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    2x DVI-D out on H81?

    Does H81 support 2x DVI-D out? This one has DVI-D and HDMI, but I've no idea whether both can be used at the same time (Asus website still sucks) and whether it comes with a HDMI -> DVI adapter.
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    W8 Keyboard shortcuts to launch programs?

    Since W95 it has been possible to set a keyboard shortcut to launch programs. Where did this functionality go in W8? W7 also allowed you to open Documents or Downloads with two clicks. How does one do this with W8?
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    GPU scaling enabled, still display mode changes?

    I've enabled GPU scaling, but the display mode still seems to change, which I'd like to avoid as it takes (too much) time. Why does the mode of the display change? Shouldn't it always remain the native mode when GPU scaling is enabled? GPU: GTX 670 Display: HP ZR2740w
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    660 Ti vs 670 @ 2560 x 1440

    What's the performance delta for these two cards? In BF3 MP benchmarks the 670 seems to be only 13% faster, while cost is about 36% more. Is it really just 13% or did I just not look at the right benchmarks?
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    Sapphire 7950 Dual-X vs Vapor-X

    My 950mhz edition suffered from coil whine and died. The 950mhz edition seems end-of-life, so I'm looking for a new one.
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    Refurbished (400 euro) vs new (600 euro) ZR2740w: what to do?

    I've got the choice between a refurbished ZR2740w with a 6 month carry-in warranty for 400 euro (in the Netherlands) and a new one with a 3 year on-site warranty for 600 or 650 euro. What to do? 400 euro (or $) still isn't cheap and just 6 months carry-in warranty is short.
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    AMD Lightning Bolt / USB over DP

    What's the status of AMD's Lightning Bolt and USB over DP? The concept of Thunderbolt is nice but it's too expensive.
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    Radeon 7950 ZeroCore: fans off or on?

    According to AT, the fans should turn off in ZeroCore Power mode. But my Sapphire Radeon 7950 950mhz edition keeps the fans running even without displays connected (using IGP ATM). Is this a bug?
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    High-quality but simple Z77 board for 3570K

    My Q9450 / P45 system is still broken and my G620 / H61 system is too slow for new games (CARS, BF3), so I'm looking for an update. The 3570K CPU is a no-brainer, but what's the 'best' motherboard for me? I've got a Radeon 7950 and a X-Fi (PCI). PCI (and the X-Fi) might be problematic, so it's...
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    Sharing Private Files (via email)

    What's *the* solution for sharing large private files (photos, videos) via email? Should be easy to use, it's for a neighbour.
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    Anything better than Dell U2312 at same price?

    Looking for a new monitor, used for internet, software dev and gaming. The U2312 looks good, are there any better alternatives at comparable prices? In the Netherlands the U2312 costs 165 euro while the U2412 costs 250 euro. 50% more euro for 11% more pixels is a bit too much IMO. The U2312 AG...
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    Inversion (pixel-walk)

    My HP LP2065 suffers from this. Exactly what voltages are wrong and how does this cause pixel walk?
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    Windows 7 Recycle Bin

    Is the desktop the only way to access the recycle bin? I've hidden the icon (don't like it on my desktop) but can't find the bin in My Computer where it used to be in Vista and XP).
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    7770 - 7850 price gap

    The 7850 (210 euro) is twice as expensive as the 7770 (103 euro), the gap is quite large. Is AMD planning to close this gap with new cards or price adjustments? It's the most important price segment and AMD doesn't have much to offer there.
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    Brightness Control

    Where in CCC can I set the backlight brightness for my LCD panels? The Intel IGP control panel did offer this option but I can't find it in CCC.
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    Installing Windows 7 from SSD to same SSD

    I've got a new SSD and I'd like to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it. Is it possible to do this without DVD or USB stick? Ideally I'd copy the installer onto a partition on the SSD (from an existing install), reboot and install.
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    Dynamic refresh rate: why not?

    Just wondering, why do LCDs not support dynamic refresh rates? Videocard renders frame and transmits it to the monitor as soon as it's ready, waiting just doesn't seem to make sense.
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    Samsung 244T: backlight related electrical noise

    My Samsung 244T is generating some backlight related electrical noise. It changes with brightness and if the backlight is off, the noise is gone. What's the cause and can it be repaired?
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    Retina on the Desktop

    With 2048 x 1536 (4:3) and 2880 x 1800 (16:10) panels being available for tablets and notebooks, when can we expect improvements on the desktop? 30" is too expensive and big, 24" has been stuck at 1200p and 27" has been stuck at 1440p for years. (I'm looking for a new display but don't want to...
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    Short mATX tower

    Does anyone know of a short (30cm) mATX tower? With PSU and HDD below and ODD above the board this should be achievable. Height isn't a concern. Note I said mATX, not ITX. ;)
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    GPU power: why 2x 6-pins instead of 1x 8-pins

    Why do (most) GPUs require 2x 6-pins and not 1x 8-pins? A cable and one connector seems a lot cleaner and some PSUs do have one 1x 6/8-pins but not 2x 6. Both should be able to deliver 150W.
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    Updating Windows 7 installer

    Is there an easy way to update my Windows 7 installer such that the next time I use it, the installation is (more) up-to-date and I don't have to download 101 updates (including SP1)? I'm aware of some very uneasy ways, but I can't imagine I'm not only one looking for an easy way to do this.
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    External (USB) drive: what to look for?

