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    Small size mouse with low LOD and no prediction?

    hello- I'm looking for a smaller sized mouse with low lift-off distance and no angle snapping/prediction/line straightening etc and very little/no negative/positive acceleration. I have a few requirements though - around 800-1200 dpi setting, using other than 6/11 in windows results in weird...
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    Current IPS gaming champion?

    hello there, I'm getting incredibly tired of my BenQ XL2410T cause of it's terrible colors and details in dark areas. super happy with it other than that, but yeah... 3D just makes my head hurt and I don't play as much FPS as I used to. so, I'm now looking to buy an IPS monitor as a...
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    20-24" 1920x1080 monitor with no input lag

    do they exist? I don't give a flying focaccia about colors really, since they all do well for gaming and movies for all I care. I'm going to be using it for quake live mostly, so it has to have no noticeable input delay. if anyone have one + a CRT or a low input delay TFT and could do some...
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    SteelSeries Kinzu and Xai

    anyone own one of these? I myself got the Kinzu but I have to say I'm extremely disappointed. it skipped pixels like no tomorrow at 800CPI / 500Hz (switched to 400CPI and 1000Hz, works just fine now... but I would prefer using 800CPI) it is said to have negative accel if you're a lowsenser...
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    HTPC case recommendations and making it silent

    hola, I just felt like putting my computer in an HTPC case and put it next to the TV and play some racing games on it. so I'm going to do that... I want a black or silver one that can fit my 9800GT with a zalman VF900-Cu cooler on it. max price 200euros (am in Sweden so europe would be much...
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    64-bit Win7 drivers? Samsung 1100DF / ViewSonic VP201b

    hey guys. I got a couple of 1100DF's and a viewsonic VP201b. neither of these seem to have 64-bit drivers that work for windows 7... I can't set Hz higher than 85 with the CRT regardless of what resolution. it's really annoying me since i know the 1100DF can do like a million Hz in lower...
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    Looking for a new keyboard

    Hello. I know this thread might not be the best of ideas but I'm getting kinda insane looking for a keyboard... I just can't find the one that meets my requirements. So what I'm looking for is an USB-connected keyboard, no supercool extra functions like the G15's little screen at the top...
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    What is *THE* 24-incher today?

    Hello. I've been considering getting a 24" monitor for a while now, and well... I feel like getting one NOW! :) Games I'm playing are following: Quake 3, Half-Life 1&2 (which will be run at my Dell P1130 anyway), Warcraft 3, some World of Warcraft, Dungeon Siege 1&2 and Diablo 2... (the later...
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    What S-IPS panel monitors are there for about 500-600 euros?

    The NEC is the only one I know of. And a Sony one, but it's not wide. I want widescreen :)
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    Building an SFF (Europe)

    Hello. I've got thoughts on buying an SFF + A New TFT monitor. I was wondering what is the best stuff you can get for approx 700 euros, excluding graphics card, harddrive and uhm... PSU if I can fit a Tagan 480W 2Force in one. And the optical drive! I guess that would be it? :) EDIT: The...
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    Thinking of getting a Macbook Pro

    As a (partly)desktop replacement, I'd like to move around with it too of course. I do have some questions though Aperture Universal Binary? Photoshop CS1 exists as Universal? Logic Pro Universal? Maya works on it at all? Gaming; Warcraft 3 works on it? :) Diablo 2? I might get...
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    20-22 inch TFT monitor with great image quality?

    I was wondering if there are any good 20-22" TFT monitors with nice image quality; sharpness, colors, contrast? The price I don't know really, about 600euros maybe? It should be OK for gaming too, and I'd like to avoid input lag! I play mostly games like Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Baldurs Gate 2...
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    Going to buy a new laptop. Need advice please! (Europe)

    Hello. I know this is an american forum, but I found that people here know alot and are very nice. I'm looking to buy a laptop around, 1300 euros... Going to be using it for almost everything possible, so no integrated graphics I think. For gaming that is. I just want the best possible...
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    The story of the Lost Partition.

