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    For you I guess Major D

    Thanks for the help on this. RIP Toonage2 :p
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    Karma: Valvoline Racing Super Coolant

    I'm in......this would be a nice addition to the loops of a couple new rigs currently in progress. Bump for a fun thread.
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    The New European H2O Discussion Thread

    I like that eheim HPPS setup too Pooky,,,,,I've recently become involved in doing systems in unconventional cases and these fit the bill nicely. The versatility with the plugon tanks and that rear molex connection allow for some clean configurations.
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    3/8" ID system pump?

    Looking straight into the (left) outlet port, I'll be reaming it more into a ' D ' shape as there is no room at all to go to the left where that mounting screw is. The intake side will have the flat at the bottom, unless I do the top intake as you are. We'll see where the Dremel takes...
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    3/8" ID system pump?

    Here's a couple shots of the 18w version to help you decide............. You know where my vote is......:-) The acrylic top is one I picked up in my travels and greatly expands the versatility of this pump, with the stock top next to it. Note the coin for perspective. I'll be modding the...
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    S754 vs S939

    The XP-90's, and stock Opty HS's work well too, but this 4k Newark is about to get wet, baby.....:-)
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    The New European H2O Discussion Thread

    Instead of starting a seperate poll thread, I chose to post here. I have a proposal and wanted y'all's thoughts. I have enough parts to make a direct real-world comparison between AC lowflow and higher flow. I can produce an all AC loop of 6/8 pushfits or compression (Cuplex Evo, twinplex...
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    Delrin Tube Style Res Complete!

    I'll take one of each without the fittings...I already have plugs, led's, elbows, etc..... :-)
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    AC Flowmeter / Help ..

    Just an fyi....I drilled out my AC flowmeter to more closely match the tubing size.
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    Awesome Success in undervolting

    A factor in all this could be the PSU......what is it, the stock Sonata 450?
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    Anyone running dual (2x120) BIP in V series Lian Li Case?

    If you're getting the v2000, I've got some ideas and suggestions for you Dean. Great case and allows for many mod options. I'll edit this post later today with pix forya.
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    This to hot

    Its all in the little details, and cumulatively can make a big difference. Invest in a small tube of Arctic Silver as5 and spread a thin-thin layer across the core, and clean off the old goop now on the heatsink. What Mr-G said is true about case air management . If hot air is trapped in the...
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    Diamond Plus vs A8N32-SLi

    I'm confused about the purpose of this have both boards and still can't decide? Are you looking for opinions about one board or the other? I've tried all of the A8N series boards, currently have a Deluxe and 32-Deluxe, and will have the Dianond Plus and a DFI Expert Monday. I...
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    Looking for a side inlet, 939 water block.

    The Koolance CPU blocks are right-angled on top with their fitting outlets. You can get 90degree elbows for nearly any block currently available that has replaceable fittings.
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    Delrin Tube Style Res Complete!

    I would actually like one of each, with a preference towards the top mount....thanks for the update. I'm writing this assuming I'm on your
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    Need a good overclocking chip recommendation. Opteron 148 CABNE.....its everything you want except cheap.
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    Remove case ducting?

    I build with these cases all the time at the shop (3 last week) and never put them on.....biggest pita piece of junk Antec has ever produced. No worries whatsoever with removing it, you have better access, and would have much better case air management by adding a lowspeed fan to the side of...
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    120s and 90s

    1. Wrong forum to be posting this in (use FS/FT) it will get locked 2. Newegg has some of the cheapest shipping available 3. I have all you want and I'll include shipping in the pice, which can be done in PM or a properly posted WTB thread in the right forum.
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    DFI LP NF4 Ultra Second PCI-E 16X slot?

    Whatever gave you the idea there was a second x16 pci-e anyway? That board supports 1-x16 pci-e (the top) but has two pci-e lanes, and can be modded to use SLI. If that is done then two cards go to x8.......'nother words, no.
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    Lian Li case question

    Why would you use loudazz Tornados to replace the stock LiLi's, which in some cases are Pabst fans. Sheesh,.....It wasn't broke, but gets fixed anyway. If you guys can't look close and figure out how to even remove the stock fans......
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    Aqua Computer turboplex USB - departure into a new era?

