'm running an 8800gts 320mb. I think my processor is bottle necking the performance. When I play left4 dead, it periodically just freezes up. Is the RAM, cpu, or somethin else? If it's the cpu...
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    wifi+email w/o 3g ?

    So I like that VOIP phone stuff that nokia has - it seems to be able to check e-mail and do voip via wifi.. but can you get all taht stuff w/o paying for the data plan? I'd want to get the phone and have just normal minutes based service.. (tmobile or att).. no texting, internet, or anythign...
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    Dell c521 boot issues!

    I'm trying to reformat this dell c521 w/ amd processor.. and the F2 key can't get me in to the BIOS. I think it's b/c it's not activating the usb keyboard at all during the bootup process. The motherboard does not have any ps/2 connectors for another keyboard. Does anyone know how the heck...
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    mobile wifi phones w/ email?

    so you can't buy say.. an iphone and use the wifi w/o purchasing the data plan. Is there someting like a skype phone that can also check email? Is there any phone that can be purchased on a budget?
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    CSsource - double binding?

    In the old cs, you could set two keys to do the same job.. for instance.. q and mouse4 would be the quick swap on weapons does anyone know how to do this in source? i used to just goto options and keyboard.. but it only lets me use one key for the weapon swap.
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    password recovery code?

    Let me know if this is deemed inappropriate. :D I'm asking this for my classwork.. and I don't think these programs can be used to hack w/o physical access anyway. I'm doing a final presentation for my network security class and like the idea of password security (and why you just shouldn't...
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    DKTboard: quick review

    So.. I don't do reviews.. but since someone stalked me down over AIM and asked for a review... here it is: Aesthetics: For some really stupid reason I thought the silver keys would actually match the anodized aluminum look on keyboard's frame - I was very wrong.. the silver keys look horrible...
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    kvm switches - recommendations?

    I did a search on kvm switches and didn't see many threads about cheap ones. Does anyone know enough about these to tell me what kind to buy? I just need a keyboard, 22'' lcd, and mouse to hook up to two computers - most of my kb and mouse setups use usb.. but I guess I can pull some old ones...
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    anyone order dktboard?

    Has anyone ordered from everglide before? they charged me on 12/4/07 .. and to this day, it still shows as order processing. I do believe they've already got dktboards out already so I wouldn't know why it's takin that long seeing that my CC was already charged.
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    random hardrive usage?

    It's probably a noob question, but every one in a while my computer's hd will just start seeking .. a lot.. for like 2 minutes even when I'm not doing anything.I know It's not virus scanning or defragging on its own.. does anybody know why it does this? I figure it's probably windows vista...
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    hl2.exe doesn't work?

    I'm trying to play TF2 or css or even portal using steam in vista - it says hl2.exe stopped working I've tried reinstalling vista and each application but nothing seems to work. Has anybody else come across this problem before? I'm a bit lazy to reformat but I thnk that's what I'm giong to...
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    join .001 files in vista?

    I have a bunch of files that read .001, .002, .003, etc. as the file type. I tried HJ-join to put them as one file, but it didn't work - it didn't show compatibility with windows vista. Does anyone know of any software taht I can use for it? i believe its unparted form would be an .iso
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    timestamping home videos?

    I have a sony Hardrive based camcorder (DCR-SR-42) that records video and can show the date on the playback. However, when I try and record it on the computer, it gives no option to always have the time stamped on the video. Does anyone know of software that can do this? I'd like to be able to...
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    ds3 OCs?

    Did anyone get 4x1gb to OC on the ds3? With 2x1gb i got 430x7 =3.01ghz with only a +.2 on the ddr2 .. but now that I stuck in two more sticks of the same 2.1 ocz ddr2 ram... it won't let me keep taht OC. does anyone know if I have to lower multipliers or up the cpu voltage or SOMETHING? If...
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    best torrent downloader?

    I just noticed that my ABC torrent dl-er is using 2gb of ram.. and it's only dl-ing a 5gb file... is tehre any other torrent client that'll work in vista and won't drain my resources so badly?
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    3gb or 2x2gb?

    I tried running 2x1gb ocz + 1gb gskill this morning and nearly fried one of the ram chips (I don't know why, they just got super hot). will this happen if i get one stick of ocz instead of 2ocz+1gskill? or do I have to use 2 sets of 2x1gb ocz to get it to work properly while overclocking...
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    noob mem question

    I have 2x1gb ocz ddr2-800 ram in there and I realized that bf2 can lag quite a bit, especially w/ my dual lcds. After putting in 1gb of gskill ddr2800 ram in addition to it, bf2 runs smoothly, but my computer fails at the occt stability tests (bf2 also crashes occasionally b/c of the weird ram)...
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    windows cloning?

