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    will any 4xxx series card work in triple crossfire?

    I have 2 gigabyte 4670 cards right now both got given to me for free from a friend who upgraded to a 4870x2 I have a old p4 system that I'm finally going to upgrade I'm going with a Phenom x4 9550 and I have been looking at SLI mobo's and most of the ones that have the features I want...
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    De-activating XP sp2 to change product key (WGA issues)

    I have a nice IBM thinkcenter I bought from a local (off lease) it came with XP pro on it, I setup the computer for my wife with the usual software she wanted and left town for x-mas with my side of the family about a week ago. She attempted to do windows updates and it failed...
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    ati 4670 vs nvidia 9600GT

    These are the 2 cards in my price range of $120-140Australian The 9600GT runs for $20 more than the ATI (both are Asus branded) Is either leaps and bounds better or worse than the other? I'm into Crysis, Halo2, Doom3, Quake4 and basically most of the games that came out 2 years ago...
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    time to replace the dual athlon MP desktop

    yeah its just maybe a bit old....:( 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc everything, coding, gaming, DV editing etc 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $600usd all inclusive 3) Where do you live? cold and bitter wisconsin...
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    APC Smart-UPS 3000 problems

    I have a 3U rackmount version of the smart-ups 3000 I rescued it from being thrown out from the grain mill down the road from me a month ago. I put new batteries into it a week ago the unit itself works very well 12min runtime with a 1500watt load or nearly an hour with my desktop + 21" crt...
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    Seagate spindle lock-up issue

    I went to plug in my 300GB external today It has a seagate barracuda 7200.8 300gb drive The drive failed to show up in windows and so I unplugged it after 10min to figure out what was going on (had walked away from computer after turning it on) Upon removal from the enclosure the drive was...
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    new array design

    I took a server out of production last week (MPC netframe 3400) in it sitting unused was a Promise FastTrack SX4000 Raid card there are no records why it was in the machine so my boss told me i get to have it since i found it. the card is the older (better?) non lite version of this...
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    Intel dual core and shuttle SB81P

    I'm looking to put together a new sff system based around a dual core chip I was waiting for AMD to get out thier dual cores but I'm just sick of waiting since newegg now has intel dual core's instock I wanted to know if anyone knows if the Shuttle SB81P Supports the Intel D820
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    Best PCI (not PCI-e) Video Card

    I am looking for a sub $150 PCI video card From doing some research I have found some 9250's 9200's FX5500's, 5200's, and one 5700LE I have no idea how these cards would stack up against each other What I idealy want is a PCI 9600 Pro/SE 128 but I have had no luck finding one I am...
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    IBM A22P questions

    The Micron Lappy in my sig got sold this weekend so i'm looking into replaceing it As powerfull as it was, it was just unsuited for doing what i want a lappy to do... That said, i'm going back to my old system of having a SFF desktop for game and DV work. and the laptop for using on trips...
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    Dual MP system Instability

    My DV workstation has been having stability issues for the past 2 weeks. this machine has been rock solid since the day i bought the parts for it and put it together over 18months ago. I have spent so much time on it i'm getting frustrated and need some outside opinions Here is the issue...
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    finding a white paper on PS/2 port

    I'm trying to find the origional white paper spec for the PS/2 port google and yahoo have failed me so i'm hoping someone else might refer to these things reguarly and know where i can find a copy i'm specificly trying to figure out if the PS/2 port spec specificly includes backwards...
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    Email Server help needed

    So this problem should really be easy for me but i am getting stuck on it anyways. Verizon has now shut down the last of its authentication free outgoing SMTP servers. I am not talking about open relays but servers that allow for people inside their network to send outgoing email. So my...
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    nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6600 TE 128M

    I'm looking into replaceing the T3000 lappy in my sig the lappy i'm looking at has a "nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6600 TE 128M " video card (PCI-E based) I'm wondering if there is anyone here in the forum who has the 6600 GO in thier lappy or who knows of any reviews of a lappy with it? I'm...
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    Med/Hot Seagate 300GB Retail kit $119 AR

    Seagate 300GB ST3300831A-RK UATA100 8MB Buffer - Retail Hard Drive Kit $50.00 Rebate $169 -$50 = $119 FREE SHIPPING Deal is good trough 4/21/2005 Capacity: 300GB Seek Time: 8.5ms 7200RPM 8MB Buffer 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty Regular Price - $219.99
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    Getting Verizon FIOS?

    I was wondering if any other [H]'s were getting the new verizon FIOS (fibre to the home) service and what plan you got? How is the reliability of the data service? and how much data can u usualy pull down?
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    Nec 3520 burning speed questions

    I just got a Nec 3520 for my DV-editing system so I can burn masters quickly to be able to test out menu options for the final dvd I'm using 16x rated media and Nero ultra edition the drive is on the second IDE channel and on the first channel are a 80gb boot drive and a 250gb 7.2k...
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    120gb 7.2k seagate for 39.95 MIR best buy

    if you go online and select local pickup its $10 less than if you just went into the store comes out to 89+tax(if applicable) - $50 in MIR's vs store of $99 +tax - $50 MIR linky: Link
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    Post pics of your projector in action here: (no 56ker's here)

    Nec 1500lume svga In my bedroom watching last exile or with lights on for size reference
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    Ice Czar listed as a guest

    half of Ice Czar's posts list him as a guest and half list him as an admin half the time clicking on his name will give an error message and the other half it goes to his profile whats up with the forum only been hapening over the last hour or so current time is 11:45pm dec 4th east...
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    Best place to post this......

