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  1. J

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Isnt FIFA EA?
  2. J

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    If anything....Battlenet should be used in favor of Xbox PC app.....the Xbox PC app is a joke
  3. J

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Mixed feelings on this. On one hand its clearly a move to get into E-Sports and on the other hand....Activision hasn't really done much these days. Outside of pumping out a COD every year, some Blizzard titles every few years, sponsoring Overwatch eSports...what else have they done (controversy...
  4. J

    A bit of network assistance plz!

    Has to be a layer 2 configuration issue. On the machines themselves, make sure you didn't fat finger a subnet or IP address octet (I personally done this many times...typed /25 instead of /24, etc). On the switch, make sure the VLAN access ports are setup correctly (even if its just the...
  5. J

    Help Request, Looking for a Good Coop Multiplayer Strategy Game

    Not sure if its on MAC, but Company of Heroes (the first one) is solid.
  6. J

    Twitch Majorly Leaked

    I never understand this statement. Its the SAME exact thing of 50,000 people going into a stadium to see a ball toss, thrown, kicked around by a group of people....just a video game vs a ball. I do think the "tipping" such as bits is a little silly and potentially out of hand. I occasionally...
  7. J

    Bad Day for Facebook: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger all Down amid Whistleblower News

    I would expect every news site covering a government raid hahaha and specific people flying in jets/helicopters to cover it in person. As awesome as that would be, I dont see that on the news.
  8. J

    Bad Day for Facebook: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger all Down amid Whistleblower News

    I wouldn't go that far...yet. If they are compromised, this is going to get ugly (and by no means am I defending Facebook). Lawmakers will target the wrong initiatives for there own political gain and Facebook will be dragged down until they can't take no more...for right and wrong. While this...
  9. J

    Bad Day for Facebook: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger all Down amid Whistleblower News

    If they are compromised, they might of withdrawn the routes and shut down any outside access. My gut feeling says this is the case and they purposely did it for reasons yet unknown but probably pretty obvious (tin foil hat on). I am not buying Core network failures at this point at how long this...
  10. J

    good VLAN switch for business?

    A router is at layer 3 and VLAN's are at layer 2 with switches. A router may not support VLAN's depending on the brand/model, etc. Have you accounted for how layer 3 will work when the VLAN's are implemented? Is there internet access for these companies? Assuming so, are they going thru the same...
  11. J

    Call of Duty WWII Vanguard

    I wish Call of Duty would just go the year 4000 or something and make stuff up for a new gameplay/combat experience vs redoing WW2/Modern Warfare over and over.
  12. J

    Quake Remastered

    The rumor mill is suspecting/hoping its a reboot like Doom 2016 with a collaboration between ID/MachineGames. Hopefully this is true!
  13. J

    What do you mostly play? Single or Multiplayer games?

    Agreed on SP. A lot of my friends these days are all across the U.S so we play the co op games/games as a service such as Destiny, Vermintide 2, Outlanders, Division, etc. Just fun games to get together in once or twice a week.
  14. J

    Outriders (Bulletstorm developer)

    Anyone having stutter issues in DX12? Whenever I launch/play it in DX12...I easily get 100FPS, but its a stuttering experience. Every 5-10 seconds, it just stutters, etc. Switch it to DX11 and most of that goes away, but trade that stutter issue for 40-50 FPS.....
  15. J

    Sony's State of play 92/25/2021

    Call my crazy, but I am not a fan of photo realism. Prefer games with art styles that set them apart (Borderlands, Horizon Dawn, Cyberpunk, and Hades for examples). If I want photo realism, ill just go outside/turn on the news. Disappointed there was not a new Horizon Zero trailer or news of a...
  16. J

    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    Right...we use Veeam and can restore pretty quickly. ALOT of companies are still on tape though or slow spinners, etc, etc and restoring is a chore and a half for them.
  17. J

    What to print in resin? is your friend.
  18. J

    Where can find information on how cisco adopted to cloud computing?

    Look up the Meraki acquisition and the success stories there. Can't get more cloud than that. Also....I don really consider UCS cloud. Its a blade/hyperflex platform meant for premise installations (sure it can be used for infrastructure to host a "cloud").
  19. J

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    If true....just wow. My biggest issue with all of that is the following: They showed the concept teaser trailer at E3 2013 which started all this hype. 7 years later we have a game....but 2022 would of made 9 years. They showed the first glimpse of an actual game in 2018. While 2 years until...
  20. J

    Maxing out BFV with 3090?

