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    HOT: Onkyo HT-S790S HT System as little as $309.99

    Circuit City has the Onkyo HT-S790S Home Theater System on sale for 399.99 By using a 10% off 199 coupon from Ebay (YMMV) the price becomes 359.99. They also list a...
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    Help me decide!

    Which harddrive/harddrives setup do I do? I use my computer mostly for gaming, web surfing, torrenting (mostly large files), DVD copying. BTW, most of my gaming is either FPS or racing simulations. 1 - WD4000KD WD 400GB SE16 2 - T7K250 Hitachi 250GB Sata 2 drives in RAID 0 2 - WD2500KS...
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    I just got a used Gateway Tower Case. This thing is fairly old, P5-200 old. Give me some idea's please! Nothing too hard either. :rolleyes: I was thinking paint, fan openings (of course), maybe a window.....but any ideas are appreciated!