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    LG 27GN950-B, G-Sync is not working

    Picked up the LG’s 27GN950-B today. Using RTX 2080 (latest driver 456.68). Nvidia control panel is stating that the monitor is NOT certified GSYNC COMPATIBLE...huh? I ensured Adaptive Sync mode is enabled on the monitor settings I used the DP cable provided with the monitor and also high...
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    Fan speed on my r9 290 crossfire

    I just upgraded to a r9 290 (non-x) crossfire and a 4K monitor. I notice that my clocks start throttle when the cards reach above 90C and they dont stay at 947 Mhz on load with AUTO fan. So i created my own profile to keep the cards under 85C on load. Turns out that the fans need to reach...
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    Acer B286HK (4K 60hz SST DP 1.2) $350 shipped @ newegg (28" TN monitor)

    so what r u going to do? im not sure if i want to exchange it for another one or just return it get a refund and pay $200 to more get the ASUS PB287Q...?
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    Acer B286HK (4K 60hz SST DP 1.2) $350 shipped @ newegg (28" TN monitor)

    did your 286hk also suffer from extreme ghosting like mine?
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    Acer B286HK (4K 60hz SST DP 1.2) $350 shipped @ newegg (28" TN monitor)

    got the monitor and I have to say that I am quite dissapointed. The biggest issue is there is CLEAR GHOSTING. You can see a blurry trail anytime you move the mouse cursor. Anytime there is side to side motion (video or games) you can clearly see a ghosting trail following the image. I have...
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    Videocard for HTPC

    i would def go AMD because they can bitstream HD audio codecs directly into a receiver, i dont think GTX can do that
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    HTPC not using subwoofer?

    what are the crossover frequencies you set?
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Street Fighter on the console playing online still provides hrs of entertainment for me
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    3D Abstract Art

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    Ugh my brother bought an Alienware X51

    hahaha well at least you are there to educate him. Can he return it?
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    Best IPS gaming monitor 2013

    would an IPS monitor show a significant difference over an LCD? I have an acer h223h and would be willing to get an IPS if it does provide a much better experience for the money
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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    very lovely desk
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    Graphics Card Dying?

    have u tried a fresh uninstall using drive sweeper in safe mode?
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    Anyone have a setup where their PC is in another room?

    HDMI, DVI cables are perfectly fine for up 25 FT, that is what I use for my Home Theater - i use my iphone to control the pc through an app
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    Is it worth it to upgrade my PC?

    I would def upgrade the CPU
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    new gaming rig.

    would u consider switching from a gtx 680 to a 7970? the 3GB of VRAM makes a big difference when playing in high res and using AA
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    What's the point of a reset button on a case?

    great question, i dont think i have ever used it
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    Razer Hydra

    I too wonder if these products are worth the premium price
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    Budget gaming rig ~$400-450

    could u stretch out for a 7850 gpu? that would be a great card for ur build
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    Building new computer running into a few problems

    did you format all the partitions and the data when installing the OS?
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    Why DVD+R and DVD-R?

    I tend to have problems with DVD-R when trying to play burned media in dvd players
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    Gaming Rig (starcraft)

    if you plan on playing more demanding games than SC 2 i would suggest getting a 7870 gpu
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    Titan and BF3 issues

    i think its a power issue
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    6970x3 vs 1 GTX Titan

    one titan, crossfire suffers from driver issues enough, tri-fire would be a total headache
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    GTX 470 2-way SLI Temperature Issue

    arent the 400 cards known to be very power hungry and get very hot?
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    $880 build suggestions?

    if the build is mainly gaming, you could save money on the CPU and drop down a few levels
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    Building my first gaming pc, need advice

    if its mainly for gaming i would get a better GPU and go down a few levels on the cpu
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    Is this bottlenecking?

    its def your cpu
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    Enthusiast setups now CPU limited?

    i really hope the next gen engines take advantage of multicore and multi threaded cpus
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    Card comparable or better than my gtx 570 ?

    i would suggest a 79750
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    Anandtech - AMD Comments on GPU Stuttering, Driver Roadmap, Benchmarking

    well keep in mind that the bioshock inf engine is almost 10 years old, so that doesnt impress me much. Im more concerned with the next gen engines like CryEngine and Frostbyte
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    xfx 6970 issue

    have you tried using the AMD GPU uninstallation program and reinstalling? i would uninstall, only put in one card, install drivers, turn off the computer and add the 2nd card with a cross-fire bridge
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    7970 Crossfire smooth in Bioshock Infinite?

    i have a 2x 6970 with i5-2500k at 4.5 Ghz and there are times where the texture loading/streaming will stutter the game for a good 2-3 seconds, especially when changing enviroments - its very annoying. But then again my cards only have 2GB of VRAM - im sure 3GB would have no issues
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    AMD Never Settle Reloaded game bundle

    great bonus!
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    Bought two Sapphire Radeon 7970s 3GB OC with BOOST --- Running too hot?

    i have 2x 6970 and they get up to 85C with the auto fan
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    7950 - "Artifacting" on secondary display

    also if u havent, use the new AMD gpu driver uninstallation program and reinstall the latest
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    Fix temps/stable OC, 2600k/H70/Maximus IV

    can you describe exactly how you reseated the cpu cooler? I have the same cooler and cpu and am suffering from the high temps that u first got. what did u exactly do? also how did u apply the thermal paste? thanks!
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    Dell U3014 unboxing :)

    great unboxing, thanks for the photos!
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    sharp 32" 4k monitor - who else is planning on getting it?

    can the DVI specification support 4K res at 60Hz? im assuming frame latency would be a huge issue as well