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    So duke nukem forever is almost done

    Time, bah! Prey was announced in 1995, shown a couple late 90s E3s, but wasn't released until 2006. It turned out to be a pretty decent game that sold well, so I wouldn't count Duke out at this point. Personally, I dont care how long it has taken. I played the Duke games when they came out and...
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    Microsoft Songsmith Creates Music for Your Lyrics

    It's like a crazy elevator music version with lyrics! hahaha
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I'm curious about the speed. I am initially going to be running it on an older system; Athlon XP 2Ghz.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I would gladly give it to you if it weren't for my test system being x86. I was just trying to get the 64 key in case I decide to give it a shot on my main.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I got a key for the x86 version. I just kept refreshing the blah page it sends you to after email verification and after a couple of hours of seeing the "please check back in the next business day" message it finally loaded a page and gave me a key...
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    How do I get my video onto Windows?

    You can use Windows Movie Maker (not the best out there, but its there). But, if the camera is anything like mine or many others out there, USB only works for using it like a webcam. I have to use the firewire connection to transfer video.
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    Vista RTM: Your imprssions?

    Why do people keep saying Vista RTM like it's a version? It isnt a version! RTM (released to manufacturing) is synonymous with going gold. Micosoft announced Vista went gold by saying it went RTM. The version you have, assuming it is build 6000 and no crazy late show stoppers come up, is final.
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    Vista free upgrade coupon question

    Because they are as ignorant about it as many consumers seem to be? Go to the link I posted and read what it says. Other than that, I have a part-time job at a major retailer and I have known exactly what MS was going to be offering since well before they announced it to the public. And while...
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    Vista free upgrade coupon question

    FYI - You dont get a free upgrade to Vista by just buying XP MCE OS by itself. You have to buy a new PC with XP MCE, Tablet, or XP Pro on it to get the upgrade. And yes, they do require you show them the receipt fom the PC purchase...
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    Vista upgrade coupon warning..?

    Sorry man, but Microsoft clearly stated the free upgrade program is ONLY for those who purchase a new PC that came with XP MCE, XP Tablet, or XP Pro between Oct 26, 2006 and Mar 15, 2007. Nothing in their news release, or on their site states anything about getting a free upgrade if you just...
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    Why don't we have video cards that offer free FSAA yet?

    You can get "free" AA in plenty of games.....that are old. The thing you are failing to see in the quest for "free" AA, even after years of it being available as an option, is everything else in rendering technology and features didn't just stand still and let AA take over. We would have...
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    Duke Nukem Forever resurfaces

    I wouldn't count them out just yet. Seems many people dont realize, or simply forgot they first announced Prey in 1995. It was even shown at e3 in 97 or 98. Now it's finally near release, and looks like it could be a pretty damn good game. Hopefully Duke will also be a great game.
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    Is Cell the next best thing?

    Wow, this thread was started to ask if Cell was the next best thing and evolved into a discussion over how crappy EA is and who published Halo.. lol All I know about Cell processor is 1. Have you seen one lately? It's a damn vapor processor and 2. Before deciding to go with Intel, Steve Jobs...
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    Ok, if the card is "consistently" not able to render a frame in time, that means it simply cant perform at 75fps at all. Of course that also means even with VSync disabled it's still going to be unable to perform at 75fps. Probably wont even be close. So performance isn't really going to be...
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    I'm not sure what you are using to make you think using VSync on a 100Hz display nets you 50fps every time it goes below 100, but I never have that problem. I haven't seen that happen in any game. And in the other post you bring up mouse lag? Holy crap if I got mouselag from having VSync on I...
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    Yeah, I realized the error I made after posting that, thanks. You can get tearing with a lower FPS when VSync is off, because the card wont be sending frames in sync with the monitor refreshing the screen. As long as it is on, you are fine.. Even with 35fps.
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    First, you are/were getting 60fps because you need to go to the Refresh Rate Override tab in Nvidia's control panel and set it up. The 60Hz thing is a sucky phenomenon that happens in XP/2K with gaming. You are still only seeing 60fps, cause thats what your refresh rate still is, with or...
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    Firingsquad's Anti-Nintendo Writer: they will be #1 this round

    Maybe it just has to do with the fact the Japanese market for games is owned by lame crap like Brain Training and Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop!. See anything like that for the 360 lately?
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    Revolution Info?

    Sounds like a bunch made-up BS from some fan or PR rep to me. There's just too many hype style keywords, drawn out marketing type of descriptions, and meaningless comparisons used for it to be anything close to real. Are they emails, or commercials and magazine articles?
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    What's the best Fantasy MMO available?

    ^ What he said WoW has some cool stuff that makes it different and a little more fun than most the others, but I didn't play it for long. I was bored out of my mind by the time I hit lvl 58 with my main. After a while I even thought working a second guy on the side would make it fun again...
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    New HDD, moving games

    Yes. Thats how I installed it on my laptop.
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    Wannabe Revolution controller for the PS2?

    You guys kill me. He said it is similiar, not the SAME. If you split the MS controller they look a lot alike, and they both have a form of motion sensing technology. I believe his point was mostly just the look though. Obviously the Nintendo controller does more than a 6 year old Sidewinder...
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    Exactly how bad are LCDs in gaming compared to a CRT?

