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    Ultrasone Pro 900s

    Up for grabs is a pair of used Ultrasone Pro 900s (definitely one of my favorite if not my favorite full sized cans) Link to sale My Heat
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    IPS/PLS for NextGen Consoles

    Looking for opinions on what IPS/PLS monitor to get for the new consoles. Budget around 300 USD and looking for about 24"
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    Displayport 120Hz?

    I currently have a single VG248QE and I might be getting two more for a portrait setup, I was wondering if the displayport on the 780 allows a refresh rate of 120/144Hz (lightboost etc) I'm just double checking before pulling the trigger encase I'm wrong here.
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    SG09 w/H80i [SLI]

    I just installed my H80i into an SG09 and was sad to see that it was too long to fit any other way than with the reservoir facing down. Blocking the first PCIe slot and removing the potential for SLI I was thinking about cutting a slot out of the side panel to allow the side of the case to...
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    770 SLI or 780?

    I plan to play on a VG248QE with lightboost and from what I can tell that means I'll want a minimum frame rate of 100 or so (yeah welcome to [H]) I can't tell if I'll get bottle necked by the specs on the 770s vs the 780 or if I could justify 780 SLI down the road on a single 1080p display. I...
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    Such a thing?

    Looking for a keyboard similar to the DAS Ultimate (blank keys or darked out/alternative location of font) but with MX Cherry Reds. I found one that's close but has no number pad :(
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    Galaxy Nexus i515

    Up for sale is a used Galaxy Nexus i515 in great condition, with minor if any (see pictures) physical defects. Fully functional with a clean ESN! Auction Heat
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    FS: 3DS XL w/Games

    This listing is for a used 3DS XL it's got about 2 months of use on it which results in great condition lightly used product. Included in the sale is Harvest Moon "A New Beginning", Luigi's Mansion "Dark Moon", Kingdom Hearts "Dream Drop Distance" and the stock 4GB Lexor SD card. This will not...
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    Never Settle Promo

    I purchased a never settle coupon for Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider but it doesn't work on the site I was told to use it on, did anyone else have trouble redeeming their coupons? PS: Not sure where else to put this thread.
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    Best 2.5" drive for laptop

    Replacing my desktop with an IdeaPad Y500 but I don't want the 5400RPM HDD to hold me back so I'm looking for a large drive that is faster. The M500 would be promising if it were out but it's not, so I'm looking at the slow 7200RPM drives or some kind of hybrid drive. Rather budget around...
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    Video/Photo Sharing Application (Android)

    Looking for video chat similar to Facetime/Skype that runs on android phone. I know I can use Skype on the phone but are there any alternatives? Best application for sharing pictures without SMS?
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    Speakers for under 350

    Looking for some solid speakers to replace my HD 650s I can keep my Essence STX to power them if necessary, willing to buy used. Looking at Corsair AP2500 ATM but not sure if that's the best bang/buck @200 USD I should add I know the quality will be lower and I don't exactly need studio...
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    Choosing the best card

    I primary game @1920x1200 and I'm not happy with the performance of a single 6970 overclocked, I'm wondering if I should get a second one or if I should sell this one and look at an alternative. I think the 670 would be great but for the price the 7970s go for now I would rather have the VRAM...
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    Educate Me

    I'm in an interesting situation where I might be able to get a GTX 590 Hydro Classified for a pretty decent price. I could not find any "up to date" information on the topic but from when it came out everyone complained that it was a poor overclocker and wasn't worth running on water. Can...
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    Looking for new cans

    I'm currently using HD 595s that I got from a nice person from here, and they're great but I miss my Pro 900s I just got my Xonar STX and I can tell a difference in sound quality but I miss feeling the 900s gave me while listen to electronic music :D What are some similar phones?
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    PfSense Setup/Box

    Pretty new to networking but I'm looking to setup a network with pfSense and I was looking for suggestions for a compact system I can use or some solid wireless cards/LAN cards for an old desktop.
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    Cards for 2B Catleap

    I've heard good things about the modified drivers for the 7000 series so I was thinking of grabbing a pair of 7970s to run things but the price point of the 670 is very damn attractive I just don't know which one to go with... I think AMD hits higher refresh rates in crossfire than Nvidia can...
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    ArmA 2 [DayZ]

    Alright I can't find anything about using more than one graphics card in the latest beta versions of ArmA 2 vanilla or DayZ I really REALLY like this game I hope to max it out @2560x1440 but I don't know what cards run the game better Nvidia or AMD I was between 670s or 7970s but if it...
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    Dual 690

    Alright I can't tell if I'm taking myself seriously but just to double check would a AX850 be able to run two of these cards with a 2500k pulling around 100w
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    Reference or Aftermarket for SLI?

