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    ASUS VX238H Service Menu

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a VX238H and took a look in the service menu. I found some settings and wanted to know what they do... and if they are set correctly. They are Vcom, Freq, and Amp. Vcom - 66 Freq - 28 Amp - 1 Any insite would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Asus Maximus IV Extreme CFG Lock Disable?

    All, I have been searching to see if there was a way to disable the CFG lock on the Asus MIVE. I have seen some posts for BIOS descriptions stating that the CFG lock can be disabled to increase superPI scores. I am not able to find this option, does anyone know where it is... or if it actually...
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    Asus MIVE - Intel VT?

    Total bummer. :( Thanks for the link!
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    Asus MIVE - Intel VT?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the MIVE P67 support Intel VT for direct I/O. I did see a setting to enable virtualization, but wasn't sure if this was the same thing as VT for direct I/O. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! Adam
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    ASRock P67 Extreme4, C.C.O. Crooked?

    You can use LGA 1156 blocks/fans with the LGA 1155. I never heard that 775 would work.
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    I've stopped using the AB fan profile too. As soon as I turned it on, I was microstutting. Good find!
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    I've never heard of eRecordEnable... I'll look up some more info. Thanks for the suggestion! [EDIT] I saved this as a registry file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Atierecord] "eRecordEnable"=dword:00000000...
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    I was able to get it running at 880 / 1375 on the 6970 voltage. Since I didn't use the 6970 bios, the VRAM's voltage is the same as the 6950. I think I'm just going to leave it at 880.
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    Sell my HD6950's and get 2 GTX570's?

    Hey Reaper, Thanks for the reply. Are your 6950's overclocked at all? I've noticed if I leave the GPU speed stock with the shaders unlocked that the microstutter doesn't happen. I've updated my C300 firmware and I'm running the RST Beta from Intel. I'm going to try some other settings...
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    Sabertooth P67: freezing problem

    I got rid of my 1600 and got 1333 CAS 7, no more freezing.
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    Sell my HD6950's and get 2 GTX570's?

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll just stick with my 6950's then as it won't be worth the hastle/cost. Adam
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    Sell my HD6950's and get 2 GTX570's?

    Guys, I need some opinions. Should I sell my 2 (1 month old) 6950s on eBay and get two GTX570's? I don't want to have to worry about my microstuttering issues anymore (see Intel board for thread if you're wondering). I can probably recoup most of my money by selling them, but I'm not sure...
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I updated my mobo drivers, flashed the C300 firmware and updated to the WHQL 11.4 drivers. I found that if I set my 6950's to their stock speeds it runs fine... no stuttering. I overclocked my CPU and set my RAM to the factory recommended speed... no...
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    I reinstalled Windows 7 a couple of times, no difference I am running everything game related off my Western Digital Black 1 TB... could it still be the C300? Maybe because Windows is installed on it, along with the video drivers...? [EDIT] I disabled the Windows write cache flushing on all...
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    I installed my processor in the wrong position

    I don't think anyone WANTS to flame you.... but the processor is notched specifically so that doesn't happen (like RAM). How did you manage to get it into the socket without cracking the CPU wafer? Either way, you MAY be able to get away with an RMA for the processor... but if the motherboard's...
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    So you used the auto overclock from AI Suite, or the motherboard's auto OC?
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    I tried it with the original BIOS, same issue when I OC my CPU and set RAM to factory rated speeds. I just uninstalled my chipset and rst drivers, I'll see if that makes a difference. :)
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    Hey Guys, I'm at a loss, and need some help. I have a brand new build and I'm getting some micro-stuttering. I have the latest 11.4 drivers with CAP3. I'm using RadeonPro with profiles for each game. I use vsync and found that my framerate will bounce between 60 and 61. When it hits 61, I...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Crossing my fingers!!! This is an amazing card! I love how they finally opened up the entire back of the card so it can get all the hot air OUT of the card.... My wife and I are having a baby in September.... so I'm not allowed to buy ANYTHING for my computer anymore. I wonder if I could say...
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    Maximus IV Extreme w/ RST causes drive to disappear

    Cool, let me know how you make out. I've been issue free after performing those steps. Also, make sure you turn of LPM via the registry if you're using a SSD. Copy and paste into notepad, save as LPM.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...
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    New Sandy Bridge Build - Hanging

    Also, check your timings. I know that the GSkill 1600 CAS 7 gave some users (including myself) some issues.
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    So Ill have 300 bucks for a new ATI card, what would you choose?

