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    New Desktop for Parents.

    My parents' 5 or 6 year old Dell desktop finally conked out, and while they like their Dell notebook and their iPad, they still want to have a desktop in their office. I told them this time I'd build them a system, but I find myself once again in unfamiliar territory trying to build a small form...
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    New Gaming, Video Editing, General Purpose Build

    It's been (I believe) over four years since I built my current computer. The Q6600 and Radeon 4870 have been sufficient, if slightly frustrating at times, until recently. But I've found lately that my computer really can no longer do what I need of it. It's too slow, has too little RAM, and the...
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    CPU Fan Rattling

    I just finished building my new computer and everything was great for a couple of days. But last night my CPU fan started making a very annoying rattling sound. It can be described fairly accurately as the sound of an HDD under heavy load. I am a little angry that it only took 2 days for a...
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    Looking for Motherboard Recommendation

    I am looking for some help selecting a motherboard for my new and first ever computer build. I finally have the budget to do this build after waiting about 6 years so I have only recently gotten back into reading about and researching components. Most of my parts are bought already, but I have...
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    First Build, Looking for Aid

    I would like to again thank everyone that helped me out with this. It has proven to be a huge help with the purchases I have made so far. I am back with a few more things I could use some help with. This first post is changed significantly. I have preserved most of the original content at the...
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    Recommend a Monitor Please

    I am going to be building a new computer this January and I will be looking at a 24" widescreen at that point, but I need an LCD to tide me over until then. Right now I am using an old (8+ years) 17" Sony Trinitron monitor hooked up to my 600m notebook when I am at home. I like to have the extra...
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    All Vista Versions on One Disk

    Linked on main page: I like this idea by Microsoft. I'm sure they have a plan for how to keep it secure from pirates, and I'm sure it will work just as well as it did with XP :rolleyes: Not that it really matters, anyways...
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    MX518 $29.99 @ Best Buy Canada

    $29.99 after instant savings. Canada only. Also applies to B&M purchases.
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    Questions About DSLite Screen Protectors

    So I've had my DSLite for about a month and a half now, and for all that time I took really great care of it and never had any scratches on the screen even though I didn't use a screen protector. However, just recently a friend of mine wanted to try it for a couple minutes, so I set him up with...
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    3 questions about a Pentium M processor

    As explained in this ( thread, I was recently having some troubles with my Dell 600M notebook overheating. A tech was out yesterday to replace the motherboard, etc. However, after a day of use, U see no difference in the performance...
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    Can heat damage a CPU in such a away that...

    Can heat damage a CPU in such a away that it will still run but performance will be significantly reduced? I just got off the phone with a Dell rep because my Inspiron 600M notebook has been overheating a lot lately. I asked him if the Pentium M processor could have been damaged by the heat...
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    Looking For HUGE Mouse Pad

    I'm looking for a huge pad that I saw a review of recently. It was cloth (I think) and big enough to fit your keyboard and mouse on. I stupidly didn't take note of the brand and now I simply can't find it on any of the online vendor sites. Can anyone tell me what this pad is?
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    Dell Complete Care Warranty

    I have a Dell Inspiron 600M that is over 2 years old. I have something like 250+ days left on my complete care warranty. My question is this: what kinds of problems does Dell do significant hardware replacements on? My notebook is so packed full of dust and hair and shit that it is definitely...
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    Need PC Game Advice

    I'm looking to get a game for my brother for Christmas. I'm thinking an rpg possibly. However, I don't like most rpgs, so I know nothing about the ones currently out for PC. I was thinking of getting Guild Wars for him. He was hooked on Diablo II and is currently playing Dungeon Siege II...
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    Dell 2005FPW $499 @ DELL.CA

    One for Canadians. Dell's deal of the day for the 16th only. DELL 2005FPW 2405FPW also on sale for $899. EDIT: In case anyone missed it, use coupon code 7F9ZV8Q8T2C50B at checkout.
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    Deleted Partition on USB Thumbdrive

    Long story short, I somehow managed to delete the partition on my usb drive. Now I'm looking for a way to recover the files that are still lurking on it somewhere. i need someone to please recommend a program that will help me with this. I know that the files are still on there somewhere. I...
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    For those who haven't, would you buy a PSP if...

    it was slightly larger than the model that was released but was able to play DVD's, CD's and perhaps even PSone and/or PS2 games in addition to UMD? It is already too big to fit in a pants pocket, and a little extra size would allow a larger battery and therefore longer battery life. I know I...
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    MX510 red - $17.99 AR (Best Buy Canada)

    MX510 RED @ Best Buy Canada Can someone explain to me if I'm missing something? This is seemingly the same thing on the US site: MX510 @ BB
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    Best Program for Format and Partitioning

    I'm looking for a good program that will format my hdd and partition it before I reinstall Windows XP Pro. I'd like it to do a low level format and I'd like to be able to re-assign the drive letters before installing XP. A floppy boot program is fine since I haven't gotten rid of the old...
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    Reinstalling Windows, Partitions and Paging File - Help

    So I'm reinstalling windows on my notebook. I have a single 40 gb hdd, and I want to get optimal performance out of it. I'm thinking about doing this 1 of 2 ways: ----------------------- 1. Two partitions. First partition for OS and paging file, approx. 5 gigs. Second partition for apps...
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    Help Me Mod My Notebook Keyboard (If Possible)

    I have a Dell 600m notebook. Recently my brother spilled coke into the keyboard and wrecked it (or so I thought). So I called up Dell and thankfully the keyboard was covered under my complete care warranty. It was also fortunate that the coke did not hit any of the internals, there was a little...