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    720p video + VLC = No ram

    I have a 2010 15in MacBook Pro. I've gotten into high def video finally. Last night I was watching Saw VII in HD (and other 720p/1080p movies lately) and I noticed it started to lag. I looked and I had like 27mb of ram left. I was about an hour into the movie. So, I restarted my PC thinking it...
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    Ordering Grado SR-60i - What else?

    I'm starting to get into audio, finally. I've always used basic earbuds and IEMS. 6-7 months ago I bought some Skullcandy, and even though they aren't audiophile material, they sounded much better than anything else I've ever heard. This has prompted me to pick up some Grado SR-60i headphones...
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    2010 MBP SD Card Issue

    I have a 2010 i5 macbook pro. The SD card reader on it has always worked up until lately. Today I was looking into it and if I reset the System Management Controller (SMC) it works.. but only once. I don't want to have to reset that every time I want to use my SD card. Anyone have any ideas...
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    Is this too hot?

    I have the 15in 2.52ghz i5 macbook pro. Whenever I render a video using Final Cut Pro or iMovie it uses between 50% - 75% of my processor. Today, I was using Handbrake to convert a video just for my itouch. I was watching the temps go up and was okay with it around 80-85c, but then I saw this...
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    Itunes Update Never Installs

    I recently got the 2.53ghz i5 macbookpro. I love it. best pc I've ever owned. The only thing is, whenever I try to update itunes (2 updates since i received my mac) it will download them, but them give me the "Sever cannot finish downloading.." error. This ONLY happens with itunes. I had...
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    Samsung NP-R48 vs. Asus U50F

    I have narrow my choices for a laptop down to these two. They are cheap, fairly fast, have HDMI, solid, decent battery life. Samsung NP-R48 Asus U50F The real only differences is the 14in screen vs. the 15.6in. and the Blueray vs. no Blueray. They are the same price in store. Does anyone...
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    1005HAB Wifi

    Does anyone else have the HAB or HA (cause the HA is very similar) with WIFI issues? Under W7 it kicks every PC on my network off except itself. Under Linux it runs, and doesn't kick anyone off, but is freaking slow. When I use a USB wifi dongle (belkin) it runs fine. I don't want to return it...
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    Celeron M or Atom

    I have a Dell B130. Specs are as follows: Celeron m @ 1.5ghz 2gb ram 80gb hdd Obviously it's old and it's all I have because I had to leave my nic(er) desktop in Korea for the winter/summer. I do have someone who said they would be me $100-$150 for it (the B130). But, what I'm wondering...
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    Thunderbird 3 issues

    I've been using thunderbird for a LONG time. But, recently I just didn't bother to install it right away on my new W7 install. Then Thunderbird 3 came out. So, i went to install it yesterday, and it installed fine, I put in my gmail account info, and it worked. It then began importing all...
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    Precision M4400 and webcam

    I have a Dell Precision M4400 laptop. It's only 4 months old. It came loaded with XP business and I upgraded to Vista HP. On Monday I put Windows 7 Professional on it. I didn't try the webcam in XP, or Vista, so I have never known if it works. But now I would like to start using it in Windows...
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    Looking for a Laptop

    I'm in the market for a laptop for college/getting started. I usually don't have any issues picking out computer-related stuff, but I'm really struggling with finding the right one. Yall's help would be greatly appreciated. 1. I will be flying a lot. I am doing 1 year of school here in South...
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    No Windows OS will install

    Okay, well I've tried and tried, but no avail, so i ask for yalls help: Yesterday I decided to do a clean install of both of my OS's (ubuntu and Vista). I had Vista installed on a 80gb drive, and Ubuntu on a 120gb. I formatted both drives using my Vista Home Premium install disk, and...
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    I think it's time

    okay, well, I'm tired of spending $10 on crappy headphones. Recently I've switched all my audio to 320kbps and .FLAC. Somewhere in the neat future i'm looking to spend about $150-$200 on some nice headphones. But, there are a few things. -> I listen ot 95% metal/screamo/rock. So, i want...
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    Why is this happening?

    My friend just recently bought a motherboard and CPU. I'm not 100% sure why this is happening, so ill post what he said is happening. First, the motherboard is here: CPU...
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    Only playlists in foobar2000

    okay, i just installed foobar2000 after a format and reinstall of vista. In the past, i have been able to just click on an album, and then open that album in the "now playing" window, and choose to play the whole album, or just chose a song. But, for some reason, the only way i can play a song...
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    Shared folders-Windows host, Linux Guest in Vbox

    So, there are many, many articles on doing it reverse to what i want. Also, many people seem to be having issues doing this with the new Virtual Box. Could someone post a walk through, or something on how to set it up? Thanks!
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    Should my Krait stay on?

    I just bought the Razer Krait. It's an amazing mouse. Totally beats my old logitech one. Anyways Should it/the lights on it go off when i turn my PC off? My old mouse with lights always went off but this one doesn't. I don't mind it being on, but should it STAY on? Thanks
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    Laptop LCD flickers/goes out

    Okay, so, my mom Toshiba Quosmio LCD does just what the title says. Sometimes it goes out, sometimes the backlight flickers like a florescent bulb that has gone bad. I read that it seems to be a simple fix; that possibly just the bulb went bad and if i can get one, i might be able to replace...
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    Firefox Java Issue

    okay, i just reinstalled XP->reinstalled Firefox from the mozilla website and installed java from the java website. Both installed fine, but... When i try to access my school's chatroom, which is java based, it doesnt start the chatroom. I checked the firefox java setings in...
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    Just a couple of questions

    okay. First, i did the 2 month, or w/e linux test. I ended up using it for 4 months->until school started. The reason i stopped is because i'm taking Visual Basic this year, and for my online classes I use a program called "gp4" created by "gatherworks" It's a live classroom program...
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    Xp x64 not showing 4gb ram

    okay, so i have both XP pro x32 and x64. I decided to switch to x64 so i could max my 4gb of ram. (i'm waiting for windows 7 to get a bit better... chill on the flaming for this decision please). I have read and been told that x64 bit OS's will accept 4gb+ of ram. while x32 only will accept...
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    Vbox-Ubuntu VM is freakishly small

    Alrighty, my 2 friends, and i are having vbox issues. First, the specs, i dont know if this is needed to figure out the issue, but here it is anyways: Friend-1: Friend-2: Me ---- Okay with that out of the way, here is what is happening. All three of us are trying to...
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    Vista shows 3.25gb or ram, not 4gb

    okay, on saturday i got 2 x 2gb sticks of ddr2. I popped them in, the PC started fine. I checked cpu-z and it shows 4gb of ram. But, vista only shows 3.25 gb of ram. My question is: Is Vista only *really* seeing 3.25 GB, or just saying that? CPU-Z picks up all 4gb, but Vista isnt. Any...
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    java issues

    So, i seem to be having a problem with my java. I downloaded it from here like i always do: When i go to install it though this happens: I get this screen: And then this happens when i click "accept"...
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    Hard drive not working in Vista

    I have a 400gb hitachi hard drive as my main media drive. I also dual boot ubuntu 8.10 and vista home premium. I've been in ubuntu for the past 2 days, i copied a ton of files and stuff. It's got about 1.5gb left of 400gb. I booted into vista today to sync my mp3 player. I went to the...
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    Network Monitoring

    'ello, so, I'm looking for a tool, or application (free, if not uberly cheap) to monitor my home network. By monitor i mean: See the people connected See how much bandwidth they are using possibly kick them for too much bandwidth usage just be able to check it in general. If the...
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    Exporting PM's

    I just noticed this today.. and it's amazing! I finally hit the 200pm mark, but wanted to keep all of them for future reference... i didnt know what to do! Then, i saw the export thing.. wow.. Great idea guys!!!
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    Which OS

    Ok, I have an old hand-me-down PC. specs are: AMD Semperon @ 1.86ghz 1gig ddr2 1x 80g drive 2x 40g drive I'm not sure what OS to put on it. I've got a copy of XP, but i dont really want XP. I tried Linux mint.. it was ok. Ubuntu is a possiblility, but i'd like to learn a new distro...
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    Foobar 2000 addons

    I was wondering what addons some of yall use for foobar. How do you have yours customized? I *really* like fbar, but its a little too plain.
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    Changing PSU fans

    Alrighty, i have a coolermaster 600watt PSU As the reviews say, the thing i freaking LOUD!. I got so sick of the noise. The fan almost seems to be scraping something.. like the bearings are bad. Something like that So, i...
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    Monitor Instead of TV-Wii and dvd player

    I'm looking to basically turn my 19in westy monitor into a "tv" for my desk. I'd like to be able to hook up my Wii and a DVD player to it. I'm not entirely worried about quality because my PC can do 1080p and 720p fine. I was thinking that this cable would work for the DVD...
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    Language bar keeps coming back- Xp Pro x64

    As the title says, whenever i start my PC, the language bar (rightclick on the taskbar->toolbars->languagebar) comes back. I can make it go away, but i have to do that everytime i start my PC... any ideas?
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    Disc Cleanup shuts PC Down

    My friend did the "disc cleanup" on her computer. Its XP home. Ever since the disc cleanup the computer will randomly shut down. I'm asking for your help. I've never heard of this problem before. What should i do?
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    Windows wireless in Mac help

    I somewhat looked online for some help with this, but i was unsuccessful. My friend just bought a macbook pro. 4g ram, 250g hard drive 2.4ghz dual core. He still uses some windows applications and asked me to install windows within it using fusion. I did. I installed Xp pro x64. It...
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    Cyberlink Power Director help

    I recently just got "Cyberlink Power Director." I love it so far, except for 1 thing. When I'm editing/making a video, the pics/video in the preview screen are blurry and not as crisp as they are in the media list thing. Is there any way to change this? I know that when I'm done with...
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    Who's temperatures should i trust?

    alrighty, i've recently switched to linux, from vista home premium 32bit. In vista, speedfan and coretemp said that my 1.8ghz dual core processor was idling at 47-50c with the stock heatsink. No overclocks or anything. I knew that was high, so i was gonna go get a new HS. Then, my convert...
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    Does anyone miss the days of simple PC gaming?

    Like the title says, does anything miss the days of picking up $10 PC games at wallmart, and playing them on your stock PC that you bought? no upgrades, no worrying about FPS or temperatures. You could play it on your Pentium 2, 3, or even 4 for us younger people. I know that not everyone had...
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    New virus has taken over

    My mom just got this bloody aweful virus on her laptop. It has delted most of the start menu shortcuts... its just everywhere in her PC... Im trying to boot from her system restore disk.. but i think that the virus has messed with the BIOS.. or something.. so, i dont even get the option to...
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    Updated utorrent

    Utorrent was just updated the other day... and, i have found that it looks very linux like.. I dont have a problem with it, but i find it odd that they went with a very basic font, and less "bling" what do yall think?
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    taskbar across 1 screen only

    Ive just started getting into linux.. so im new. lol. But i have a 22in (1680 x 1050) and a 19in (1280 x 1024) and i can get them both running together... but my taskbar stretches across both monitors. Is it possible to change this... i want it like it in in windows where you have your...