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    8800 GTS Overclock

    You are correct sir!! Here is another screen shot...Half-Life 2: Lost Coast video stress test. Everything is cranked up as high as it will go, 1680X1050 (looks awesome on my 20.1" Benq wide screen :D
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    **FX-60 + MB for $299 after $20 MIR** SMOKING!

    I bit as well...not ready for a complete overhaul (CPU+Mobo+DDR2)...I can just drop it in and make my 8800GTS scream just a little faster ;)
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    100.xx Performance, yes, Vista...NO FLAME.

    Finally a driver!! 64 bit if you please ;) Here is a screen shot...will post some more later...
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    8800 GTS Overclock

    Well, with one day left for step-up, I decided to trade in my eVGA 7900 GTO for an 8800 GTS. I'm really impressed so far...this card overclocks like a monster!! I have it at 660/2000 (stock is 500/1600) with no sweat! Along with a very modest overclock on my CPU, this thing is cruisin'!! I'm...
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    Mine shipped...3.0lbs...estimated delivery 12-21 :D
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    I bit as well...grab-bag excitement baby!!!
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    Antec or Enermax?

    Thanks for the replies! TTT
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    Antec or Enermax?

    I currently have an Enermax (only a few months old) Noisetaker II EG495P-VE 485W in my gaming system. Recently (Outpost) had an Antec NEO HE 550 on sale for $70 shipped, I couldn't pass up the deal, so I bought one. I'm trying to decide which would be the better for my system. I...
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    HOT Antec NeoHE 550 for $69.99 shipped! NO REBATES

    Just picked me up one of these! ($115 shipped at newegg)
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    very warm: BenQ 20.1 8ms WS LCD for $222 shipped (newegg)

    DAMN!! I'd say that's HOT!!! I paid $300 for mine a few months ago :eek: Tempted to get another one for dual display!
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    For those still using DDR1 Crucial 2gb 199

    It's on Auto-Notify...too late I guess :( Same ram @ Crucial's site is $341 :eek:
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    *FREE* Microsoft Vista RC2 DOWNLOAD

    Same here, just RC1, build 5600...???
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Just found this review of the GTO @ Firingsquad
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    My 7900GTO...

    Nice! I really like mine :D
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 2.6Ghz S939 for $139 at The Egg

    Me too...stared at it last night...starring at it this morning. But I just picked up a 3800+ A64 that will do 2.6GHz no it worth it for the extra 512k of cache? I'm debating it very hard...
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 2.6Ghz S939 for $139 at The Egg

    Damn...wish this was available a few weeks ago :(
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    eVga 7900 GTO for $250

    Oh, yup, no problems in that area...thanks for the heads up though.
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    eVga 7900 GTO for $250

    Exactly what am I to look for?
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    **7900GTO Owners!** How high did your OC go?

    Where it says "Driver Settings" (middle) "Forceware Detected Customize..." . Click on that little box thing at the end of customize, that will bring out a pop up box, then click on the video card icon. I am at work, or I would upload a pic...
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    What do you use to OC?

    I used coolbits for mine at first, but the memory slider won't go above 800...currently using Riva Tuner.
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    **7900GTO Owners!** How high did your OC go?

    Mine is stable @ 705/1660 using riva tuner. Running everything I throw at it no sweat. Ran rthdribl for over 2 hours now (16x multisample), temp topped out @ 65°C. EDIT for pic...
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Well, looks like I found the sweet spot (max) @ 705/1660...its been running rthdribl (16x multisample) for over an hour...temp maxed out @ 65°C...I love this card :D EDIT>>> I also had it run this program, Video Card Stability Test, all night without issue. I also ran it's benchmark and got...
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Mine also came from mwave...the box is actually printed w/GTO instead of a sticker (which I was expecting after seeing your pic). Evga part number is 512-P2-N573-AR.
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Well, why flash the BIOS? I currently have it overclocked to 705/1600 no problems :D EDIT>>>used Riva Tuner instead of it up to 705/1640 3dmark 2k5 = old 7800GT 7619 stock 7900GTO 9535 oc...
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Got my EVGA 7900GTO today :D I'm having issues with my webhosting, will upload pics later. I didn't take off the cooler to check the ram...but I have it overclocked to 675/1600 so far with absolutely no sweat! Pushing it higher right now...
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    eVga 7900 GTO for $250

    My eVGA just shipped from Mwave...will be in my hands wednesday :D Should be a good bump from my 7800GT.
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    eVga 7900 GTO for $250

    Wow...exact same situation here (replacing my 7800gt)...except 2nd day air was only $7.53 ;)
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    7900 GTO now out for $250 - 7900 GTX in disguise?

    Just ordered a 7900 GTO from Mwave ($267.23 2nd day air)...Going to use it to replace my 7800GT.
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    Recommend me a PSU

    Mine has been rock solid for the gaming rig in my sig, great bang for the buck.
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    Urgent Power Supply Help :)

    QFT With the volume Dell deals with, they wouldn't put in a PSU that couldn't handle the system...that would be shooting themselves in the foot.
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    Need goo PSU for P4 2.8 ghz

    At under $60 shipped, you can't go wrong with this PSU by FSP. Mine has been rock solid. Great bang for the buck.
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    It's time for a new powersupply.. Question is, which one?

    I'm very happy with my FSP AX450, it's been running my Gaming rig (see sig) for about 6 months problems whatsoever. IMO, best bang for the $$$ at it's price point.
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    Windows XP Upgrade $9.99 AR @ Office Depot

    That's correct, then it makes a full install...nice deal, thanks for the heads up!
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    Vista RC1!!!!!!!!!!!

    I downloaded and installed it...not bad at all. The only issue my gaming system has is with the onboard sound. Only the S/PDIF out is listed, I can't get analog to work. Anyway, it tells me it will expire in 12 days, I didn't get in on the I S.O.L. to get an eval. key? I also...
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    Seagate 250GB PATA 16 MB Buffer $79 no rebates

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    HOT! Seagate 300GB SATA $105 Shipped @ Newegg

    Only has a 1 yr. warranty though...vs. the 5 year for the Seagate...extra $5 and 8MB less cache...seems worth it though for the 4 extra yrs. of warranty. EDIT>>>Just picked up the Seagate... :D
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    HOT! Seagate 300GB SATA $105 Shipped @ Newegg

    Was it $99 at purchase, or $99 after rebates?
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    Just got back from Mexico...(warning pics)

    A couple more...each room had it own jacuzzi :D The Lobby The view from our balcony... The had to trim the hell out of the palm trees after the hurricane...
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    Just got back from Mexico...(warning pics)

    For Tazzman