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    EVGA Precision shows lower clock on graph

    I have a BFG GTX260 OCX. The clock on the right is displayed at 655 which is correct but on the graph it only goes up to 648 during gaming. Why is that? I'm not overcocking. Everything is at default speeds.
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    Screw size for Lian-Li boss

    What is the screw size for the Lian-Li boss? The bosses are located on the bottom of the V series to hold the casters on. I think the stealth CD bezels have the same ones.
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    Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality vs. Onboard...

    Right now I'm using the onboard sound on the ASUS P5Q Deluxe and a set of 4.1 Klipsch speakers. Will a dedicated sound card make a noticeable difference over the onboard sound? Also how does the onboard sound in the P5Q Deluxe compare to an older SB Live sound card? The reason I'm asking is...
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    Why no backplates on some news cards

    Why don't some newer cards come with the packplate? All you see is the PCB board like older generation cards. Is there a reason for this?
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    BFG GTX260 OC2 won't turn on

    Today I decided to finish off my system and start it up but the video card doesn't seem to be powering up. The fan doesn't start and I get one continuous beep followed by three short beeps during POST indicating no vga detected. Everything worked great not too long ago when I first purchased all...
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    Scythe temp probes

    On the thermal sensor probes there are clear tubes over the wire. Are the tubes meant to be discarded or left on?
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    What lighting to use?

    I have a Lian-Li v1000z case and want to add some light in the case. I don't want anything too excessive but just to have a soft glow on the components. I don't know if a 4" cold cathode would be too much or not enough. Or maybe LED's would be better. Any advise?
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    24pin ATX extension wire gauge

    I have a 24pin extension cable but the wires are 20AWG. My PSU (Corsair) has 18AWG wires. Now is it recommended/safe to attached this lower gauge extension or should I look for something else?
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    Type of thread on HDD screw holes?

    I'm not actually looking for HDD screws but nuts with the same thread. Can't seem to find any place that has a large selection of different nut types.
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    Individually sleeve PCI-E wires or not?

    I have my ends off the PCI-E cables but can't decide if I should put on one 3/8 sleeve over the entire cable or individually sleeve each wire. What do you think looks better?
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    What is under factory stickers?

    What is under the GTX 260/280 EVGA or BFG card stickers? Is it the nVidia logo like on the reference design? Also would that warranty be void if removed?
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    Noctua Free Promo Offer

    If you purchased a Nactua product go to the page below and they will send you some free stuff. You need a copy of your invoice.
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    Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

    Anyone know if these PCTV HD Pro Sticks are any good and how is the HD and recording quality?
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    Thermalright 120 Black Poor Quality?

    I just received the TRUE 120 Black today. I want to ask you guys that own this cooler if it has the same color difference near one end. If you look at my picture you can clearly see this. Looks almost like it's been overheated. Maybe this is part of the manufacturing process, I don't know. I...
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    Thermalright fan shrouds?

    Is it possible to buy these fan shrouds separate? It doesn't have to be from this company because this one is specifically designed for the cooler and it holds the fan on instead of the wire clips. I'm looking for something that will work with the TRUE 120 Extreme cooler but has cutouts for...
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    P5Q Deluxe PCI-E lanes question

    If a 1x PCI-E expansions card gets plugged into a available 16x PCI-E slot will that drop the lanes down to 8x on the graphics card with this motherboard?
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    TRUE Black 120 on the P5Q Deluxe?

    Does anyone have the TRUE 120 Extreme on a P5Q deluxe? Are there any clearance issues and if so by how much? Pics would be great if you have any.
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    EVGA 9800GTX+ or BFG GTX 260 OC

    BFG GeForce GTX 260 OC or EVGA e-GeForce 9800GTX+ I can get them for about the same price. Don't know what to pick.
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    Noctua NH-U12P Heatpipe Tips

    Why does it look like the tips of the heatpipes look like they are melted. Is this by design or a quality issue? Here is a review of it with good close up shots.
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    OCZ Reaper HPC or Mushkin XP2

    Out of these two which is better? Mushkin XP2-8500 (2x2GB) or OCZ DDR-2 8500 Reaper HPC Edition (2x2GB)
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    Plexiglas polishing

    What is good to use to polish out scratches on plexiglas?
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    Lian-Li I/O Alignment Problems

    I've been reading that some are having problems with the I/O shield and their mobos not aligning properly. Is this a growing issue with Lian-Li? I'm getting the new V1000Z but it seems this has that problem too (see newegg reviews and links below). Overclockers UK Post 79 of the same forum.
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    V1000Z with Mac Pro feet?