    Make sure you in DX12 render mode and then the RTX settings show up for Ray Tracing at the very bottom of advanced settings (think second to last). For what its worth, I actually just installed this again over the weekend to try out on my EVGA 3080 and it kind of runs like crap with Ray...
  21. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Wife got a Founders 3080 for a Chicago pickup (for a friend of ours up there) in todays BB drop!
  22. J

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    For the side missions, here is how I viewed them. Panam - Thought this one was the best and really fun and enjoyable. River - Just couldn't get into it. Judy - Between Panam and River. The underwater city part I thought was really cool lore wise and wanted more (not just that scene/part...but...
  23. J

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Finished Cyberpunk over the holidays (80 hours and did all the side missions) and here are my thoughts in no particular order (played on normal difficulty): Main Story 8/10 Side missions 6/10 Random NCPD world activities 2/10 (just grindy and didn't find myself needing to do these) Map is huge...
  24. J

    How Often do you

    I had Windows 10 from the beta days up to late last year...only reason I re-installed was a new build (Intel to AMD). I am sure I will take flak for this, but Windows 10 at least in my experience takes care of need to constantly re-install it, etc. I never had an issue with the...
  25. J

    Who is booking their trip now to Super Nintendo World (japan)?

    Go during January - March if all possible (I know this may be hard if kids are involved)....but that is there low as kids are in school, its mostly just adults. We went during the first week of March on one of the trips and even during mid afternoon...very pleasant to walk around and...
  26. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Best Buy drop....may the force be with you.
  27. J

    How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

    2 EVGA's from Best Buy (1 in October for me and 1 in November for my wife).
  28. J

    Who is booking their trip now to Super Nintendo World (japan)?

    A few years ago, we got a Harry Potter hotel bundle. It came with fast passes and an hour early into the Harry Potter parks...worth it. By mid afternoon, both parks were unwalkable with the crowds as your are just bunched up in a closed off 4 wall "box" for the most part.
  29. J

    Cyberpunk on Consoles: Bad to Rad

    I saw on the PC side of things, the patch put in that AMD CPU fix...since next gen is AMD (not sure about previous gen)...wonder if that helped here as well. On the Xbox Series X, I noticed the textures are a little more sharp and more lighting maybe since the 1.05 patch?
  30. J

    Cyberpunk on Consoles: Bad to Rad

    Runs fine on my Series X. I use performance mode, because I dont really see a difference between performance or quality mode. Be interesting to see how it performs when the next gen graphic/update comes out for it (whenever that is).
  31. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Landed a 3080 XC3 this morning at Best Buy for a Indianapolis, IN area Best Buy pickup. I am guessing Best Buy is avoiding holiday shipping to avoid that mess and allocating stock as warehouses get them to near by stores as people place the order? I am told it be ready on Sunday, so not...
  32. J

    Fallout 76

    If you like Fallout 3 and/or 4...then there is no reason why you shouldn't check this game out IMO. It has come a long way since 2018 release and I find it quite fun (I play solo). Between the story (Original, Wastelanders, and now Steel Dawn), Seasons, Dailys, etc....I find myself with plenty...
  33. J

    Horizon: Zero Dawn coming to PC

    Horizon in my opinion is one of the best story games in a long time with top notch gameplay (at least the PS4 version...haven't played the PC version yet). Its the first game since Vice City that I completed 100% and explored the world top to bottom.
  34. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I think the ATI X800 has this beat. If my memory serves correctly and to my knowledge, that card was hardly ever found throughout its lifecycle.
  35. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    FINALLY! Got an EVGA from best buy.
  36. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Same can be said about the verification code. It is what it is at this point.
  37. J

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Ugh this is borderline ridiculous at this point. I literally was one click away on Best Buy to place the order. It took 2 mins to get my verification code which is probably the downfall of my attempt. It kind of pisses me off though, there is a verification code system and after you validate...
  38. J

    Xbox series X

    For me, its mostly just upgrading from the OG Xbox One...get the 4k/HDR support. Also due to other things going on, I been finding it easier to game from the couch these days then the PC. Game wise, I have Assassins Creed coming today and will probably finally start No Man's Sky. Also have the...
  39. J

    Xbox series X

    Just got an email from Microsoft saying it shipped and have the tracking number. Excited for Tuesday!