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    Asus M3A32-MVP question on new build

    Have a Sata HD & DVD player - was wondering which to plug in to the motherboard sata plugs red and or black. Also are there any adjustments in the bios I need to make sure of. Having a tough time geting to boot to CD. Thanks much for any info on subject.
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    8 Pin power plug question

    Have 2 - 8 pin plugs on the power supply for mother board. My question can you use one of them on a 8 pin plug on a ATI 2900xt. In otherwords are all 8 pin plugs the same voltage?
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    Networking questions

    Trying to get DSL service in my shop. Was wondering what the maximum distance from a router (in my house) you can run cable without loosing signal. Also if I was to go wireless how that might effect gaming on a desktop for multi player shooter type games vs direct DSL ? Thanks
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    Trouble with my DSL

    I have started having trouble with BF2 - In the last week or so I keep loseing my connection with the serveres big time.(DSL) I was noticing the orange and yellow lights where I hook to the MB. One is blinking all the time and the other stays on all the time - I seem to remember them both...
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    PCI E in Bios ?

    Have a Crossfire setup and wanted to do some overclocking. Was wondering where I might get some information or a link on the PCIE settings you might use why and when of this item in the Bios. Thanks for any help on the subject :confused: :confused: