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    Best dual monitor display card for under $110

    Ok guys. here is the question. I need to get a card for a machine. (HP Pavilion 743C) uses I belive a AGP 4x slot. I know there are some if not most 8x cards will work. (besides the Intel intigreated) I need something that plays games fairly well. Has dual monitor display capable. S-Video out...
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    San Diego Cold Bug??

    Ok fellow [H]'ers...Here is my situation and question. I know that with the Winchester cores there was issues with the cold bug and having them work with a good phase change deep freeze..So im reading some reviews on the newer San Diego cores and low and behold I see them getting them to work...
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    Havent been around the Threads to much lately.. Lots of work and stuff.. But i have been saving hard and long and ready to buy a FX57.. Any actual release on when they will be here and ready to buy? And with all the other Diego cores out how do ya like them guys? oc very nice at all? just...
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    Neo2 Plat Beta and MOD Bios HELP PLEASE!!! cant get voltage % to stay set

    Ok fellow [H]'ers I need a little bit of some advice on using Beta/mod Bios. I am using Version 1.41 from Here is the problem. I get in the Bios and get all my stuff set to run and set the Vcore to 1.55v and the over volt % to 10% and then F10...
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    FX55 owners looking for your info

    Hi guys and Gals, This may have been done before but incase it hasnt. I have been pondering as to what makes a good FX55 for overclocking or not. I know that in past processors the stepping has meant a big difference. The CO processors normally dont OC worth a damn and the CG versions...
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. Prod. date & Ocing

    Ok guys here is a question for ya. Have any of you ever heard that specifc models of MSI K8N Neo2 Platinums do better at overclocking (or versions made from specific dates) It was told to me via the people from Gskill memory that due to refinment in productions and advancement it quality that...