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    ACLU: Cops Stealing Drivers' Phone Data

    This should be as legal as shooting a Michigan State Police officer. Balls in your court Michigan.
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    Portable Brain Tumor Treatment

    Don't they already have these? They are called cell phones.
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    Set the Sith Afire

    Oh man, I'd hate to play professional sports knowing some crazy in the stand is going to to be able to destroy my career.
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    Set the Sith Afire

    Why are these even produced? Can this be used for anything good? The local arsonists will love these things.. No ballistics and silent? Have at it gang members. Hey terrorists, don't waste your resources on weapons of mass destruction, just bide your time until some US company makes them...
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    Hanes Underwear Ad: Uncomfortable on Any Level

    Lol. I used to do improv with the guy on the left. He is much funnier than these Hanes commercials would let on.
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    Monsters in Reverse

    Sorry Kyle, my money is on the Aquatuning guy. If there is one thing a German knows it is a hatred campaign.
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    Monsters in Reverse

    What's the skinny on Aquatuning? Looks like they are a retailer of others brands and manufacturer their own proprietary line water cooling kits, right? What if they intend to sell Danger Den and other brands of cooling supplies, wouldn't it help to have the patent names? If they intend to...
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    Strange Bicycle With Weird Wheels

    And the US is worried that Asia's engineers will overtake ours.
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    Texas Police Using Twitter

    This seems like a gross violation of personal privacy. Post the pics AFTER they get sentenced, if they are found innocent of the charges this is a scarlet letter for them. Imagine a job seeker who is arrested and found innocent of all charges, potential employers aren't going to care that he...
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    Man Killed By Exploding PC

    I call laptop bomb. The perfect assassination tool. You put some C4 and a trigger in with some code to hijack someones computer, flip on their web cam to make sure they are at the computer and then boom!
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    PayPal Credit Card Charges Man $81B For Gas

    I like how the guy had to go over to the station with a copy of the receipt. I would of made them come over and showed me their purchase order for 81 billion worth of gas.
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    Escape From City 17

    Steve or Kyle, get an interview with these guys and find out how they did this video.
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    Dutch City Fears Loss Of Porn Archive

    A case of sticky fingers no doubt.... Double entendre 4tW!
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    Beware Of Hot Chicks on Facebook

    Good that the kid is 18, will go to an adult facility and get an adult sentence. If you read the papers you know who are the instant targets of sexual assault in prisons- the pedophile child rapists. As sad a state as our prisons are in, you really can't feel sorry for what is going to happen...
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    Drunk Pilot? Relax, We Have Computers!

    Do computers practically land themselves on the Hudson River?
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    Bill Gates Unleashed a Swarm Of Live Mosquitoes on Crowd

    1.) I completely agree with Bill. These poor people live horrible tragic lives and we must ease their pain and suffering by putting them out of their misery...? 2.) I think Bill just showed us the starting point where genius evolves into evil genius. 3.) Bill has completely lost it. First...
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    India's $10 Laptop Is Not A Laptop?

    Lol. So let me get this straight, India's $10 dollar laptop is neither a laptop, nor $10, nor made in India? Another article says the "laptop," which really could just be a $30 box of saltines for all I know, is named "Sakshat." I don't translate Hindu very well, but it sounds like "sack of...
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    Using Beer Suds To Make Car Fuel

    If the demand increases for beer dregs to be used for fuel, that would mean they would have to produce more beer in order to get the dregs. More beer equals a glut of supply and cheaper beer. Cheap beer and fuel, this one sounds like a winning combination to everyone except M.A.D.D. Was...
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    TV & Video Games Increase Teen Depression Risk

    Has anyone done a study on how high the suicide rate would be among depressed kids if they didn't have games and television to fall back on?
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    Wardriving + RFID = This Scary Video

    I'm a bit confused as to what exactly is stored on the cards? If the personal information is just a number referenced to a database on you, wouldn't that require someone to hack into the database to glean your info, or can is the info on the RFID encrypted and can be easily hacked? Can...
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    Google Street View Image Of The Day

    Grats to the parents who told their kids to get of the computer and go play outside.
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    Woman Killed Over Facebook Status Update

