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    Weird Issue with Power Supply

    A couple days ago we had a power surge at my house. The lights flickered off for a fraction of a second, which caused most of the TVs and computers in the house to restart. When my computer rebooted, it gave me a "No OS found" message. Long story short, it turns out the OS drive was not...
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    Windows Server 2012 on ESXi keep losing network connection

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could offer some help with this. I'm pretty new to ESXi, but I managed to it set up and install a Server 2012 VM. I thought everything was running smoothly, until I noticed that every couple of days the VM would simply lose network connection (the network icon in...
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    Are Ethernet Over Powerline Adapters compatible across different brands?

    Right now I have several D-Link 200 Mbs Ethernet over powerline adapters that work flawlessly. However I wanted to add another adapter but could no longer find the ones I currently have. So I was wondering if it's OK to use one from a different manufacturer, or can I only use D-Link adapters...
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    So when can I realistically expect to be able to buy an IB CPU?

    I know it officially goes on sale on 4/29, but if other new electronic releases are any indication, I expect the initial stock will run out almost immediately. Does Intel normally provide enough stock to handle the initial rush to purchase their new toy? If not, how long after release does it...
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    Sandy Bridge in the long-term?

    I'm wondering if it would make sense right now to built a SB 2600K based system if I planned on using it for the next 3 years? Or is that asking too much considering how long it's been out already?
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    Can one game bring a router to its knees?

    I've been having this ongoing issue for a few months now where my router keeps dropping wireless connections. I posted a previous thread about this. Basically I've gone through five different routers and various network cards but eventually the same dropped connection problems always come back...
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    Can someone recommed me a Wireless-N router that is NOT crap?

    I've been driving myself crazy over the past few weeks trying to find a decent Wireless-N router that works reliably. I had a Netgear N600 v1 that worked great until it died in an unfortunate encounter with my cat. It had great range and flawless performance for the ten months I owned it...
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    Eyefinity Question/Clarification

    If I wanted to use Eyefinity with only two monitors, I don't need to use a DisplayPort adapter, I can just use the regular DVI/HDMI connectors, right?
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    Migrating from win2k3 to a Win2k8 AD Controller

    Not sure if this belongs in Networking or Operating Systems, so I apologize if I posted to the wrong forum. Anyway, I was wondering if someone could point me to a good resource or offer any advice for migrating an AD environment from a win2003 DC to Win2008 R2 DC? This is just for a small...
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    Domain Controller and Web/DB server on same machine?

    For a small home network is it OK to combine the duties of DC, File server, Print server, and Web/DB server all on one box? The recommendations I found all say the DC should be a separate box, but those recommendations refer to full-blown enterprise setups, not a tiny home network. Is there...
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    MVC in Web apps?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of MVC in developing PHP web applications. I sort of understand the general ideas, but for the life of me I just cannot translate that to any of the real world stuff I do. I mostly build small, one-off applications at work (phone books...
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    Q6600 to 3.0Ghz..easy?

    Just got my Q6600 and Arctic Cooler 7 on an Asus P5Q and 800Mhz RAM. Generally speaking, how easy would it be to get it to 3.0Ghz? Can I just initially bump the FSB to 333, while leaving everything else untouched? And if that doesn't work, what should I consider as the next steps?
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    Q6600 for long-term use?

    Hi all, First off, I don't do a lot of super high-end gaming (only the occasional MMORPG or strategy game), but I do a lot of Photoshop and web development work, as well as watching movies. But when I do game, I like to have decent frame-rates. I'm don't upgrade nearly as often (see...
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    In-store wireless security question

    So my father-in-law owns a restaurant franchise and wanted to offer free wireless internet to his customers. Right now he has a router and his store PC attached to it via CAT-5. I was thinking of attaching a WAP to the router for the customers to use. But here's my dilemma, his store PC is...
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    RAM, mobo or Vista?

    hi all, i have a weird problem with my system. its an Asus A8N-E running Vista x64 SP1 w/ 2 GB (4x512 Geil DDR400) memory. I decided I wanted to wring another year out of the system before I did a complete upgrade, so I decided to bump the RAM to 4GB (4 x 1GB A-DATA DDR400). Well as soon...
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    AscendTech harddrives???

    anyone ever heard of this manufacturer or had a chance to use one of their drives? If so, what's your opinion of them? They seem to have drives that match the WD Raptor in specs, but are ridiculously cheaper.
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    Update advise desperately needed...

    Hi all, I want to surprise the wife by getting her a monitor/video card upgrade. She currently has a 17" LCD and an ATI 9800PRO (AGP). I want to get her a nice 22" monitor, but I'm afraid the added resolution may be too much for the old 9800PRO. I was looking at the nVidia 7600GT (AGP) and...
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    Is any kind of clicking sound normal?

