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    Searcing for the ultimate SFX psu.

    Searcing for the ultimate SFX psu :D My old silverstone 450w has seen its glory days. time to Upgrade. In my experience the 3 Silverstone ive had are all stable so I like them. Mostly fan noice that usually bothers me. Anni ideas what to pick?
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    Packard Bell Imedia itx case

    Ive seen this case in stores in Norway, but I cant figure what case it is? just probably a Packard Bell only case?? seems to be room for dualslot graphics, sidemounted sfx psu, and rom to put a corasair watercooler on top. I think this one got great potential :) annyone got this case? (not to...
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    Anny tried a Casetronic C138 build?

    Was just surfing to se witch m-ITX cases are out there. Then i found the Casetronic Travla C138. it seems as a nice case. its small, supports 3,5" disks. "full size" graphics vie rieser adapter, So a hd 5670 might fin fine.
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    ANTEC ISK 300-65 EC ITX

    Any one got this case? Im waiting for mine, but since i live in north of Norway things tend to come here more or less last on the whole plannet :) Plans are: 150W pico psu 500gig hdd zotac wit the thermalright axp140 (hoping it will fit) and maby an ok videocard when the new 40nm ati...