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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.

    Panaflo- Best for performance Artic Cooling- Great silent fans Scythe- These should be ok. I have no idea how they perform though. Do you really need a...
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    gaming 65" display

    Yeah and remember the physical size of the screen means nothing. Its the pixels. A 1680X1050 at 20" will make a graphic card work as the same rate on a 1680X1050 at 1000"
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.
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    Acer 26" no DVI @ 1900x1200?

    What? Are you talking about 1:1 image scaling? If not LOL it will do 1900X1200 over the DVI and VGA. Why the hell will Acer make an LCD that will only do the max resolution on the VGA port? Might aswell shoot yourself. EDIT- Holy crap your right. WTF?
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.
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    My Silverstone TJ07 Has Arrived

    I got a letter from the bank today, you dont see me making a thread about it... Kidding! Any pics?
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.

    Yate Loon D12 SL12 Blue L.E.D fans at 5V are silent and the same as Nexus 120mm fans.
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    What thermal paste..?

    Guys, dont we have better things to do than worry about a 1-2C temp difference with thermal paste? Just get which-ever one you want, I'll bet it wont make a difference on temperatures. AS5, MX-1 and Zalman's thermal material products are all good.
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    Reducing HDD vibrations

    Try Blu Tack on the side panelw where it connects to the main case.
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    How should I compare TJ07 and TJ09?

    TJ09 for air, TJ07 for water.
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    What case is this?

    Vantec? I REALLY want to know lol.
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    What case is this?

    Dell Abit? Asus? ATC?
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    What case is this?

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    Removing Scythe Ninja backplate

    Crap, many motherboards have been killed this way (Including mine). Use a credit card or something else slimilar and carefully just run it through.
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    Lian Li v1000 - Tuniq Tower, PSU size

    Yeah a Tuniq will fit and I think they will come out by drilling out a rivet or screws.
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    92mm fans? Any round ups out there? Looking for suggestions

    Panaflo's dominate the 92mm performance/noise ratio market.
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    ok need help and fast, My northbridge is burning touch @120c stock!!

    Exactly. Its supposed to get hot. If that didnt get hot I would be worried! If you can keep it on there for 5 seconds thats good! As for the temps, make sure you use something accurate.
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    8800GTX now fits in my Antec Super Lanboy.

    I garuntee theres no piont of that little PCI slot fan. Get rid of the stickers and some wiremanagment. Nice system otherwise mate.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    The panel on the other side is not removeable :(
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    NorthBridge Cooling on a A8N

    Thermalright for passive work and Jing Ting for air. I would get the Thermalright- Quieter (Noiseless) Cheaper and easier to install. Yes the HR-05 SLi will block another port, but you cant run 2x 8800GTX's on your motherboard anyway, you need 2xPCI-E 16X slots. Thanks.
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    NorthBridge Cooling on a A8N

    Does not matter, they can work in any direction!
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    NorthBridge Cooling on a A8N

    Thermalright HR-05 SLi.
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    Antec P190...holy jeebus!

    It has 2x140mm's up top, not 2x120mm :)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    You need to join a gym!
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    Will this power supply be enough for 2 8800 GTX?

    Yes it will! Thats a great psu!
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    Need opinion ASAP! Westy 37 or 42?

    LOL Well the dot pitch is going to be a little bigger. Meaning the pixels will look a little bigger. Personally bigger is better, but whatever floats your boat :)
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    HELP! Dell 3007WFP 30" Monitor or 32" HDTV ???

    Westinghouse 37 inch. Resolution does not require a super card to run it. Doubles up as a TV/Xbox 360. Cheap!
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    VF 900+7900GTX= True?

    Nooooo! The stock fan on the 7900GTX is the best stock cooler out. Just leave it :)
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    Case Fans for Stacker 830

    Lol, Remove the fan bracket on the side and go for a Ultra 120 (Thermalright). Use 3xPanaflos at 7V. 1 intake, 1 exhaust and one for the thermalright. Use 1 Scythe S Flex for the Top exhaust. That will give you great temps with low noise.
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    Fan controller; which one?

    You can get it from Or just import it from Jab-tech, ive done it before and its cheap!
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    Fan controller; which one?

    Nexus Fan controllers by Vantec.
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    Question about Installing SI-128

    Nice! Have any pics?
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    Northbridge fan is shot
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    Heatsink Blowout/ Safe way to do it.....

    Lol it looks nice, but to me it just looks like you added a fan grill. Nice cable management by the way.
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    Hi there, You say you want a silent system? With 2x1900's? The stock coolers on 1950XTX's are fine, but if you need a good heatsink I reccomend this- Looking at your case it uses 80mm fans, hmm no good! Get some of these then-...
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    Air Cooler Needed

    Yeah I didnt say it was crap, but If I was looking for a silent low cfm heatsink I would chose the ninja. If I was looking for a performance heatsink I would chose the Ultra 120. Im not saying its crap, Im just saying I would chose those 2 instead of the Infinity. But it is a great heatsink.
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    ASUS PW210 cheaper than Viewsonic VX2025WM!!! Which one to get?

    lol I knew something was wrong! You will enjoy the Viewsonic anyway mate.
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    Quiet, efficient, case fans

    Just make sure the slots for Exhaust fans at the back are filled (So 2x120mm?) and a intake. Go for a YATE LOON D12 SL 12 , you can get them from Make sure you get a fan controller and 5V/7V them.