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    My review of the WHITE S3 (UK), Blue to follow.

    I've posted this on neowin already as a followup to my S2 review from when that launched and knew some of you here may be interested in a comparison between the S2 and this as well as some comparison over the One X which I've also seen to several times. My dad's S3 arrived today so I've...
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    Logitech Wireless K750 Solar Powered Keyboard (review)

    I am writing this review mainly because I have not yet found a half decent user review of this keyboard. All the reviews I found were either previews on Youtube or review site reviews but even they don't go into that much detail. I'm not a reviewer, I'm a PC Gamer by night, IT Sysadmin by day...
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    Got my Dell Inspiron 13z today

    £522 and: - Black - 13.3" LED screen - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor ULV SU7300 (1.3GHz, 800MHz, 3MB) - 3GB DDR3 1066MHz (1x 1GB, 1x 2GB) (max support 6GB) (will remove 1GB, add 2GB) - 320GB 7200rpm (low band config has 5400rpm 250GB) (will change to a 64 or 128GB SSD) - Intel X4500MHD gfx...
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    Keyboard got shiny keys? fix it quick and cheap!

    Doktor Power and Duzzit as well as Scotchbrite do these white/grey foam like pads that you wet under the tap, squeeze out water then rub onto any surface to remove marks and stuff. I've been using these on my leather steering wheel for a while now to restore the original matte finish of the...
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    Want a wireless, gaming friendly & COOL looking keyboard? look here!

    I've had Logitech keyboards as far back as I can remember and the only thing that I've thought to be a gift and a curse of them is that after several months of daily usage the keys will begin to become shiny and the key-throw will stiffen a tad meaning the original soft touch of each key throw...
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    Winamp 5 enables some crap features by default

    I found whilst snooping the latest version of Winamp (upgraded recently) that some questionable features are enabled by default. So I changed them to standard settings and disabled the limiter and after a reload found music had a bit more depth, more clearer - more normal...
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    MS gaming support is retarded :(

    Microsoft game support is retarded I'm fed up with companies just re-using the same old scripted line without actually trying to fix a customer's problem (or even a complaint in this case as it turned out later).
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    Hazro HZ24W mini review with pics :)

    I have been in London all day so not had chance to unpack the monitor until now, and OH MY GOD! it oozes quality from the all aluminium shell to the out of the box brightness and colour, it's very comfy to the eyes at the default 68b/68c but for a nice neutral feel I dropped the brightness by 10...
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    Got MX Revolution + WiFi card + Vista ? look here

    Basically I would like to see if anyone else exhibits this issue I experience on my MX Revolution - the issues is whenever the wireless connection utilises high bandwidth (ie: xferring data over LAN or maxing out my 20MB bb line) the mouse lags heavily until the usage drops down to normal...
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    Q6600 on new Asus P5KC Question

    Hi, If I built a new system with an Asus P5KC and bought a quad core Q6600 to use on it and the board came with a BIOS earlier to the 0701 revision (released last month) would the cpu still boot up into windows so the newest BIOS could be downloaded ? I always wondered this and remember...
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    Anyone with nforce4 and Vista here please!

    Ca you check your add/remove programs under the nvidia drivers section to see if you have this option (pci system driver) ? I was updating to the latest nforce 4 unified 15.01 driver package and noticed this pci system management driver - I recall this driver being an xp driver in the...
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    Car Photography

    The first car I had was a Metro, It was just after I got into photography too A cement truck hit it and was written off so then I got a Proton Which I had a bit of a bump with... So then I got a Civic which was Pretty cool THEN Part ex'd with this! Your car...