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    Nice minimalistic 1920x1080 wallpaper?

    You guys got any links? Looking for some for my Westy 37W3.
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    I need a website template.

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    Reappearing folder.

    So I deleted a folder full of my grandpa's crap that he doesn't need anymore. The folder is named "Grandpa". The problem is that the folder keeps on reappearing. This is pissing me off. I don't know why it keeps on doing that. Everytime I delete it, it keeps on coming back. Are there any...
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    Wierd resolution problem?

    I have a 37W3 and I'm using it as a monitor. I have it on the highest setting 1920x1080. So here's the problem. When I turn my monitor off, and then on again the whole desktop gets "out of bound" I guess. I can't see the task bar, and all the 3 other sides. I only see the middle of it. I know...
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    CPU compatability.

    I have a pentium D 820. My motherboard just went to the pooper a few days ago. If I buy the Gigabyte DS3 conroe motherboard, can I slap this cpu in and use it?
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    Question about LVM-37W3

    So I found out this TV has been discontinued and wont be in stock for alot of retailers. I missed out on alot of deals on this TV because I didn't have enough money. Should I buy them through ebay?
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    I need a website template.

    Need a template for a sculpture website. My dad wants to sell alot of his sculptures and he wants me to build him a website. Since I don't have alot of experience, I can't make him a professional website. I'm willing to pay, but not a substantial amount. Maybe enough to buy you a nice dinner...
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    I just scored 3 monitors. Question.

    Those 3 monitors are 24" CRTs. Beside the FW900, are there any other 24" CRT on the market?
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    Anyone has any personal experience with these 2 monitors?

    Westinghouse 32" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Model: LTV-32w6 HD and Westinghouse 42" Flat-Panel LCD HD Monitor Model: W4207 I'm thinking of buying one of these around Christmas time as a present for myself. You guys got any personal opinions or experience with these? Thanks!
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    Silent PSUs.

    Right now I have a P180B with Scythe Ninja Plus. The PSU I have right now is the Ultra X-finity 600W. Can you guys recommend me a quiet PSU that's rated 500W+? Don't recommend me top of the line stuff, cuz I can't afford it. Thanks!
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    CS:S WS resolution problem.

    I have the 20.1" Viewsonic LCD @ 1680x1050. I went into video options and chose: 16:10 Widescreen 1680x1050 resolution When I play the game, everything looks a little distorted. Doesn't widescreen give me a little extra screen on the sides? Also, all the chat fonts, everything is...
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    Scythe Ninja fan.

    It's a little loud, and it screeches. Like a high pitched screeching sound. Is this normal for these fans? Is there any way to control fan speed with a software?
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    Need opinion...

    7900GTO vs X1900XT OC'd to XTX. Which is a better card?
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    CM Stacker 79.99 AR $20 rebate. Stacker for $80, I think its pretty good.
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    Random reboot.

    My computer randomly reboots (mostly within the hour when I turn it on). I don't know what's causing this. It's been fine until this mornning. It doesn't give me any errors either. It just randomly reboots. You guys have any ideas what's going on here?
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    I broke a cap off =[

    I was trying to put on an aftermarket heatsink for my 9800SE so I can softmod it to 9800PRO. I accidentally broke a cap on the left side off. I tried to solder it together, but I dont have a tip small enough to do a fine job. Will my card work without this cap? Is there someone who can...
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    Conroe SFF.

    I want to build a SFF PC that will sit on my table. Is it possible to put a conroe (with good cooling for mid-level overclocking) and maybe a X1900XT? If it does, how long will it take for this SFF build to be released?
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    Looking for a nice LCD TV.

    I'm looking for a 30-37in LCD TV to mount on my wall. HDTV is nice. I'm planning on playing the xbox 360 and ps3 on it. Any recommendations? Budget is about 1200-1400 depending on the size. Thanks!!
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    End programs instantly.

    There is a registry value that one can change so that when you choose to end a program while it's not rsponding INSTANTLY. You don't have to wait for the program to finish what it's doing then closes. I did it once, but I forgot where it is. Does anyone know?
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    Display is wierd when playing movies.

    I have a 20.1" Viewsonic WS monitor. Everytime I play a movie, it doesn't stretch out all the way, but it's boxed in the middle. Is there anyway to fix this? I'm running it on an FX5200. Here's a screenshot.
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    CPU heat problem.