    I'm looking for a new external USB drive, mainly for backups of a laptop (100 gb storage). The laptop is old, doesn't have USB3, but will soon probably have a SSD. What's the recommended external drive?
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    Backup Solution (for Windows data)

    What's the best (free) solution to backup Windows data (documents, images, other stuff)? I'd like to regularly backup to USB drive or network. Old versions of files should be kept. Direct access to files in backups would be prefered.
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    Fair Queueing

    What (home) routers support fair queueing? Suppose 100 kb/s upstream bandwidth is available, one user 'demands' 75 kb/s and another demands 50 kb/s. Both should get 50 kb/s. Basically, the available bandwidth should be shared in a fair and automatic way. Seems like common sense, but I haven't...
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    Why don't 'they' provide proper comparisons 29 models, no simple way to compare them. Do they really expect me to compare all 29 by hand? Why don't they provide a proper way to compare them? Gigabyte is just an example, many websites are this bad.
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    Sony CPD-E500 out of focus?

    I've got a Sony CPD-E500 running at 1600 x 1200 85 Hz. It worked pretty fine, but yesterday it went bad. It's like the entire screen is out of focus / blurry. Is there a way to fix this? I love no input lag and 85 Hz...
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    Best board/chipset for G620?

    I'm looking for a board/chipset for a Pentium G620. The amount of different boards available is ridiculous. Why do they have to create so many different models? :p Should I just get a simple H61? Or a Z68 or even Z77? H61 looks fine.
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    G620 alternative from AMD?

    I'm looking for a new 'low-end' system. In the past AMD was the way to go, but nowadays Intel appears to be the better choice. The integrated GPU isn't really important, for gaming I've got a discrete GPU. Does AMD provide a decent G620 alternative...
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    775 replacement?

    I've got a Q9450 on a MSI P45 motherboard. I think the motherboard is dying though (BSODs, freezes when playing video and sound). How do I find out what part is broken? Decent socket 775 motherboards aren't on sale anymore it seems, is my only option to ditch the CPU too and upgrade to SB?
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    Windows HDD stress test

    I'm looking for a way to do a HDD / storage stress test in Windows. What's the simplest app for this?
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    Windows 8 vs Radeon 6570

    I've installed Windows 8 CP, my videocard is a Radeon 6570. Connected are a CRT (via VGA) and a LCD (via DVI). If I boot up with both connected, the monitors go blank and the computer freezes. If I boot up with just the LCD, boot up goes fine. If I then connect the CRT and do a Detect in the...
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    How do I share one Users folder with two Windows installation (on the same drive)?

    I've got two Windows 7 installations (on the same drive) and I'd like to share the Users folder of one of those with the other. The other is a new installation.
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    Videocard (HSF) height/depth

    I've been wondering, why is only the length of cards / HSFs increased (to such an extent that they no longer fit in all cases) while the heigth/depth remains the same? Many cases have quite a lot of spare spaces to fit cards with a greater depth. It'd also allow bigger / quieter fans to be used.
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    SMART: really?

    I've got two Samsung 1 TB (HD103UJ) drives. One is going bad, has bad sectors, SeaTools says drive self test is failing. SMART, however, is saying nothing. Why doesn't it say anything at bootup?
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    How to backup/recover full disk/partition?

    What's the best tool to backup, recover and duplicate full disks/partitions? Preferably free / open source, with network support and bootable from CD or USB stick. I remember Norton Ghost from way back, but I don't like Norton bloat/software.
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    Dynamic Vsync

    Suppose I don't mind the framerate being capped at 60 fps but I do mind the extra latency if it dips below. Is it possible to use vsync only if a new frame was displayed at or after the last vsync?
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    R6450: too slow for Aero @ 1600 x 1200?

    I've got an Asus Radeon 6450 (512 mb DDR3). It's silent, but it seems too slow for Aero. Windows Experience Index for Aero is 3.0 while for Games it's 5.6. What's happening?
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    Chkdsk's memory usage: 7 gb?

    II'm running chkdsk to scan for bad sectors and it's using 7 gb of memory. Is this normal? Chkdsk also requires a drive to be mounted. Is there a better way to scan for bad sectors?
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    2560 x 1440 without input lag?

    I'm looking for a new monitor. I'll be using it for software development, games and internet. The Dell U2711 looks nice, except for the input lag. Are there 2560 x 1440 monitors without (significant) input lag? Dell recently proved with a 23" monitor that they can make one without input lag. Any...