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    Silverstone TJ11 / EVGA SR-2 Mac Hak Pro Build - YES, IT FITS !!!

    Love this board, hope U finish the case :)
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    NVIDIA Surround Technology Performance Review

    Can anyone inform me if nVidias Surround requires the three monitors to run the same resolution or if I can keep my 20"+30"+20"? I'm hoping for the latter...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Sweet system, I'd like one please :)
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    How makes those fans? They look so purdy...
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    This is absolutely beautiful, the attention to details is stunning, but... In the pictures above, you can see the colours of the SATA-cabling. no big deal really but please, please cover that up with some paint or maybe a permanent marker! It would be a shame that something like this should...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Maybe You could take a piece of hard wood, cut it to size and mount the dock in it? That way You can position the dock wherever You want to and You won't have to drill into Your desk.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions :(
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Maybe he's only using it for ventilation? A rig such as his will produce a ton of heat.
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    5,25" switch mod

    Beeing from Sweden is no excuse for bad english, you've been tought english since third grade... Other than that, cool mod but I'd have to agree with daedal and suggest a rear mounting.
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    Dual PSU setup fail...

    Well, guys. It seems that Danny Bui (see post #2) was right on the spot. All I did was to connect my hdds to the Tagan and now my puter runs just fine. Thx Danny Bui! :) PekkerCadette out
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    Dual PSU setup fail...

    Hey you guys. I have a tincy-tiny (spelling?) problem. I've built myself a new gamingputer, see spec below. For different reasons I decided to go with dual PSU (I had a Tagan Dualengine 700W and got a good price on a Fractal Design Newton 1000W). I connected the 1kW to the motherboard, 1 gfx...
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    Wiretap's Ice Cubic [ITX Project]

    Too bad, I really like what You had going there... Oh, well. Do it again, do it right.
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    6000k HID case mod

    This is definately one of those 'because I can'-mods. I like it! :)
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    Laser-Etch Tattoo

    Yay!! Yet another way to selfmutilation.... *sarkasm*
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Wicked cable management
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    Good for You cornelious0_0... ...and good for me, 'cause the picies work fine for me too :D
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    Ok, so I'm not the only one to not see the pics. I've tried both IE (bleeh..) and FF and none of them worked (and hasn't worked for the last couple of days)
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    Q3 on a laaarge screen

    Mayby not something anyone could/would set up as a gaming system, but it's hell of a cool setup non the less :D
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    Project: parallel HEX (completed!)

    Sweet!! /subscribed! PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Project Ione

    Fabulous harddrive-rack-cooler-thingy :D How well does it cool the drives? Have You tested with a full rack? Does it keep them cool n' happy™? Damn, I need to find out where I can get a 1m^2 of 3 mm copper plate in Sweden... :confused: PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Bonzanego's Project: MorningStar

    It's been mentioned already, but can be said again. Put a huge fan in its front, mimicing a jet engine. That would be so cool :) Can't wait for the next update. /subscribed PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Free Linspire 5.0

    Downloading my copy now. :D Thx for the link and code!! Your a champ. PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    dual screen taskbaring question

    I have to agree with the two posters above me, I'd go with Ultramon too. It has a buch of really nice stuff not just the second taskbar.
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    Projekt :: "40" ::

    Sweet!!! I've been following this mod for some time now and I love it!! The foot is a novelty thou, at first I thought that You would mod Your screen too. How's the stability with this foot? As it is a monitor foot it should have some tilt, aren't You affraid someone will bump/push (You know...
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    How not to hook up a CPU and heatsink!!!

    Bah! Velcro gives a good thermal transfer, well almost a good one ;) Back in the days a friend of mine bought part fore a new comp, Asus mb, gfx and the (then) brand new (and very expensive) Intel PIII 800. A few of his friends, me included, told him to wait some time for the cpu to drop in...
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    Completed: Project Nighthawk: Skunkworks F-117A

    CrimsonSky, last pic update was on March 25(!), have You slumped into a nonproductive fase? We want updates already!! PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Project: Batman Begins (completed!!!)

    Batman rules!! PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Completed: Project Nighthawk: Skunkworks F-117A

    Nice work, Crimson. :D I wish I had the skills and the patience(!) to finish a project such as this... PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    My black beast? well i dont know what to call it yet, check it out!!

    Sweet! :D PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Network Switch Make Over (pics)

    Steak!! Xlnt idea!!! You -> Da Man!! Such a 'simple job' and this xlnt outcome! *peeking at my switch* -where did I put the paintcans... PekkerCadette out :cool:
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    Project - ALU

    Weeee!!! Pickies are upp again! Woohoo! Very cool (pun intended) case You're building there, me likes it a lot. :) Var har du köpt allt aluminium? Det är inte precis att man kan springa in på Clas Ohlson och handla... English transl. (shortened) Where did You buy the aluminium? @...
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    HTPC on Linux

    Hi all. I found this link on how-to setup a HTPC on linux, and I tought I'd share it with You guys. PekkerCadette out
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    VGA Card for ABit BP6 PVR Box

    You might post Your question on this page instead. There's probably more ppl to answer Your specific question. I would however suggest that You get a 9600XT, not that expensive, read more about it on HTPC mentioned above... I can tell You that my BP6 will not start without a monitor...