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    tons of spam linking to my blog

    The guys at Digging Into WordPress know their stuff, here's a couple good articles you may find helpful:
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    Align a relative positioned div to bottom

    I've had pretty good success with the solution described here:
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    wallpaper websites

    This site has a decent collection of minimalistic wallpaper, all 2560 x 1600. Don't miss the "older" link at the bottom, there's another 5 pages or so.
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    Those icons are from the "Token" set (light version), which can be found here: I too would like that road wallpaper... *crosses fingers and waits for link*
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    HIS x1900xt to Asus EN9600GT silent... much of an upgrade?

    what about performance in general (regardless of noise/cooling solution)? Is there a real-world performance improvement? I'll probably hold off for now if it'll be a sideways 'upgrade'
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    HIS x1900xt to Asus EN9600GT silent... much of an upgrade?

    as the title asks, do you guys think I'll notice a difference between an ATi x1900xt (HIS brand with IceQ 3 cooler) and an Asus EN9600GT silent? I've got a Lian-Li A05B case and I'm going for "quiet with kick" I have: Abit IP-35 Pro Intel Core2 Duo E6850 4GB Geil Black dragon Vista...
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    Kinda Hot- D-Link DGL4300 108Mbps router $79.99

    it's $79.99 again this morning. just ordered one
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    Seagate RMA rocks

    good to know... i've got one i need to replace too
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    i had a 3700+ and switched to an E6850. I'll switch back if AMD gives me a reason to
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    Bought myself a Logitech G9

    I grabbed the G9 the other day too. Definitely an awesome mouse. i've heard complaints about it having "old skool" looks or whatever but i bet those people haven't held one in their hand. i swap the different grips pretty regularly and I hear they *might* put out more in the future...
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    Samsung 245T - What a panel...

    hey would you mind posting some pics of it?
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    New Vista X-Fi drivers are out on Creative's site.

    cool, i'll have to give these a try. thanks for the heads-up
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    netsend at school : suspension

    LMAO! me too. that sucks man, but... must....... laugh........... :D
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    newegg's cpu prices seemed screwed up?

    hmm i wonder which one i should get... :p that's so crazy!
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    Seagate 7200.11's in the wild?

    newegg has the 1TB in stock for 334.99 and free shipping i'm still curious how this will compare to the samsung F1...
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    Font Manager?

    I'll throw in a vote for Extensis Suitcase. font expert looks nice too but i've never used it.
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    Noctua 120mm 1200rpm Quiet Fan $14.44

    dang... is the $10.89 shipping for two really the cheapest i can get? :(
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    q6600 50C+ idle temps

    i dunno, if your heatsink isn't getting warm then it sounds like it's not seated properly
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    How do you read and burn a IMG file?

    you could try changing the file extension to ".iso" then nero should see it. i've done it many times without any issues. otherwise there's a small chance you have a bad image
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    Wiretap Theater [complete]

    wow, that came out GREAT! :eek:
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    Kaspersky or Nod32, What is everyone using?

    kaspersky... i'm lovin' it
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    Free High-Res Widescreen Wallpaper

    the nice part is not getting hammered with popups and the ads are tolerable
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    No more Antec fans!

    Arrested Development, when Gob tries to ditch Michael's letter he was supposed to mail such a great show :D
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    Graphics drawing tablets

    Invest in a Wacom, you'll love it. If you're a student look for academic discounts and all that good stuff.
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    Would you be interested in a "[H]ard" energy drink?

    or just to make it confusing: [H]ard|soft hehe :D j/k. an [H] drink would be awesome, as long as it tasted goood
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    How many of you purchase "energy drinks?"

    only occasionally, like when i have to make it thru a full day of work after a full night of drinking... :D
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    XSLT guidance

    I'm open to any of them really... whichever will be the most straightforward since i've never really done anything like this before edit: thanks for the links btw
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    XSLT guidance

    ok guys, I need some advice about how to implement some XSLT functionality. I'll have xml data (all formatted consistently) coming in via email and I'd like to run it through an XSL template to pretty it up and make it more readable. I don't need it to be fully automated so I'd be...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    maybe we forget to say please... lol :rolleyes: here's some mandy moore ones including the one above.
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    Build me a PHOTO Editing Rig $800

    what version of photoshop are you using? CS3 wants a min of 64mb video memory
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    ok seriously WTF!?

    LOL :p
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    My Uber silent PC *56k warning*

    lookin good! I really like those SATA ports on that mobo. make sure you post more pics when it's done
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    Scythe's new CPU cooler

    removable motherboard tray. and go go gadget arms.
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    Scythe's new CPU cooler

    WOW that really IS big. dang. I wonder if that would fit in my Lian-Li A05.... I'd definitely skip the fan though.
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    Judge Bans Man From Net For Life

    Oh man I would die :eek:
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    New Bioshock footage

    wow that looks like a lot of fun
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    Don't Torrent That iTunes Song

    dang, I knew there was a catch :p
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    Lian-Li A05b $95.98 shipped @ Newegg

    Thanks so much for posting this. FINALLY ordered one!
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    Smoking hot!! matrix hd trilogy $22 shipped

    yeah, it's up to $80 now
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    Cable Management

    you can get more ideas in this thread too