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    ethOS users.. update to 1.2.4 now!

    Fixes DAG issue, and hashrates are back to what they used to be. Plus, voltage control finally! I've already dropped all of my cards to 850mV.. I had started to switch boxes over to Windows 10, but I think I'll go back now.
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    Any benefit of mining to multiple Burst accounts?

    Currently I'm mining on two different PCs to the same address on the same pool (BTFG). This pool does not have any sort of penalty/fee for this. I'm expanding a bit and was wondering if it makes sense to keep everything set up with the same address or if it makes sense to have things split...
  3. D pool reliability

    How reliable is this pool usually? Are others more reliable? I feel like I've had quite a few network/connection issues over the past few days. My last 4 deadlines that have been submitted now haven't actually gotten any responses back, and it seems like sometimes my miner doesn't get any info...
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    Burst plotting speed

    I'm not sure I understand how I understand the CPU vs. HDD speed thing for plotting. My i5-4690k @ 4.2 is plotting a 3TB WD Purple drive (5400RPM) around 9k nonces/min using all 4 cores on xplotter_avx. For each new set of nonces, the CPU finishes when the HDD is at about 36-38%, so it seems...
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    1337 7870 -> P8100+ 3DMark11

    Don't think I've seen another 7870 break 8,000 posted yet anywhere. Clocked it at 1337MHz for the hell of it since there was that rumor about a 1337 version 7970 a while back :D Reference PowerColor 7870 @ 1337/6100 @ 1.3v i5-2500K @ 4.5GHz 8GB DDR3-1600 @ 9-9-9 @ 1.25v 3DMark Score...
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    Low-profile/90* PCI-e power adapter... anyone seen one?

    I'm looking to replace my 1GB GTX 460 with a Radeon 7870 (unless the 660Ti comes out first and persuades me that way..), and it looks like all of the manufacturers so far have the PCI-e power connectors on the side of the card as opposed to the back of the card (like the GTX 460 and Radeon...
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    Anyone run some SSDs in a RAIDZ1?

    So I've been wanting to start replacing my old first-gen RAID Edition 250GB drives with 300GB VelociRaptors.. however, with the prices of larger SSDs dropping, I'm thinking I should just go that route. I currently have the drives in a RAID10-style setup (stripe over two mirrors). I was...
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    PC Power & Cooling flat modular cables

    For those of you with experience with these, how flexible/easy to work with are these? I'm considering their 500w or 600w model, and my only reservation is the flat modular cables they come with.
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    Anyone see any new news on 78xx series recently?

    Was hoping to use this $40 Newegg "gift card" towards a 7850/7870, and it expires Feb 26th. My OC'd GTX 460 is doing okay, but I'd really like to run some MSAA in BF3.
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    Looking to speed up Camtasia rendering performance

    A co-worker is using Camtasia to create some video presentations for work from existing videos and PowerPoint slideshows. With it being 9:30p on a Saturday, I don't know what specific version of Camtasia he's using or what container/format he's using, but we're looking to speed it up if...
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    What board have you successfully flashed an M1015 in?

    Since it doesn't look like I'll be able to flash an M1015 in an E-350-based board (I've seen 2-3 different boards that failed, and no success stories), I don't have any other use to build it until at least middle of next year. With that said, I could definitely find some room to have a spare...
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    Flashing M1015 on AMD E-350 motherboard?

    So I decided last night to flash my M1015 to IT firmware before installing OpenIndiana. I was able to clear the old firmware from it just fine, but I'm getting the unable to initialize PAL error message when trying to flash the new firmware now. I don't recall the exact file names now that...
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    Anything better than a Galaxy S in the sub-$200 range?

    Finally am jumping onto the smartphone bandwagon. We're on a T-Mobile value plan, so no subsidized phone. We got my wife a Galaxy S (first gen, non-4G) a couple months ago to replace her old G1, and we are both very happy with it. I'm looking at getting the same for myself now since I...
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    Cheapest SATA controller for ESXi 5

    It doesn't need to be fast, and it doesn't matter if it is PCI or PCI-e. I had an older VT6421-based PCI SATA/IDE controller I was hoping would work but failed miserably. Two ports is more than enough for what this needs to do, as it is only going to have one drive connected create a...
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    i5-2500k - $195 shipped This is the same place that had the GTX580 and GTX460 on sale a couple weeks ago. I ordered the GTX 460, and it showed up...
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    G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage (1.25v) 8GB DDR3 1600 + 4GB SDHC = $50 shipped @ NE Tried to use the commission link, not sure if it worked right... doesn't look like it. Anyways, this is the same stuff that was $40 last week but 1.25v instead of 1.5v. I'd been holding out to pick...
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    FS/FT: Older dual-Xeon and dual-Opteron CPU/mobo combos, 3ware SATA RAID card

    errr... not sure how I did this. Feel free to delete of course..
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    Audio codec quality effect on digital audio output?

    I've got two nearly identical motherboards with different onboard audio codecs. One is going to be used w/ Win7 for my HTPC, the other will be used for ESXi (no audio). First board has a VIA VT1708S chip on it. Second board as a Realtek ALC889 chip on it. From what I understand, the...