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    CPU mining still have any value?

    been mining some altcoins lately and I was wondering if there is any way I could put a 4p g34 (6172) to use mining xpm or pts or something else. Are any of these still profitable? thanks in advance
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    $275 shipped for any [H] DCer in the lower 48 I've had this rig for about a month now, but the folding bug has bit me again and I am moving on to bigger and better things. This setup will still get about 150k ppd on average. *psu not included* *custom chassis in pic not included* aside...
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    The other day I finally received my 'new' asus 4890, a big upgrade from my aging 7900GT. i uninstall the drivers, reboot in safe mode and use driver sweeper, reboot n swap in the new card and get it all set up. the problems then begin. every game i try to play crashes or doesn't work in...
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    Puterless PSU

    I've been having some issues with some very hot equipment and I was thinking about rigging some fans up to an old PSU I have lying around using the paper clip method. Gonna be using 4x120mm fans, nothing else. I have two questions for you guys: Since there will be so little draw, does that...
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    dead monitor, need suggestions on a budget

    So i've had a viewsonic ve175b ( 17.5", 1280x1024) since 2002, and it finally decided to crap out and never turn on again. here's what im looking for in a new screen: anything > 12801024 anything >=19" i do some gaming now and then, but nothing new in a while (still running a 7900gt) even...
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    I see snow up in the hills...

    and you know what that means- b0rging season! Its been in the 30s-40s here at night and its time to turn on the heat/folding in the house full speed, also time to pay a visit to those friends with computers that i salivate over...
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    losing hdd space

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    Running on fumes

    well, as some of you may have noticed (but probably not), my ppd is nothing like what it used to be a month or so ago. used to have a really nice farm running at my parents house, but those days are no more. The next time i am there, i'm selling about 3/4 of the farm, and possibly putting 1 or 2...
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    Logikality having some trouble?

    I just noticed his stats seems to have dropped off... :( :confused:
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    Another [H] farm on the way

    There comes a time in every mans life when he decides that he needs to set up a fold server. that time is now. :) Going to set up the server/router on a dual 244 opteron machine... just becuase it has a dual NIC integrated. Running it through an 8 port netgear hub to the clients. So far...
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    +12v line too low

    im running a couple 244s on a tyan thunder k8sr with an antec true 550 eps12v power supply and my +12v line is at +11.294. there is no other hardware hooked up yet besides an 80gig drive and a couple fans. is this rail dangerously low, and if so what could be the problem? i dont have any other...
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    windows not fully formatting a drive?

    so i just installed a fresh copy of win2k sp1 onto a computer, formated the drive with the normal installation process. even before i installed anything (including drivers) the cpu usage is bumped up to ~95% in task manager graph. under processes it shows the idle process at 99% and everyhting...
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    evga 6800gt problems

    i have a 6800gt that isnt exactly performing as i'd like it to. at stock speeds it locks up after about 30 seconds of any newer game (HL2, farcry, etc). the card idles at 53c so i'd think it wouldnt be an overheating problem... that is until i underclocked it to 310/900. at these speeds the card...
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    putting the farm on hold

    well my rents got the electric bill again and took action this time... right now my 'farm' is sitting in their basement in NY and taking up their juice. recently my dad has turned off: dual 244's, 2.8b, 2.8 cel-d, 2500+, 2.0a, .933 p3, .733 p3 :( i'll see what i can do about paying the...
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    Asus PC-DL problem

    well my problem is somewhat simple: the thing just doesnt turn on. Its not on warranty anymore so that isnt an option. now for the details... when i turn on the power supply, the ram led comes on just as normal. when i short the power jumpers nothing happens; no fans or anything. ive tried 2...
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    lack of 600 pointers

    has anyone else gotten very few 600 point WUs lately? I think i've had about 0 of them in the past 2 weeks :confused:
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    Just an observation

    i was looking at some of the stats for the big 3 (H, OCAU, and one thing seemed a bit odd to me: OCAU has 11 people producing 4k+ ppd, has 9, but the H only has 2 (FLECOM and pageian). i dunno if this really means anything but it does make me wonder... where are our big producers...
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    help with iwill dvd266u-rn -dual p3

    ive had this board for a while but it just sat around in a small server in the closet while at college, and im sure that noone tampered with it. anyway now the board does not work at all. the ram led or power led whichever it is doesnt even turn on. no fans start to spin or anything. ive...
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    opteron temps

    i just built a dual 244 system on a tyan k8sr- my idle (bios) temps are 53 and 45. this is my first experience with opterons and these temps seem a bit high to me. im using stock heatsinks and as5. any suggestion/comments? :confused: :(
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    6800gt locking up comp

    lately my video card (evga 6800gt, not OCd) has been acting up a bit and causing my comp to crash while playing most games. after about 5-10 minutes of playing any game (cs works fine somehow) i get this-- its not ram, i ran memtest86 multiple times as well as prime95. during full load...
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    best value cpus for folding

