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    Intel Core i7-4770k $310 Shipped (4670k $210)

    ----Sold Out---- 4770k $310 4670k $210 Free shipping with code iHASWELL.
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    Abee Acubic T20R + Asus P8Z77I-D Mini-ITX Build

    i7-3770K Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe 8GB Samsung 30nm 128GB Crucial M4 SSD Corsair AX650 Noctua NH-D14 w/ dual Thermalright TY-140s Abee Acubic T20R The Case I was looking for a mini-ITX case that had a very clean and minimal look and would accommodate a full size CPU cooler and full length...
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    VMware Fault Tolerance between Sandy Bridge Xeon and Non-Xeon

    I read that processors in the two hosts must be of the same processor family and be within 400Mhz of each other in order to minimize issues with the Fault Tolerance setting. Will FT work between say, a Sandy Bridge Xeon E3-1230 and a 2500/2600k? I wasn't sure how rigid this requirement was...
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    Buy Synology or Build My Own? (ESXi and Media Storage)

    I am looking to replace my HP MediaSmart ex490 with something new. Currently the HP serves Blu-Ray rips to my Boxee Box. I was looking at getting a Synology DS1511+, but then I started thinking that I could put together something a little more powerful for less money. Here is what I'd like to...
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    Adventures in water cooling... (with pic of slime!)

    I recently replaced my A64 3200+ with an Opteron 165 and while I was swapping CPUs I noticed that there was something visible in the top of my Cuplex XT block. Not wanting to mess with it at the time I just put in the new CPU and decided I would clean it out in a couple of weeks when I had...