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    tape backup for server

    i need to replace my tape drive on my server, my existing one (seagate tapestor 24GB) is failing... any suggestions, or just replace with the same thing? thanks in advance.
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    wireless from set top box to pc?

    is there a doodad (highly technical term there, be careful with it :p ) that i can use to transmit wirelessly from my set top cable box to my pc? set top box is scientific atlanta explorer 3200hd... there is what appears to be a usb port on the front of it... i'm using the dvi port out...
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    cheapo dvi card?

    need a cheapo card with dvi output to use a 1905fp at work... no gaming, just basic office stuff... suggestions from the masses?
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    sony hs75p vs. samsung 730b

    anyone cross shop these two monitors? did a lot of searching, and really can't find a lot of reviews. i'm a little torn between the 2, and would like some opinions. thanks
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    what does the "u" mean?

    did some searching on this, couldn't find an answer, hope someone can help... this is probably a REALLY dumb question... ;p thinking about doing a memory upgrade... when i run sandra and get system information, it identifies the memory in my box as "pc2-3200u".... i know the...
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    interpolation of streamed video

    anyone know of a plug-in (or something) that will make media player (or real player) interpolate better when upscaling streamed video? apologies if this is in the wrong area... couldn't think of a better place to put it...
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    all i'm gonna do is stick it in

    and not mess with overclocking it or anything... i know, that's not very [H] of me, but i'm a still a n00bie... :) is value ram (of which there seem to be many different types) acceptable? opinions would be appreciated. wise ass remarks about lack of [H]ness will be tolerated. :cool:
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    small notebook with video card?

    trying to find a small notebook that can use a separate video card... something like the gateway with the 14" widescreen (or smaller, but not too much smaller), but with non-integrated graphics... a good quality screen would be nice too, since it's basically going to be used for websurfing...
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    does your 2005fpw list to one side?

    got mine the other day (monday) and have it set up on my desk... something odd... when it's rotated all the way down, it isn't straight... the left side is definitely lower than the right... and it's not a "visual effect", i got out my level and made sure the desk was level, and then put...
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    stupid video card qustion

    got my new 2005fpw yesterday... went to hook it up via dvi... plugged it into monitor, no problem.. went to plug it in the card... dvi plug doesn't fit dvi output? the card input has the two square banks of pin connectors, but where the spade connector should go, it's not got a slot...
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    site for old drivers

    anyone know of a good site for old drivers? i came across an old toshiba satellite laptop for free, but it is so virus ridden it's beyond repair except with a format/reload, and of course the person i got it from doesn't have the original configuration disk... i tried googling, but didn't...
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    suggestions on linux distro firewall for this box

    pii, 400mhz, 8G hd, 96meg memory (old compaq presario). machine runs fine. read through many a thread, seems like some are happier with less horsepower than others. hard for someone with meager knowledge to grasp which one though. suggestions as to which one would be better for my...
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    dual monitors - different screen on each

    i'm sure this has been answered in another thread (however, after 4 hours of searching, i can't find it, i can find all kinds of pictures of people's setups, but not how they did it)... maybe someone can link me to it or can give me a brief overview here... i want to use two monitors (well...
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    idiot hd questions from a newbie

    i am looking to add hd capability to my hp media center pc. can someone (in plain english, i'm old :) ) give me an idea of which cards i should be looking at? i went through many a thread here, and the various acronyms, etc. make it impossible for me to decode what people mean. :) your...