    I have two WD drives, a 74GB Raptor and a 320GB Caviar, and both have been running in my system for the past 4 months with no problems. I just upgraded my PC to Vista this weekend, and in the process I also moved the computer up on my desk so I could do a good dusting and cleaning. Since the...
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    Quick WAMP question

    does anyone know if its possible to install WAMP on a server that already has MySQL installed? Will WAMP install its own instance of MySQL, or will it auto-detect that its already installed, or will it overwrite the existing one?
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    PHP Filter functions

    i was just looking at the PHP Filter functions today and was surprised how incredibly useful they were. It also struck me as odd that I have never seen anyone else use them for input validation. Does anyone know if there something inherently wrong with using the PHP filter functions for...
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    Weird IE7 bug, can anyone help confim this?

    i have Vista running in a virtual machine and for testing purposes I need to keep IE6 installed on my main PC; so i wanted to make sure this was an IE7 issue and not something with the virtual machine. Basically i noticed that fonts in IE7 will NOT render in ClearType if your stylesheet uses...
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    Anyone use cakePHP?

    i have a question. do you HAVE to have mod_rewrite enabled on the webserver? it seems like cakePHP assumes it is enabled and none of my test pages will work because of that. is there a way to configure it to not assume mod_rewrite is enabled? the reason i'm asking is that i deploy on an IIS...
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    Do i need a bridge or access point for this?

    in a nutshell, here's what i want to do. I have some computers that i use for work on one side of my house, they only have ethernet connections, no wireless. However, i want them to connect to the internet, but my cable modem and router are on the other side of the house. so i want...
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    Ruby on Rails users..please help..

    can anyone recommend the best way to get started with RoR? I keep reading how great it is and how easy it is to learn, but for some reason I feel totally overwhelmed. I think I'm not starting off in the right place. Can someone recommend a good book to start off with? I have a book that...
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    Page File on old harddrive worth it?

    I currently have a 250GB 7200 RPM IDE drive with 16MB cache as my main drive, partitioned into OS and Data. I also have a bunch of old 10G 7200 RPM 2MB cache harddrives lying around gathering dust, and the thought occured to me that maybe i could use one of them in my system just to hold the...
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    How to include classic ASP page into an ASP.NET page?

    i'm just learning ASP.NET/C# and i'm trying to convert some of my classic ASP pages over to .NET. However i've run into a problem. Many of my classic ASP pages include other asp pages that were dynamically generated. E.g. I have a news.asp page that has <!--#include...
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    Chkdsk fixed bad sectors, but is the HDD trustworthy now?

    i have a win2k3 server that died unexpectedly a couple of days ago (crashed with a corrupted registry error on bootup). I ran chkdsk from the repair console and it reported that it found and fixed one error. The OS then booted up just fine and everything seems back to normal. My question...
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    How is it possible to OC with Clockgen but not BIOS?

    a couple weeks ago i posted about how i couldn't get my Opty 165 to go past 2.2 Ghz no matter what BIOS settings i tried. In fact, it tops out now at 245HTT and needs a 1x HT Link multi to do so, no matter how high i set vcore or relax RAM timings. Anything higher and it would lock up right...
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    Does this mean the new [H] is almost here?

    i see the main [H]ardOCP website is down for maintenance. Just curious if that's the reason. It would be great to see the new design finally go live.
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    Why won't my Opty 165 go past 2.0Ghz?

    this just can't be right. I just got an Opty 165 and Asus A8N-E mobo and not matter what I try I can't get it to post past 2.0Ghz. I'm using GeiL PC3500 which ran great on my old Abit IS7. I'm trying to get this opty to 2.2Ghz (250x9) and i've done everything i can think of. The absolute...
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    Which Pentium is the Opty 165 equivalent to?

    kinda curious, sorry if i sound like a noob, it's been a couple years since my last CPU upgrade (i currently have a P4 2.4C). Anyway, I'm moving to an Opteron 165 and was curious as to what Pentium flavor I would have had to get to match it in performance? Surprisingly, I can't seem to find...
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    "@" symbol in PHP, what does it mean?

    i feel so silly asking this, since I've been using PHP for over a year now, but this has always baffled me. i notice sometmes functions are called with "@' in front of them - E.g. $somevar = @mail($to,$subject,$msg); Googling for anything with "@" in the search is pretty much useless...
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    Need MB, CPU and Vid card $500+

    Hi all, sorry, i know this gets asked a lot, but hopefully some of you just love to pick hardware for other people :) It's been over 2 years now, and i'm ready for an upgrade, and honestly haven't been up on the fine details of the latest and greatest. Currently I have: Abit IS7 mobo P4...
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    Anyone Use Ruby on Rails?

    i just started reading up on it this morning and was just curious if anyone as any experience with it? It looks interesting and there's apparently a lot of excitement over it. But is it mostly hype, or is it really worth exploring? For those who have no idea what i'm talking about, here's a...
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    XP fines

    sorry if this has been asked before, but i couldn't find anything doing a search. Basically the story is this, a client asked me to check out some problems he was having with some of his PC's. after wiping some spyware off the machines i noticed he wasn't even on SP1 yet, so told him we...
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    300D - get kit lens or no?

    hi all, i'm planning on buying a 300D and am debating whether i should opt for the kit 18-55mm lens or would my money be well spent on something else? i can spend about $300 on a lens for it, but i'm not sure if that will buy me anything significantly better than the kit lens. it doesn't...
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    PHP cache question

    anyone know what the code is in PHP to force the server to reload a page on each visit instead of having the browser cache it? basically i need to check if a cookie was set on a page when i go back to it using the browser's back button, but since the browser is caching the page, it doesn't...
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    Question about PHP includes

    i'm in the process of converting a bunch of ASP pages over to PHP but have run into an annoying snag. In teh old ASP pages, there are a bunch of include files, many of which resided in the root folder, so they can be accessed like this <!--#include virtual="/filename.htm"--> now this...
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    PHP - getting unknown number of form fields

    ok, so i have a javascript driven survey page. the nature of the survey is such that if the user answers certain questions, then other questions are automatically disabled (e.g. if you answer question A, then Question D is disabled, but if you answer Question B, then Question D is enabled). So...