    The lady died for breach of contract which is perfectly acceptable. Get a divorce before listing yourself as single, obviously she wasn't. Good to see a higher power saving us single men from these shady ladies who pretend to be something they aren't on the internet. Now I have to get back to...
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    Microsoft Posts Weak Earnings, Cutting 5,000 Jobs

    How come I have seen a news blurb about the BFG tech's $8,000 Phobos today in the NY Times, but HOCP doesn't post anything about them starting to take orders today? Come one Steve!!
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    Teen Sentenced for ‘Mortal Kombat’ Killing

    Wow, 36 years is quite excessive. Were they wrestling for fun and he may have just dropped her on her neck killing her, or was it like UFC and he slowly beat the crap out of her until she died? The messed up part of this is the kid is going to get out in his 50s and know nothing more than...
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    EU Accuses Microsoft of Curbing Web Browser Rivalry

    We should go back in time and let the Europeans wipe each other out without US interference. Absolute stupidity. The EU is crying because Microsoft included a free internet browser thus destroying competition for the European companies that wanted to force us to PAY for their browsers? I'm...
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    One of Top-4 Mobo Makers Will Quit After 3 Years, MSI VP

    Once the economy picks up so will enthusiast spending. Asus and Gigabyte are the best at what they do, top performance and quality. They aren't going anywhere. ECS is the best at what they do, low cost performance. MSI can't compete with ECS on low end pricing and they can't compete with...
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    I’m a PC, And I’m A Mac-stoner

    It's 2009, Apple won't fire him as this is the year we find out Steve Jobs' health problems and chronic weight loss are due to an extreme marijuana addiction.
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    Apple’s CEO Heath is “Rapidly Declining”

    When did Apple replace Jobs with a guy named Heath? Please fix title to "health."
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    'Sex Chip' Being Developed by Scientists

    I won't complain if the FDA makes this mandatory for all women.
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    Loose Ends

    Kyle, can you please put a small description of the video underneath the video so we know what we will be watching for 13 minutes? Simply putting the title "Loose Ends" up leaves the content for what will be found in the video up for interpretation, is it a knitting how-to, [H] core porn, or...
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    Another Technology Gone Wrong Story

    Sounds like whoever is selling the cameras has some quid pro quo going on with a friend at Homeland Security. None of their business really. The companies that operate in the northern suburbs GIVE the cameras away for free and make all their money with the management contract for the cameras...
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    Mobile Phone Mod Provides Cheap Disease Detection

    I hear this is already standard features on the upcoming Iphone gen. 3, which also notifies everyone on your friends list about positive tests.
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    Undersea Cable Cut Impacts Europe, Asia

    LOL, sadly the best written article on the subject of broken undersea cables comes from a NY Times article from 1903: Apparently back in those days, if your anchor snagged an underseas cable, it...
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    Undersea Cable Cut Impacts Europe, Asia

    I'm on the wire tap bandwagon. Either that or fish have joined the internet revolution and need bandwith.
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    Student Uses Controller To Catch Console Thief

    If your going to be a dumbass and steal someone's X-BOX, don't be so much of a dumbass that you forget to steal ALL the controllers. If I were the RA, I would have told the kid to get his XBOX and take whatever else he wanted from the thief's room.
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    Monster Says It Is Not A…Monster

    Anybody trademarking a common word and then litigating when other people use it is a complete douche bag. Hollywood should sue for the trademark claiming Monster movies were around in the 30s, long before Monster Cable and since most people watch movies on cable television these days, it could...
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    Give Your Car The Middle Finger

    Wait, that's the car's box!
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    Internet + Teens = Bad News

    These kids should be forced to watch the movie American Pie, it has some great morale tales of what happens when you put yourself out there for the world to see.
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    HP Wipes Hard Drive To Fix Broken Keyboard

    Did anyone check to make sure it was the same hard drive that it was sent out with? I'd be worried about employees swapping the drives with a new clean one and using perusing the old one for personal information.
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    What If Steve Jobs Ran Ford, GM or Dodge?

    Interesting article in the NY Times about how much the auto workers make and what that figure comprises. Article is titled "$73 an Hour: Adding It Up." The Japanese auto makers are paying about $45 an hour. Paying workers more and having worse quality vehicles doesn't make good business...