    I've heard that reference cards are the go to cooling solution for multi-card set-ups but I don't want my cards to be hot or loud, and I think I could space some in case heat. I'm looking for any insight on this topic because I think that aftermarket is just the way to go either way.
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    3 Way SLI with AX850?

    Would the 680s draw too much power for this PSU to be alright? I mean 2500k @4.8 uses about 100w and the rest of the system is likely around another 40-50w I can convert two molex to a double 8/6pin for the 3rd card but would it work out?
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    Adding extra PCIe 6/8pins

    As the title says I have a AX850 but I need an additional 2 6pin connectors for 3 way SLI with 670s Can I just buy an extra pair or do I convert molex to 6pin?
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    GK110 and the next generation

    I've been looking at "leaked rumors" about suggested release dates for the next generation or at least the high end version of Kepler but is it just smoke and mirrors? I'm pretty excited about the Lightning 680 that is coming out but I don't think I should pull the trigger if some "685" is...
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    Let's pick [H]

    If you were given he choice between the ZR30w or a 120Hz Catleap which would you take and why? Assuming both were the same price (they're not)
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    New Router (Need Suggestions)

    I just upgraded to 100 Meg internet but I don't have a router with DOCSIS 3.0 support (silly me) anyway I'm not really a networking guy so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice router/modem combo for cable that I can use for hosting/streaming I like having a nice interface for...
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    New Router (Need Suggestions)

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    Do we need 4GB of VRAM?

    For any setup with less than 6 Million pixels do we really need more than 2GBs of VRAM? I ask because it's the range between a few small screens (1080p) and maybe a single 1600p I know VRAM usage sky-rockets when you turn up MSAA but that should be less useful as you scale to a higher...
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    Lets Game 1600p Edition

    Alright guys I'm gonna be working quite a bit this summer and I plan on getting a ZR30W or similar monitor and then some card that will run this beast @60 FPS for games like BF3 Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 While I will likely only play Metro, BF3 and Diablo I would like to have peace of mind for...
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    Best Gaming IPS

    I want the best quality screen I can get that is ready to game on, I don't need 120Hz or anything magical like that because I doubt I would run games over 100 FPS with a 6970 and higher resolutions over 1080p etc. I've looked into the Korean panels on eBay but I'm afraid to buy them and find...
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    Surround vs 2560x1600

    To clarify I'm wondering what people think about surround as an experience compared to a single 2560x1600 monitor. I'm wondering if I should get into the surround thing or just get a very nice single monitor for games/movies etc.
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    Want to start some Linux

    I've really never used Linux but experience in it is important to me because I'm going to school for Computer Engineering. I think I should start with Ubuntu because of community support, but I have a question for you. Should I create a separate partition for it or just use Wubi to install...
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    800D Stealth DVD Tray

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or has seen ideas for making a stealth DVD tray mod because I would like to keep the look of the case intact but still have a DVD tray.
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    Hey guys I have my new build and I'm running a 2500k with an H100 in my 800D Love the size of the case just amazing, I might setup a custom loop for my GPU(s) when I get enough money but for now I was wondering if you guys would recommend any noiseblocker fans as replacements on my H100. I'm...
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    Turning off Spread Spectrum

    Well I just got my Z68 FTW motherboard and my new system is up and running but I cannot find a setting to disable spread spectrum in the bios. I've updated the the latest version too but alas no option. Anyone know of a fix?
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    2500k @5GHz 24/7

    Well I was gonna wait for Ivy Bridge but I really wanna try out SB first :D Anyway my build is: Corsair 800D Corsair H100 EVGA Z68 FTW PCS+ 6970 8Gigs of Dominator GT (hoping for 2000MHz) 750W PC Power & Cooling (Silencer) i5 2500k (hoping for 5GHz 24/7) Now that we have that out of the way...
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    800D adding case fans

    I'm getting a 800D and a H100 I was thinking I should get a few extra case fans to increase airflow on this giant, but not sure how I should set it up. I would like it to be quiet because I will likely run the H100 on low or normal. So far I see these and I think they will work nicely any...
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    H80 or D14

    EDIT: Decided to buy the 800D and the H100 looking for replacement fans, didn't wanna make a new thread.