    I've been running my 820D at 40C idle and 50C load for a couple of months. Everything's been going fine, until this afternoon, the temperature spiked up to like 85C. I check my watercooler and everything's been running fine. What's wrong with the CPU? I'm afraid to turn it back on, fearing it'll...
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    DVI Widescreen

    When I used S-VIdeo out on my 40" TV, everything is in full screen. I recently switched to DVI and the TV displayed a WS of the desktop. I had to create custom resolution so that the Desktop will fit on the TV. Can someone tell me why? I can't find any setting on the computer that would do that...
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    My DVD burners wont burn past 2X

    I have 2 burners, NEC 3550 and NEC 3540. I've burn them at 12X, 8X, 4X before. Tonight when I tried to burn a movie on a dvd, it wont burn past 2X. I have 12X media in it. Is there something wrong?
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    Blocking a port.

    Is there a way to block PartyPoker from connecting online? My dad is fucking addicted to that program, and he threaten to destroy my computer if I uninstall it. I want to block the port PartyPoker is using so that he can start the program and everything, but he wont be able to play it. Thanks...
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    CSS error? I've never seen it before.

    I don't know how this happened. One thing I know is that it started when I got a new 20.1"WS monitor. Anyone know a fix for this? Thanks
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    No images after Window loads.

    I have an FX5500. There's video/images when window loads with the window logo and everything. After Windows load, all I can see is a mouse cursor. I left it loading for a while, but nothing. I formatted and reinstalled Windows Pro. After the initial formatting, it goes to the Windows...
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    Meedio won't play DVDs?

    When I select DVD Player (with a movie DVD in the tray of course), the player flashes and goes back to the main menu. Does Meedio not have a built in DVD player? Do I have to use another player to play DVD?
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    [H]ot! BenQ 20.1" LCD 8ms WS for $380 shipped. I'm going to jump on this once I get the cash!
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    Video card problem.

    A friend has a 9800 Pro. The fan on it broke and he didn't know. His system crashed when he was playing video game recently. Now, every time he plays video game (WoW mostly) it crashes his system. Did the fan being broken affected the computer? Did he damage his GPU? Everyday computer...
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    Tuner card.

    I'm possibly going to buy this tuner. Have anyone used this tuner and what do you think of it? Thanks. Link
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    DVI-to-DVI cable.

    My 42" HDTV Sony has a DVI port, so I wanna use DVI-to-DVI on my FX5500. Does anyone know the best place/prices to buy this at? Thanks.
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    Poker set?

    Any deals on a poker set? I'm looking for a set of at least 400 pieces.
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    Is there a way to tell RAM sizes without any labels?

    My friend gave me 3 sticks of SDRAM. I can't tell which one is of what size. I don't have a rig to test it in. Is there a way to find out the sizes without actually testing it with a computer? Thanks.
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    USB problem?

    I'm running XP Pro SP2 /w USB2. All my ports are working. I know, cuz when I plug something in, say a flash drive, it shows up in device manager. The strange thing is, it doesn't show up anywhere else. There's no autoplay that asks me what I wanna do. It doesn't even show up on My Computer. When...
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    Circuit City -- 10% OFF DVD Recorders

    This came in the mail today. Coupon: V9AUCMDA5W Enjoy.
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    OS help!!

    I was doing some cleaning up on my computer. Ran a buncha antivirus/spyware programs. There was this file I couldn't delete so I used Killbox to delete it. I set it to delete after restart. I restarted, and then the problem starts. Whenever I reboot, It would load windows. As soon as...
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    System will not boot up. Motherboard problem?

    I recently put a system together for my brother for homework and internet. Antec 400W PSU Albatron PE865-Pro Mobo P4 2.4B CPU 4x256 PC2700 RAM. Nvidia FX5200 80GB WD Harddrive 40GB WD Harddrive NEC DVD-RW OK. So I put everything together and hit the power button. I was waiting for...
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    Need help ID'ing this P4!!

    Can you guys help me ID this P4, and is it any good for overclocking. Thanks!!
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    Late Xmas gift question.

    I'm getting a late Xmas gift for my brother. I gave him a P4 2.4ghz non HT last month. I want to get him a motherboard and PSU for Xmas. Can you guys recommend me some cheap mobo + psu? It's going to be replaced in a year or two as I'm gunna upgrade my computer and give him mine. Thanks for your...
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    Which temperature should I trust?

    I have Speedfan telling me my idle is 45 (I need to reapply AC5, it used to be 39) but my watercooling unit tells me it's at 36.8. The kit has a thermostat thing. I put the thing right next to the cpu, under the heat sink. Which one should I trust? Which one is more accurate?