    Shoggy, if that is at normal Eheim noise level it would be perfectly acceptable to me. Pleeease make that with G1/4 threads!
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    Rad Placement in a Lian Li V1000B

    I know its not a v1000, but here's a couple variations on TN's theme with WaterCool and AirplexEvo rads. I went all the way in with the lower front fan up against the casefront for extra room. I just threw in the pic of the 'pumptree' for ideas on placement. Good luck with your build....LiLi's...
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    [Lian Li PC-V1000] OR [Antec P180]

    The LiLi doesn't attract any more than normal. As always air management in the case will help or hurt that situation, but nothing that attention to detail won't take care of. By it's nature however, I'd have to say that the 180 would win the clean-inside-over-time award.
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    New Aquacomputer build - whatcha think? Look at the bottom. One is either an AC enthusiest or one is not. Kleox is part of the latter group. Good for you on choosing these..they're great to build with and good luck Yip.
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    [Lian Li PC-V1000] OR [Antec P180]

    Lian Li all the way for me. These lend themselves very well to modding, and have excellent award winning cooling. The flipped mobo design can be an issue with heatpipe motherboards, but thats minor. I build regularly with both these cases and the 180 is a pita, the doors are typically warped...
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    Socker A mobo problem need help.

    It sounds CPU related......what board and what chip? Are you seating the heatsink the right way on the socket? Many have reversed that offset..(its supposed to follow the offset of the socket), and are you using proper thermal paste? It sounds like the heatsink isn't mating with the core...
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    I r stoopid with a dremel

    Please listen to what everybody is saying in this thread. I know the Dremel and Roto-Zip are cool lookin' and all, but these are serious constuction tools and you sound like a babe in the woods. Good for you that you are jumping in and trying the modding game as its fun and the results are great...
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    I r stoopid with a dremel

    Have patience, but also respect for that tool, because it can trash a nice case in a heatbeat. You need to go back where you got that and see if they have add-on packages of bits. One thing you definetly need is reinforced cutting wheels. These are much more durable and long lasting. Always wear...
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    Recommend a CPU block for 1/4" tubing please!

    sonnybobiche is right in his assessment of those (little)Water systems, but if you want to stay with it, I have a Koolance block as you described and they've been known to hold up well. LMK, and good luck birthday boy.
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    Cooling the NB on A8N SLI Premium

    You aren't the first thats asked about this......there are active (air) solutions available for the NB, but people tend to forget that the other end of that heatpipe disipates heat from the mosfets. What do you plan to cool those with if you switch out the heatpipe?
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    Nvidia's New 7900GTX, 7900GT In Stock at

    pssstt (DealMaster) please change the font is very hard to read on the black background of this web board. red does well, as does orange.......TIA
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    HELP!!!!Upside Down Heatpipe on Asus A8n Sli Premium Problems?

    Gilga, you may be sol from the mods if you don't collect all your thoughts into one post instead of making three posts that are two minutes apart.
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    HELP!!!!Upside Down Heatpipe on Asus A8n Sli Premium Problems?

    Its true that the heatpipe doesn't work as well inverted. Since you have the case and are locked in to inversion all is not lost. Don't get the chipset cooler you're looking at because it won't fit. That is, the gfx card won't fit because that cooler is too tall. Since you don't want...
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    I killed it...

    yep....but not always.... you should doublecheck.:-)
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    athlon 64 mobile dtr

    ^^^^^ what Bullitt said, with some extras. I have a Thermalright XP-90cu mounted to the 4000-M in my sig like normal and no problems. Some have filed down the mount to account for the thickness of the heatspreader not being there. I never have on 3 different mobiles I've used and cooling is...
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    I killed it...

    Stupid is as Stupid does ...... :D
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    Asus A8N-SLI, Premium or Deluxe

    That post is completely inaccurate and thus misleading. Asus makes 5 versions in the A8N (SLI) series, and the features of each are HERE..... Note carefully the chipset fans shown on the A8N-SLI, and the A8N-SLI Deluxe boards. These are the early version fans that are complete junk and...
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    How bestbuy screwed up my cpu

    Bump for some interesting reading and a test of my broadband connection......
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    I killed it...

    All those various 'oops' you mentioned point to putting down the pipe and doing the enthusiast thing more responsibly. Make yourself a checklist for all those changes instead of relying on your damaged memory and attention span. Btw, I didn't see much respect and understanding in that thread...
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    moving from winnie to an opty dualie -- is a full XP reinstall really necessary?

    ....and I will third that. Good advice, and an interesting comment about the Home vs Pro as well. I've done this on both with no issues.