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    Video Cards will not display with drivers installed.

    I recently set the 2d clocks too high (stupid user error) on my X1800XT and so when windows would boot nothing would display (it would just go black even though I could tell windows was running due to sounds playing and whatnot). It would display in post/bios just fine and would also display...
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    X1800XT Overclocker problem

    I used the R520 overclocker program from to try and overclock my X1800XT. Per Eva2000's (an member) instructions I tried to change the 2d clocks after disabling the two ATi services with msconfig. Well, now whenever windows loads up the screen is completely...
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    OCZ Powerstream dead?

    In preperation for my new PC I took apart and sleeved my OCZ Powerstream 520w. After reassembling it and rewiring all of the connectors I decided to see what my CCFLs would look like inside my case. So I decided to jump my PSU with a paperclip on the green and black wires. However, it does not...