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    Apple Ipod not showing on Itunes

    When i connect my ipod to my windows laptop, it doesnt show on itunes but shows on my computer, does anyone know what the problem could be???
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    What could possibly be the problem???

    Ive noticed over the past week or so that my computer had a virus, i managed to remove this which everything seemed fine but this is a pc that my brother shares as well and then last week i noticed that the cpu process was at 100% (above 95% all the time) and just stays on this. I did...
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    Dell 2407wfp and xbox 360 settings help!!!

    Right, ive just set up my xbox with this monitor again (previously, i use to connect it to this monitor then one day i got a pink screen via component setup and never used it since). Now after a year i was bored and decided to connect it back up and it works. Problem is the settings to use...
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    Help with my Dell 2407wfp

    Well basically i went to turn the monitor off and then when i went to use it later, and tried to turn it back on, the button was just not working and turning the monitor on. It looked bent now and looks like a spring or whatever it uses behind to turn the power on. Is there anything i can do...
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    Need help with my creative X-FI express card and Z5500's

    Right i have the following sound card for my laptop below: [/IMG] and i basically want to connect to my logitech z5500 via optical, when i connect the optical cable into the optical out or optical in for that matter, it says on the control pod for the z5500 (No digital data) Does anyone...
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    Need for speed undercover for PC

    I have this game for my new laptop and i have a few questions id like to raise if anyone can answer them: 1. Will there ever be a patch released for this game as i know there are many technical issues that need addressing to? and 2. i have an acer aspire 8920g laptop which is a great...
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    Need some advice for my usb extension

    well i bought an 10m usb extension cable so that i could wire this across my room to downstairs but anything i connect to it, the computer says it is not recognised and that there are no drivers installed. im guessing the signal is low or something as i believe they only work up to 5m, so im...
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    wireless coverage

    Is there any way to improve wireless coverage as main computer is in the loft and router is connected downstairs to main phone line. The router is the rangemax next dg834n and the wireless adapter is the rangemax next wn121t but still im having poor signals. The router downstairs is on the...
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    how to set up netgear router?

    I have just bought the netgear DG834N router to replace the router i got with my isp connection package. Thing is im not sure how to set up this router, i used the cd manual but that says error in connecting this so im guessing i have to do it manually. Any steps on how to do it?
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    Would this help with my wireless network?

    Well let me just say happy holidays to everyone at [H]ardForum Basically, ive just switched over my internet with another company and the standard router i got has to be plugged to the telephone socket and with my computer being in the loft and the telephone socket in the main living room...
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    Xbox 360 Console & Dell 2407wfp - Pink screen

    I turned the xbox on today and i just got a pink screen but i could slightly see the xbox menu. Do you think this could be the xbox or the dell monitor. i tried any lose connections and everythink seems to be fine
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    Windows media player 11 - uses 80% cpu usage???

    I have amd athlon 64 x2 4800 and 2gb ram so decent spec there, but yet windows media player 11, is really slow to use and takes nearly 80% usage of my processor. At some points i just have to close it down its that bad. Any one have any solutions?
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    Blue screen of death returns...

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    Blue screen of death returns...

    I had the blue screen problem before but realised it was my RAM. Had these replaced and the computer was working fine, didnt use it for about a week then when i turned it on one day, it was on the loading windows screen and you guessed it - Blue screen! The code is ***STOP: 0x00000024...
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    TV Remote question?

    Well i dont know if i posted in the right thread but couldnt find any other that would probably match my question. Basically, im looking for a remote control dock/stand as i have about 5 different remotes but no where to store them. If anyone can recomend me some that would be great as i cant...
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    Is it worth me upgrading my computer?

    My rig is in my sig so have a look at that. Do you guys think its worth me upgrading my comp? I built this rig 2 years ago and its been fine until yesterday when my RAM blew. Im getting this RMA but when i opened my rig, it looked old and dusty etc lol. I wouldnt mind upgrading it to be honest...
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    memtest x86

    lately, ive been getting bluescreens every 5 mins or so i have ran memtest for the first time. It has been about 2 hours now and already i have about 16 errors. Does this mean that i have bad memory? Also can memtest fix these problems and if so how?
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    Someone recommend me some sound proofing?

    Basically, my logitech z5500 sub is very loud and my parents are fed up lol. I was wondering is there any sound proofing available such as a mat or something that i can put the sub on which will absorb some of the bass etc.
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    Recomend me some Xbox 360 games please

    Well ive just finally bought an xbox 360 from switching from playstation. What games would you recommend? Ive already got Pro Evo 6 and fight night round 3 with the 360, what others?
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    Should i wait for the xbox 360 elite?

