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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    What are you using for touchpad drivers? I tried the ones on the MBP + Ubuntu wiki, but they didn't help /that/ much
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    Why can't MacBook's have a proper keyboard?

    I have a netbook with a standard layout, and then my MacBook Pro. I can switch between them without thinking twice. It's really not that difficult.. you don't even think about it.
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    Anyone gone to Ubuntu 11.04 yet?

    I went into Unity with an open mind, but just couldn't get used to it. Tried for about 2 weeks but it's just too.. different. I wans't getting anything done. Gnome classic for now. Probably back to AwesomeWM soon
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    Linux for parents

    Ah.. those always get me too :rolleyes: :D
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    Linux for parents

    First suggestion here. +1 Chrome Rythmbox VLC And whatever the email client for it is? (I don't remember.. )
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    Why is Ubuntu Satanist version being blacklisted?

    I love how people claim religious oppression to "satan" stuff but yet everyday there's religious oppression against Christianity - more so than anything other religion. 100% Double standard
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    Fedora vs Ubuntu vs other? For desktop

    It's not that hard. It took me maybe 2-3 hours the first time I did it, and I learned more about Linux than I did the entire year before I had been using Ubuntu. It's not too hard, but it's not set and install, that's all
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    Fedora vs Ubuntu vs other? For desktop

    Couldn't have said it better myself. +1
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    Linux quad monitors

    He's the lead dev for an open source programming company in Orlando, Florida.
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    Acer Aspire One D255E - choppy video playback

    You should check out MPC for your video playback. When I was running Windows on my netbook (now linux), i used MPC instead of VLC and it was much better. Try that. It might work, or might not
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    Linux quad monitors

    Everything should be okay. I have a friend who runs the following setup, under Gentoo, using 3 different cards:
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    MacBook Pro: I'll post the Netbook later
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Is a Ultraportable right for College??

    I say go with the Lenovo. They are good, sturdy, simple yet strong laptops. And like everyone has said, there will be no issues hooking it up to another monitor. =]
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Can you share both that wallpaper and the conky config?
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    Please Recommend Tablet for Win7 User

    I was going to suggest to wait till he wakes up too. xD He's made quite a name for himself
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    "d" key bound to minimize

    What if you alt-f2'd and typed in "gconf-editor" Then go into "metacity" and keybindinds and check in there and see if it got assigned.
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    Netbook Recommendations

    You can install Windows on that through a USB: You can only max at 2gb of ram because of the Atom processor. It's not the OS limitation, but rather the CPU.
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    Sick of huge mouse pads!

    True story. Don't rant about other people's decisions. Some people like gaming at lower sensitivity. It shouldn't matter to you unless you're a control freak..
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    Making the Most of a Cinema Display

    I wasn't a fan of virtual desktops (spaces) but it's come in handy. I have my mail and downloads on one, and then everything else on another. You should look into something like that. I just have a 15in mbp, but here is what my screen looks like (spaces view)...
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    720p video + VLC = No ram

    I have a 2010 15in MacBook Pro. I've gotten into high def video finally. Last night I was watching Saw VII in HD (and other 720p/1080p movies lately) and I noticed it started to lag. I looked and I had like 27mb of ram left. I was about an hour into the movie. So, I restarted my PC thinking it...
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    what is your current main system?

    MacBook Pro as main (OSX only) Netbook as secondary (Linux only)
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    Sort of Apple related. . .

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    How to install downloaded programs on OSX?

    You want to drag 90% of applications into the "Applications" folder. That will then install them. Some are package files in which you will just double click and it will do it's think (Example: Virtual Box) Some installers have the Applications folder built into the installer so it does it all...
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    My wallpaper thread.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you, but you did almost exactly what I wanted. Props! Lovin' it!
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    HP is selling computer WITHOUT mouse

    They assumed you were using Gentoo + AwesomeWM where you wouldn't need a mouse to use a computer.. Come on now ;)
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    My wallpaper thread.

    Can I request a core i5 Apple one? There are a good amount of MacBook Pro users with i5's :D
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Not much has changed. Going to fix some stuff up soon
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    decent netbook for nice price

    I would say to check in your area. Lots of people are getting rid of their netbooks. You should be able to get a nice one from $150 to $220 ish. I can say, you will love it. I have a netbook that I use with my 15in MacBook Pro and I still use the netbook a good amount.
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    Learning Linux

    I would say the above, but with Arch. Gentoo is too steep to start with IMO. Arch is the good medium between Ubuntu/Mint and Gentoo
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    Core i5 with 8-hour battery life?

    I was going to say this.
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    [Requiring therapy] Broke down and got a Macbook Air... I feel so dirty

    THIS! I use the terminal so much. I've got bash scripts that I wrote for linux that I've implemented into OSX. I can't imagine using a Windows machine again and not having a full fledged terminal.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    I know this is an old picture from about a year ago, but this is while I was living at home, and I was 18. Here is a current picture. Sold my desktop and now have 2 laptops. Hooray for college life:
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    Help me choose a graphics tablet

    I have a Bamboo too, and while it's small, it's pretty accurate and nice for the $60 a paid last year. Also, I'm going to school overseas (Korea) and I travel a lot, so having a smaller tablet is perfect for taking with me. I can use it on my MacbookPro and my netbook.
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    I got a little carried away with my mitx build

    Those two up there stole my comments.. ^^ That's awesome...
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    Post Your Mac Setup! I have no words...
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    150$ 2.1 or 2.0 setup

    I say M-Audio. Go for the quality over the extra bass
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    Ipod touch alternative?

    Samsung Yepp
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    So now that I am an audiophile...

    +1. I miss FB2k since I have a MBP. VLC has been playing my FLAC for my since I switched to Mac
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    After months of consideration, I'm getting an iMac 27"

    Then there's no need for you here. Bye bye OP, Go big! 8gb ram for sure. Get something that will last a while. If it was me, I'd go for the SSD too..