    Except for games with built in fps limits, like Doom3/Quake4, you wont find many, if any, modern games that get its fps simply cut in half to a rediculous rate (like your 60->30 example) by enabling Vsync. They will get reduced to a level just around your refresh rate. Not that it...
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    Yes, you're seeing this, Tron 2.0, and your thoughts.

    I was a beta tester for the game, and as a result they gave me the full retail version for free when the beta was done.. I thought it was just OK. It was fun at some points, but got old and somewhat redundant fairly quick.
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    Quake 4 mp is a ghost town ?

    Quake 3 came out at a time when regular deathmatch was still mildly popular, and the Quake name still had a lot of pull in online gaming. Even still, Q3 never even got close to touching the popularity levels of Quake 2. One reason may have been the hardware required to play it at its best, but...
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    Having second thoughts.....

    So, what new graphics engines or even games will be coming out for the PC in the next 6 months that are any sort of leap over the current games? Honestly, in 6 months do you truely believe we will see anything THAT much better than what we have right now? It would be a major departure from the...
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    Having second thoughts.....

    Obviously.. But they all did raise bars..even though HL2 wasn't real super, graphics wise. We can exclude HL2 and just say Doom3 and FEAR have set the benchmark for the next year or more. Maybe add in the HL2 engine with HDR enabled.
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    Having second thoughts.....

    Im not a big console fan, but you guys are killin me. Especially the ones who argue stuff like "buy a console and you will have better graphics for 6 months until the PC catches up". First off, it takes a couple years for PC graphics to evolve. Just because Nvidia and ATI release new hardware...
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    Sony NOT to have centralized online for the PS3!

    PC gaming has been semi-centralized since the development of the master servers that tell applications like Gamespy, ASE, etc where you can go play whatever game you play. It's been a very, very long time since PC gaming has required calling your friends, or hanging out in IRC, to get servers...
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    Star Wars Galaxies changing "BIG TIME"

    I was one of the lucky (if you wanna call it that) people who got into the beta at an early stage. I knew the game would suck all the way back at beta phase 2. Know why? Because the devs hardly listened to any of our input. They had their vision of the game and nothing we could say would...
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    Carmack's Final Verdict: XBOX 360 > PS3

    What the heck do a couple game/level designers and an artist have to do with the innovations he mentioned? On that note, what have any of them done since? Quake revolutionized 3D gaming, and multiplayer gaming at the same time, thanks to the coding done by Carmack. (Well, Abrash too for his...
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    Why not?

    Thats because anyone who says game pirates are causing high prices are full of crap. Good games sell hundreds of thousands to millions of copies, despite rampant pirating... Oh yeah, and the company will still sell the million copy selling sequel or next hot game for, you guessed it, $50 or...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    The only games you list that are even closely described by the legislation would be the FPS wargames like Battlefield, MoH, etc, but the intent of the bill isnt even focused on those games. They keep throwing around the word "Ultraviolent" for a reason. The key words of the bill are "a game...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    Moose, he said minors have bare minimum rights.. He is correct. Until you are considered an adult, you do not share many of the rights granted to Americans. You cant vote, buy a gun, smoke, drink, etc etc. And while you do get a limited set of rights, your parents are held responsible for...
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    Quake 4 or Doom 3, which will steal the mod spotlight?

    Quake4 seems like the obvious choice. For starters, Doom3 is seriously lacking in mods and the multiplayer sucks. Quake built its reputation on being a great multiplayer game. One can only hope they continue that trend, and we all know multiplayer gaming is what drives the most mods...
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    Arnold passes the "violent" video game bill in California.

    I dont get why anyone is crying about this. Who does it hurt? NOBODY. It simply makes retailers responsible for their actions. It makes the ratings a law instead of a BS guideline. Some retailers didn't give a rats ass what ESRB rating a game has. Ive seen kids buying GTA, and when I...
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    The future of Computer Graphics (GPU, PPU etc.) / Do we really WANT this even?

    Computing more and more objects is great and all, but just becuase a PPU card can handle 30,000 objects (or more) doesn't mean the GPU can. New games are still being released that tax vid cards pretty hard. So the addition of a PPU in your system right now will most likely result in very few...
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    Ageia PhysX - Another Kick in the Wallet

    Yes, a very narrow scope... For now. Hopefully not forever. And before everyone starts throwing the 3DFX argument around keep in mind 3D was an obvious and natural progression for gaming, especially given the rising popularity of the FPS game, so obviously 3D accelerators took off. CPUs...
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    Ageia PhysX - Another Kick in the Wallet

    I would have no problem paying $200-$250 for an add-in physics card given the following conditions: 1. Major game support (and app support would also help) 2. The one I buy today would be the same one used for a few years, and not slung on some 6-12 month dev cycle. I think #2 is doable...
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    Worst Game Ever?

    There's tons of terrible games to name, but how about Global Operations? I have friends at EA that absolutely hated having to work on this game. Hell, you cant even get to its page on EA's site without backdooring it thru a Google link LOL Luckily my friends warned me before I wasted money on...