    Anyone know if someone makes or would be willing to engineer and make something like this out of aluminum? I think it would really make any V series case look better than those coasters. What do you think?
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    Is it worth getting DDR2-1200 memory?

    I'm planning on a new build with a P5Q Deluxe that supports DDR2 1200/1066/800/667 memory, but don't know if I should just get the DDR2-1200 right of the bat or something of a lower spec. Also there is only a few manufacturers that make the DDR2-1200. OCZ is one of them with the Reaper HPC. I...
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    What kind of rad is on this V1000Z?

    I found this video on YouTube of the new v1000z with a watercooling setup. Can anyone tell me what rad and support that is? Here is also a website with the same PC. Also is that a pump and res combo?
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    Is $249 for the Lian-Li V1000Z a good deal?

    I had this case in my shopping cart for a week. Normally it sells for $314.99CAD. I received a coupon code for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Finally I decided to go with the purchase. You think it's a good deal?
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    Where to find Lian-Li C-02 B bezels?

    Who sells the the C-02 B bezels? I can only find the C-01B.
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    Scythe Kama Bay inside v1000z

    Will the Scythe Kama Bay fan fit behind the original v1000z drive bezels? And can the front honey comb of the Kama Bay be removed for more air flow? Also if I can't get the Kama Bay, where can I get the Lian-Li intake cooling kit (BZ-502B)?
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    Core 2 Viiv and Core 2 Duo

    I was just browsing Intel's site and can't seem to figure out if for example the E8500 on this page is the same as on this page? Does the E8500 on the first page also have the Viiv technology?
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    Lian-Li PC-V1000Z Questions

    I'm considering on purchasing the PC-V1000Z. I just want to find out a few things. 1. The height of the case is 490mm, but is that with the caster wheels? Anyways I would like to remove them and install regular feet. Would I have to drill anything or will they just screw in. Any suggestions...
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    Speed on Quad-Core

    When a Quad-Core CPU is rated at 2.4GHz (Q6600 for example), does that mean each core uses 2.4GHz with a total of 9.6GHz or is it more like 0.6MHz for each core? Also if you have a Quad-Core, is it necessary to use a 64bit OS or will everything run just fine with 32bit?
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    DGL-4300 not working after thunderstorm

    Yesterday we had a thunderstorm roll by for a few minutes and during this my DGL-4300 stopped working. This happened right after I seen some lightning (no it did not hit my house). I even heard some crackle sound in my speakers for a second. Everything works except my router. All the LED's...
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    Need some help with memory upgrade

    I would like to upgrade my old PC with some memory. Currently I have 2 512 OCZ DDR400 PC3200 (2-2-2-5) in dual-channel occupying DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1. Now I want to fill DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2 with 2 1024 OCZ DDR400 PC3200 (2-3-2-5) in dual-channel for a total of 3GB of memory. Will this work? My...
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    Quality CAT5e cable?

    I'm looking for some quality CAT5e cable. I came across a company called Hitachi Cable Manchester. Anyone use their product before?
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    Anyone ever get this show up?

    The monitor was in sleep mode and when I woke it I got these vertical lines. I don't know if this was caused by my the GPU or the LCD. I toggled it off/on and it disappeared. :confused:
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    2407WFP - What changed between A03 & A04

    I've been reading some of the threads on the 2407 but what physically changed between the A03 and A04 revisions? Was there any hardware change or was it only a firmware upgrade? I have a A04 replacement but it has a sticker covering the original A03. Thx
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    Where do you set the color on your LCD?

    Do you use the LCD menu or do you use the video card settings menu? Lets say you make adjustments in the LCD menu, then are you supposed to leave everything at default in the video card menu?
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    Received 2407WFP for 2405FPW under warranty

    My 2405FPW REV A01 needed to be replaced under warranty. It still works but has issues. Dell shipped me a refurbished 2407WFP REV A04. But the sticker where the serial number is has another sticker with the REV A04 printed on top of it (see pic). Why it that? I seems like this wasn't a REV A04...
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    PSU bracket on the Antec P182

    What is the purpose of the bracket the goes over the PSU on the Antec P182? Does it need to be there or can the PSU just be held in place by it's own 4 screw from the back?
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    P5K Premium/WiFi-AP EATX12V power plug

    On the P5K Premium there is a cap on 4 of the EATX12V connectors. Am I supposed remove that cap and attach the 8-pin power plug or leave the cap on and use only the 4-pin power plug? In the manual it say "Use only either a 4-pin ATX12V or an 8-pin EPS +12V power plug for the EATX12V...