    It changes the max overclock settings for the 6950. What most people do is flash the card to the 6970 BIOS, but that's not good for two reasons. 1 - It changes the RAM voltage and timings on the card, and the RAM is not the same between the 6950 and the 6970 2 - Flashing to the 6970...
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    ASUS P8P67 Pro - Rev 3.0 B3 Stepping wont boot Windows

    On your old board did you have the hard drive connected to the Marvell ports during the Windows install? If not, and it was connected to the Intel controller... did you have AHCI set in the BIOS during Windows installation, or was it set to RAID?
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    So Ill have 300 bucks for a new ATI card, what would you choose?

    6950 do a shader unlock and apply the below registry change to unlock max overclock. (the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0002" and...
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    A third 6950 or watercool my current cards?

    Hey guys, I currently have a Koolance WC setup (see sig) and was thinking about watercooling my two 6950s (I have them OC'd and unlocked). However, I was thinking of adding a third card instead. A third card would be about 30 - 40 bucks cheaper than WC'ing my two current cards. I wanted to...
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    M4E disappearing USB ports.

    Cool glad it's working. Yes, the WS Rev uses the NF200 chip a bit differently. The MIVE will only use the NF200 if there are three PCIe 16 cards populating the board. The WS Rev uses the NF200 all the time.
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    On a tight budget, what is the best OCing board for 1155?

    And that's with some serious voltage being pumped through the processor. Ex: 4.8GHz @ BCLK 102.2 and Multi x47 requires more voltage than... 4.8GHz @ BCLK 100.0 and Multi x48 The results are the same, but more vCore voltage is required, as well as possibly having to up the VCCSA voltage.
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    Aero input lag with Sandy Bridge?

    Blahman, Give this a shot.... it's an older article, but may help. and/or
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    P67 Extreme6 - can't POST RAM @ 1600MHz

    Set the speed to 1600 and leave the timings to auto.
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    Building a new work rig - opinions on P8P67LE vs P67 Sabertooth

    If you get a C300 SSD, make sure it's at least the 128 GB, I have the 64 and my writes are around 70GB..... I didn't realize it at the time, but your writes double when your space increases (at least it did from 64 to 128).
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    M4E disappearing USB ports.

    RMA it. I was receiving alerts in Windows regarding power surge warnings on my USB ports. My replacement hasn't had any problems.
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    Asus AI Suite 2 qstn

    .... Then do you mean power saving features? Bluetooth connect? If so, then yes, this software can be very helpful in managing these features.
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    Building a new work rig - opinions on P8P67LE vs P67 Sabertooth

    I agree. The LE lacks features and in my opinion the Sabertooth would be rock solid with no OC or a modest OC. Anything more than that and you're stability will be questionable... and who wants questionable stability for work. Personally, for work... I'd just get a Dell. GASP! .... yes, I...
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    Logitech Wireless K750 Solar Powered Keyboard (review)

    I have the K800, wireless illuminated. I absolutely love it. Teamed it up with a Performance MX Darkfield.... so great for gaming!
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    IT Managers and there funny ways

    You mean Gator colors..... don't ya? hahaha :D
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    P8P67 Pro caught fire

    I had the exact same thing happen to me. A client of mine had an old PC and it wouldn't turn on, so I swapped the PSU.... BAM... fire on one of the mosfets. It was pretty awesome when I got to tell him that his PC caught on fire. Still makes for an awesome tech story.
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    Official ASUS P8P67 Series Overclocking Guide and Information

    What are your C6, C3 and C1E settings? If they are Auto... set them to enabled.
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    Asus P8P67 and AI Suite II

    When you install the available patch, right click the installer and select "Run as Administrator". After the install completes, reboot and you should be able to install AI Suite II. I'm thinking about getting rid of the AI Suite II as it has problems with new BIOS releases. They tend to...
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    sabertooth p67 with g.skill timings issue

    Yup.... I had that RAM, sent it back, got the 1333 (see my sig). I had nothing but problems with the 1600 7-8-7-24 RAM. Nightly freeze-ups, random "Overclock Failed" messages at reboot. I haven't had a single problem with the 1333. Also, I did everything under the sun to get the 1600 to...
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    maximus extreme iv front panel USB support

    What sucks about the MIVE USB 3 option port is its location, it's in the back of the board.... makes for crappy cable management. I wasn't able to find the actual ASUS front panel, but if you contact them, they may tell you where you can get it.