    I have all the parts to make 2 s478-based boxen except the cpus, but im not sure what to get. i'm looking for the best price-performance socket 478 cpu and maybe the best one for socket A too, not sure yet. I was thinking a high end celeron D @ 2.8ghz or so, or a slightly older p4 like a 2.4b...
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    this always seems to happen...

    so I was doing a final check of all the boxen in my garden just now, my winter break ends in about 20 minutes when i have to go the the airport. The last rig i checked out, my main server/folder/sweetrig -dual 2.6 xeons needed to be restarted after an update. so i restart it and then windows...
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    A sight for sore eyes

    so it'll be 8 years big deal :rolleyes: i think we've been 2nd since march/april. hopefully we can get back on top... as in get more cpus... not nuking the aussies :p lets try to bring that to 4 years max :cool:
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    this is a bit alarming...

    it also seems a bit unrealistic... :confused: :confused: a jump to 90k ppd ???
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    a pretty good deal

    newegg has this on its main page soyo sy-p4rc350 its a soyo board based on the ati 9100 chipset. its $90 with a $90 mail in rebate... integrated video and lan make it a pretty good folding board if you have a p4/celeron lying around or if you want to buy one for cheap. i cant find...
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    time to take back #1?

    well our average is now within 10k/day of them aussies, looks like we have alotta new recruits as well. if we all just put in a lil bit more, oc here and there, find a couple new people every few days, we just might do it :cool: i cant wait to see those two lines cross on the eoc stats page :D
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    a successful weekend for folding

    well i came home for the weekend, told my parents it was because my brother was home and such... anyhoo after some donations from my old hs and some of our very own [H]ardfolders i was able to make quite a fleet this weekend ;) ive added a bunch here, some in the farm in the...
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    slow folding?

    this just seems unusually slow to me... specs: 2 x 2.4/533/512 xeons with HT enabled, enough ram, windows server2k3. I set up 4 f@h clients, each with the -local and -forceasm flags. each client is working on the p_854 gromacs that im petty sure is like 60 points. (btw there is nothing...
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    best way to overtake them aussies?

    what do you guys think is the best way to get production up a bit and take back our #1 spot? :confused: -aside from nuking Australia-
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    more ghz

    its time to get to work.... long night/day/night/day ahead of adding ghz to the [H]orde looks to be around ~20 ghz more if everything works...
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    an addiction you say?

    it seems wierd when one of the main reasons i give myself for building a sweet new rig is folding... but anyway im building a new workstation *for CAD and 3dsmax*, dual 2.4/533 xeons with a gig and a half o ram. gonna be folding 24/7 in a couple weeks. my already thin college wallet is takin...
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    xeons + registered ddr

    are there any *relatively cheap* dual xeon boards besides that asus 875 that dont require registered ram? (preferably 604)
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    college + folding?

    well my mini farm back home isnt running due to power reasons and computer ignorant parents... i have my rig running here but no money for anything else... out of state tuition is a bunch higher and i got tons of other expenses now. anyone have any suggestions? i'd hate to not be able to do my...
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    problem with IE

    not sure if this is the right forum but i'd hope that all you webmasters know a thing or two about IE ;) the problem: whenever I go anywhere in IE (even google or ms update) the window just comes up all white, no content or anything. It doesnt say that there are any errors on the page or...
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    how are points calculated?

    I dont get it... my 3.2ghz main rig worked on a tinker non stop full load for a day and a half on a tinker, and i get 23 points for it :mad: :confused: :( :eek:
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    dead motherboard?

    I have an iwill dvd266u-RN (VIA apollo Pro266T chipset) its a dual-p3 board, currently have 2 1.0's in it. the system wont turn on and ive noticed that the LED that would usually turn on whenever the power was connected does not light up anymore. I've tried 3 different (working) power supplies...
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    New folder

    Just started folding for the [H]orde, so far ive got my 3.2 goin most of the time, a 2.8 and 350mhz dedicated, a 933 pretty much dedicated. Soon i also hope to put up a 3.0 and a dual 1.0 (all intel cpus btw). People bring me broken/semi-broken PCs to fix and sometimes keep, ill see what else I...
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    9800p > 9800xt voltage

    does flashing from a 9800pro to 9800xt bios (on the r360 core) increase the voltage to what the 9800xt requires? 1.7v to 1.8v I think
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    highest temp

    what do you guys think the highest safe temp is for a p4 northwood? i plan on ocing this thing a bunch but i dont have much exp with ocing p4's setup- 3.2 27idle, 40 load w/ zalman7000alcu, as5
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    zalman 7000cu/alcu results

    for anyone currently/previously using one of these how were your cpu temps? i just got an alcu and my 3.2 is running at 28 idle stock speeds+stock voltages. seems kinda low, definetly gonna oc alot