    So, uhm, I tried merging 2 partitions with PartitionMagic, but now I lost one partition at about 65gig, can't even start PMagic anymore... I just get Init failed: Error 11117... Also I got an error when the merging was done, header #1520 or something failed... Anyhow, didn't have much that I...
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    The Silverstone Lascala LC11

    I was wondering if this case is any good, cause it's very good looking :) I know it's a HTPC case, but oh so cute. Also, it's said to be incompatible with quite many mobos, so I was wondering if anyone knew an OK mATX board to go with it? The pricelimit for mobo is 200$, no more, but preferably...
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    mIRC DCC'ing on a D-Link DI604

    I've got a DI604 router, set up all things right I think, one port for DCC, both TCP/UDP, works great on another router, same settings but well, it's another router. Don't know what I've done wrong... I've set a port under options -> advanced thing on mIRC... In router options; Virtual...
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    New SFF, mobo and chassis. (NO XQPACKS PLEASE)

    I'm looking for an mATX chassis without windows, with a clean front thing, the X-QPack makes me wanna throw up. The Shuttles do look nice, but I need to fit this in it: AMD 64 3500+ + Zalman CNPS7000b-AlCu Corsair TwinX PC4000 Platinum thing (with heatspreaders) Gainward GeForce 6800GT with...
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    New amp + Soundcard questions

    I have gotten myself a pair of HD650's and an X-Can V3 which sadly didn't work, so I sent it back... :( Anyway, I am going to get an amp for them! I listen to all kinds of stuff... I'm not a basshead though. So, uhm, I listen to stuff like classic music, Longue, Drum N Bass, electronica, also...
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    Got my LaCie Electron Blue today! Just one thing that bothers me a little.

    As topic says, I got my new monitor today, I love the colors and stuff! It's just amazing... But, the image is a little blurry... Is there something you can do to fix that? I'm using 1152x864 resolution with 32 bit colors. EDIT: No, wait, the image isn't, but the text is a little blurry as...
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    Barebone, I want one- so help me out here!

    I'm about to get one of those cute and sexy little things, but, as we all know they might get a little hot compared to normal ones? And overclockability (not that I overclock much, but what the heck) I was wondering, what one might I get then? I don't think I'll OC at all, and I was wondering...
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    My computer is being evil to me after I got my new memory!

    I just got my 2x1024 Corsair TwinX PC4000 memorys which should run at 500mhz, but they didn't want to. So I went into BIOS and changed to max DDR500, and it worked, but then it turned my CPU down to 2.0 ghz! Ok I thought, so I changed FSB to 250 x 10 multiplier. It worked, but what the heck. My...
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    GeForce 2 GTS 32mb

    Hello! I was wondering what GPU voltage this old AGP-graphics card has got. It's AGP 4X I believe.
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    Not sure where to put this, but: Winamp Plugins!

    I am currently using winamp, and so on, pretty smooth and uhm doesn't take much cpu usage as I see it. So, uhm, what plugins for output do you guys recommend? I've heard there are some that decreases CPU usage, like Kernel Streaming... But the plugin I tried just made it not switch song and...
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    Best 19 inch CRT monitor?

    I'm not going to buy an LCD whatever you guys say, so which CRT 19 inch monitor is the best ever made? Price range: 500$~ Not 21", not 17", 19" please. Best image quality, high resolutions are not that important (1600x1200 is the highest I play with anyways) Refresh rates are not that...
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    Hello! Going to buy myself a new monitor.

    Hello! I'm going to buy a new monitor, well, as the topic says then. But I'm completely lost right now... I'm not even sure if I want a CRT or a TFT(LCD) monitor yet. I do play alot of games but also do some photoshopping and 3D-stuff. And would it work with an LCD for Quake 3 Arena, I've...