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    AMD launches slower RX 560 with SAME NAME!

    Since from many AMD "pure-fanboys" , AMD is considered as a company who "values its customers", "sells products at low prices" , "join a revolution (*that was one of my favourite slogans ever:woot:)" .......etc , on the contrary to "evil NVidia who only wants our money", well , this video is...
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    Seasonic Embraces New ETA and LAMBDA Ratings

    Few days ago, Seasonic announced that from now on they will be using new standards, when referring to their PSU-certifications. These new standards come from Cybenetics and they offer an alternative testing methodology & certifications besides the 80+ efficiency standard that the PSU companies...
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    AMD sleep bug boosts Ryzen benchmarks?

    I'm not sure if someone has posted this already, but @Linus Tech Tips , they are talking about a very interesting "bug" during AMD's RYZEN benchmarks. Check at 33:15 at Linus video :
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    NVIDIA "Volta" GPUs at May 2017?

    Rumours for NVidia new GPUs, with the use of HBM2 memory have been raised : NVIDIA Accelerates Volta to May 2017?
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    Seasonic M12ii 750

    A friend of mine wants to buy the SS-M12ii 750 ( ). The problem is that i can't find reviews for this particular PSU. I have found review for the old SS-M12ii 620 here at [H] (...
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    Seasonic 660platinum or CorsairAX760i or Antec HCP850platinum ??

    I'm willing to upgrade my psu and i think the ones i mention at the thread's title are the best PSUs, when reffering to build quality and power stabillity. I need your opinion to choose among them (* or anything else if you can recommend an exceptional PSU) I don't care about wattage output...
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    Thermaltake PSU's

    Hello. I want your opinion about the following psu's: 1)THERMALTAKE EVO-650MPCGEU EVOBLUE 2.0 SERIES 650W 80+ GOLD and 2)THERMALTAKE TOUGHPOWER GRAND 650W I own both of them, one installed at my brother's pc, and the other on mine. If you can, i would like to comment about their...