    So I have two hds, one of which has a windows xp installation. I want to clone the windows xp installtion to the other hd.. is this possible? I tried norton ghost, but it designates the second drive as D, and doesn't allow it to boot windows, since the boot file looks for the "C:" drive. for...
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    Just installed a new system and this is what the screen looks like after reboots... If I do a power off reset, it goes back to normal... however, if i leave the power on and do regular restarts, it screws up like this.. does anybody know if it's the graphics card, mobo, or cpu? I'm tempted to...
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    so..everybody keeps talkin about how cool drivercleaner is .. if it's only 10 bux.. that means there should be some guy out there that made somethin just as good but made it free... anybody know of any such software? b/c I dont' have a virtual 10 bux to pay online at the moment. Is there any...
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    best OC for the $

    so it'll be on a ds3, e6300 system... I just want the cheapest one to get me a decent OC. I assume the price says it all.... but can anyone confirm that OCZ>corsair>g.skill in this case? Or.. if there's a better oc-ing ram for cheap that will get me up to 3ghz plz lemme know. I guess if the...
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    7600gt+ati tuner?

    How would an ati 550 tuner go w/ an nvidia 7600gt video card? It seems as though I'd have to install catalyst and nvidia drivers... wouldn't that cause big problems?
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    vista: blue screens and freezing

    so my system has the following parts: 2x1gb ocz ddr800 ram x2 3800 sapphire x850xt wd se16 hd audigy2 zs plat sound card It's a fresh install on the vista business that gatech gave me. It boots up, then freezes when i try to do normal things like messing w/ gadgets or personalizing my...
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    crucial and t6100 work together? that ram and a biostar 6100 matx x2 3800 am2 .. know if those will be compat?
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    uninstalling vista?

    Hate to say this.. but I didn't check for my laptop drivers b4 installing vista. Is there any way to uninstall vista easily? I figure there should be some non-tedious way since vista doesn't touch the old xp installation, right? other alternative would be... any way to install asus laptop...
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    winamp problems

    Using an audigy2zs plat w/ winamp 4.1 sound. If I ever skip to another part of teh song or skip a song it changes to 2.1 speakers. It switches back to 4.1 if I do it again... anybody know if this is just a stupid glitch?
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    C2d on SFF?

    I'm not looking to OC, so c2d still maintains its advantage over the x2's .. right? or will those motherboards somehow nerf performance on the c2ds? I've heard a lot about how amd still has the microatx thing goin for them.. but in what aspect? just OC-ing?
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    when to buy c2d?

    I've heard of all tehse price drops and everything on these suckers.. but I haven't seen any price drops. page computer seems to have a nice deal on ram, and the mobos are down to the 150ish area.. so i'm ready to upgrade to c2d.. but when's the time to buy it?
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    e4300 > x2 s?

    Hate to ask this question if it's been asked before, but I couldnt' find it on the search e4300 seems to be priced around the x2 4200. w/o overclocking it seems to be worse than the e6300.. so I have to ask.. does the e4300 still mantain its performance advantage over similarly priced x2...
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    creative platinum remotes

    I've got the platinum version of the audigy2zs remote, but it only seems to work with creative mediasource. Anybody know how to make it work with other programs.. like wmplayer or winamp... or anythign else?
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    weird buzz - sapphire x850xt?

    When I use sapphire's trixx overclocking program to OC, my neo320 watt psu starts buzzing at me. Only when I put it on silent mode (severely underclocked) does it stop buzzing. Is this indication that the psu isn't pumpin enough power or something?
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    typical- is my psu enough?

    seasonic s12 - 380watt on a system w/: asus p5b some c2d . . probably e6300 or one of the newer series like e4300 2x1gb ram ati x850xt audigy 2 zs plat tv tuner of some kind (ati elite?) raptor 74gb wd se16 320gb hd dvd burner Just curious if you guys think this psu will be...
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    PCI-E x1 slots?

    I dont' think I've seen anyone address this yet, but sorry if it has been. All new mobos come w/ this pci-e x1, pci, and pc-e x16 now.. wtheck is the x1 used for? I've used pci for my typical sound card, tv tuner, etc and pci-ex16 for my graphics cards.. but what the heck does pcie x1 do? I've...