    I for the last 10 years i have been collecting unusual "ergonomic" ;) keyboards. think of keyboards shaped into half bowls or made into A frame structures....... I wanted to share the collection with the [H]oard where is the best place to Start a thread on it? and is it possible for...
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    Best laptop DVD burner

    i'm looking at buying either the panasonic UJ-825-B or the toshiba SD-R6372K they are within $3 after shipping i sorta want a nec 6500 but its almost $50 more...
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    Why do we trust tech support

    I HAD a nearly perfectly working laptop this morning Panasonic Toughbook CF-71 had been running 98se on it for about a month now using it to help me support my clients that still ran 98se but i got virtual PC for my desktop running 98se so i decided the lappy should go to a better cause...
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    what happened to the web link worth clicking

    i thought there used to be a section titled "web linkage worth clicking" or am i confusing [H] with a different forum i belong to? or am i just blind and its there?
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    WAN load balancing

    so because of the recent huricanes droping telephone lines left and right the telephone company redid the lines.... cept they did a craptacualr job doing it so my very happy line that was syncing at 6.0/1.5 will only work reliably now at 1.5/768.... so because of the SLA i have with my ISP...
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    hard drive sound of DOOM

    right so 2 days ago i was fat and happy i had this 60gb IBM deskstar (feb 2001) in an external enclosure it was holding all my uncompleted anime series the i try transfering FMA51 over to the drive transfers fine go to rename it.... Chunk.....Chunk.....Chunk....Cunk... read...
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    Who makes this noname notebook? sold in australia i'm sure its an asain oem just not sure what my friend is considering buying one so i wanted to get feedback from anyone who knows about the company that makes these and what other brands they may make to me it looks alot like the...
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    Folding questions for RS/6000 hardware

    i got a toy for free (see server in sig) i've got it doing lots, (FTP, SQUID, BT tracker, Apache) and i've never had it spike above 2%cpu utilization (quad proc 64bit RISC rules) i feel that ther is lots of power being lost here and i want to use it for something usefull i already have 4...
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    New toy, free from University

    IBM rs/6000 F50 tower version quad 332mhz powerPC risc processors 1gb ram mirrored 9gb 10k boot/program 9gb 15k swap quad 18gb 7.2k raid 5 data Aix 5.1 was the student database server and webmail server replaced by a sun enterprise 5000 dontated by a large auto parts company i'm...
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    OSX user creation question

    right i've got a OSX 10.3 system with all updates (lombard G3 in sig) right now i have the root account enabled i also have my origional single administrator account i need to create a second admin account for a friend who borrows the lappy often i dont want to give him acess to my...
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    Ati mobile driver issues

    anyone have a link to the tool to modify the ATI cats to install on mobile platform? the omega's cause instability when running multi screen with my laptop so i wanted to try modifying the 4.8's/4.9's and see if they worked out any better many thanks
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    intel 2200BG and SP2

    hey is anyone else having issues with SP2 and the 2200BG card if i put my lappy into standby or hibernate the card is unusable until i restart listed as disabled.... if i try to enable it it does nothing i did a quick reinstall of XP SP1 on an extra 5gb HD i had sitting around and the...
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    how to kill windows media player

    doing the folowing will kill WMP without any way of making it work again on a XP SP1 system install the WMP 9 update restart download the full network install for SP2 (the 270mb one) run it when it finishes DO NOT RESTART now when u try to run WMP it will give you an error about what...
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    need sujestions on dully mobo

    so right now my dully system is a dual p3 (1.4x2) running on a via kt133pro chipset and 1gig of pc150mem i want to go to a dual or preferebly quad opteron board i'm going to equip it with 2 processors for now (244's or 840's) and wait until the dual core chips come out and then install...
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    wondering how doom will run on your mobile system? look here

    so i have done a bit of testing on several lappys i have sitting here if you have a pentium M 1.5+ with 512mb or above using a mobility radeon 9000 64mb 640x480 low or medium (medium lags a tiny bit if your being activly hit) radeon 9200 64/128mb 640x480 low or medium if you OC...
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    yay external HD woes

    ok so i have my external 200gb disk pluged into my system i've had it pluged in for 3 weeks now (firewire 400) yesterday i randomly got the message unable to write to $volume$ the folder is missing or corupt.... (ntfs) analyzed it using ontrack recovery software got all my data...
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    oc'ing vid on emachines m6805

    ok so max i'm getting stable is 415mhz core 225ddr(450mhz)mem this is not bad as stock is 300core 200ddr(400mhz)mem i was wondering what everyone else was getting with the mobile 9600 they have i thought it was pretty good as the stock speed for the uber mobile chip the 9700 is...
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    emachines m6805 and xp64

    sorry to ask this as i swore it was in a thread a couple months ago but i've given up on finding it after 45min of searching how well will XP64 run on a emachines M6805 are their any functions that dont work (like the wifi doesn;t have a driver etc....) would you all think its beter...
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    has this ever happened to you?

    so i have a nice tyan thunder k7x this is about the nicest dual MP mobo board ever made i've had this running my dv editing system for about a year.5 now 2 weeks ago the system sudenly gets unhappy programs wont start cant write to floppys system lags alot randonly i'm thinking time...