    Well let me just fill you guys in a bit... I live in the UK, Curently have a PS2, looking to buy an xbox 360 console (cant afford the PS3) and will be most likely connecting it to my dell 2407wfp. Right the problem is, should i wait for the elite version which is comming out end of august...
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    Whats wrong with my power supply unit?

    This morning, i woke up to start my computer but nothing powered up. I checked the switches on the psu to find that no power was going to my motherboard. I opened the computer up and realised that the psu would make this weired sound like its on its last leg when i turn it on& off. I tried...
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    Nvidia Geforce 9800 series ("G92") - November 2007

    If you dont know already, the G92 (9800 series) will be relaeasing around November 2007. Below are some of its specs... - 65nm process technology at TSMC. - Over one billion transistors. - Second Generation Unified Shader Architecture. - Double precsion support (FP64). - GPGPU native. -...
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    Need some help - lian li pc75 power button

    Anyone with this case or anyone with a lian li case - can they help me please. Ive just recently modded this case - custom paint job etc, however i broke the cheap plastic power button when trying to fix it back on - i think it was the paint that made it thicker around the edges anyway, i...
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    Question for Logitech G15 Keyboard owners

    I was just wondering, anyone who has this keyboard, could they tell me how long the usb cable is, thanks
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    What car is this and where can i find it?

    The picture below was taken from an ebay listing of somebody selling this picture in a photo frame. However i wondered i know its a porsche but which model exactly and where could i find this exact picture would anyone know in a larger resolution?
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    Doom 3 question

    I just wondered, i will be setting up a wireless lan between my computer (main) and my brothers computer. I just wondered, i have doom 3 installed on my computer but would i need to purchase another copy of doom 3 to play over a lan with my brother or can we play using the same copy installed on...
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    Someone help me figure this out...

    Well basically i have a main TV in my living room which everything is hooked up to including satelite (sky), dvd players etc, however, i have just bougt another tv which will go into the dining room. this will be wall mounted. How would i go about connecting this up as the main areial point is...
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    Could this be a problem with my Z-5500?

    Basically, ive just bought a Z-5500 but the thing ive just realised is, i am going to set this up in my room which is in the Loft however, the floor is not 100% strong compared to a solid floor downstairs. Would this be a problem with the sub do you think? I know how loud these can go etc but i...
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    computer keeps freezing at scan disk???

    Well easch time i start my computer, it goes to scan disk because the computer was not shut down properly, it does not scan however then a few minutes later a message appears saying scandisk could not scan drive c as there may be a problem with the fat, something like that and then just freezes...
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    Logitech MX1000 Mouse problem...

    Basically i had the problem where i accidentally pressed the reset button and this caused the three yellow charging lights turn to one red light. This would not go for months until today when i looked it is now three yellow lights. However, the computer has not picked it up. When i press...
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    Computer is dying slowly, please help me save it

    Well ive had my custom built rig for a year now and so far there are no problems with it until a feww days ago. I always leave my rig on standby when im not using it and all night, however, recently when comming out of standby, the computer would just restart out of the blue. Even while...
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    Asus a8n sli premium - one long beep, 3 short beeps

    i turned my comptuer on this morning and nothing came on the screen but it then made one long beep and three quick beeps. I have an asus a8n sli premium motherboard, what could the problem be do you think?
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    Z5500 or X-FI Problem?

    When i play movies, i set my Z5500 to dolby pro logic 2 movie and when i do this, the sound is incredible however when people talk, i cannot hear them hardly at all and i hear these crackling noises as well sometimes when they talk. When theres loud action music, its perfect but when its quiet...
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    New Hp laptop - blue screen - physical memory

    ive just bought this new hp pavillion laptop and sometimes when watching tv, it goes to a blue screen and a message saying physical dump memory and then restarts the computer. What could be the problem?
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    No sound is being detected what so ever - please help

    Ive just formated my hdd and re-installed windows and it cannot detect any sound. My sound card is not being detected as well - creative x-fi xtreme audio. Ive downloaded drivers but it keeps saying cannot detect a supported device. Tried taking the sound card out and putting it in again but...
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    How do i change the hdd drive letters?

    Well basically, my main drive is known as I drive when it should be C drive and C drive is a removable usb stick, how do i change these around
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    turned computer on - flash now hdd wont work

    basically turned computer on and there was a flash and now the hdd wont work, any suggestions
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    Dell inspiron 6400 - 2 battery lights wont load screen?

    Basically, these two lights on the laptop keep flashing when i turn it on and nothing on the screen appears. One of the lights is battery A it says. Ive took the battery out then put it in - still nothing. Please help
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    Logitech Mx1000 mouse problem

    I just turned it off from the bottom and then on and now i have one red light on the battery level indicator, i dont think its chargining and its not working. Please help