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    Finished Z690 build and updates, but few "!" In device manager.

    Just finished doing my Z390 > Z690 build. Here is my specs: Lian Li XL Dynamic ROG Asus Z690 STRIX-E 12900K EK 360 Elite dRGB AIO 2x16GB Crucial 4800MHz DDR5 EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIe4.0 M.2 Nvme WD Black 4TB All seems to be running well, ran cinebench (multicore) and...
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    Transferring W11 to new PC

    As title says I am attempting to transfer W11 Pro license to new PC. I obtained Windows 11 from a retail Version of 8.1 > 10 > 11. I followed the steps here: I received the messages: "Uninstalled product...
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    Extreme difficulty slotting RTX 3090 into Z690 motherboard

    I am unsure if I did this wrong or what, but I have had extreme difficulty putting my EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra, into the top PCIe slot of a Z690 Asus STRIX-e motherboard. I was literally applying almost my whole body weight to push the card into the slot, but it was not going fully seated in. I...
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    EK 360 ELITE AIO swap to Lian Li UNI 120fans

    Need help with a situation. My goal is to use the Lian Li UNI 3x fans to cool the EK 360 Elite AIO rad instead of the provided EK Vadar 120 fans for that AIO. My confusion here is, if I use the EK Vadar fans and the EK fan HUB that is included with this AIO, the EK HUB only has 2 cables to...
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    Help with build O11 XL + Z690 Strix E

    Has anyone else got this same setup? Z690 STRIX E Lian Li O11 XL dynamic EK 360 ELITE AIO Hit a road a block on my new build. I am trying to install a EK Elite AIO 360 in a push/pull config on the rad as a top mount on the O11 XL dynamic case. But I cannot fit the LianLI UNI120 fans on the...
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    Which Z690 board?

    So I am planning on doing the jump from 9900K to a 12900K. Just need to figure out which board to get? Could anyone give me some of their insight. I will mainly be gaming, and online competative gaming using WiFi to my internet router. I will do some video editing, not alot. I plan to OC a...
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    Please check my proposed water setup.

    Would anyone be able to look at my build and the EK parts chosen and to verify if you think this would all be compatible and feasible for my build. And if you can suggest anything else to purchase for improvement or reliability, please do so. My current system I already own is: EVGA SuperNova...
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    FTW3 3090 active backplate comparison? EK, Barrow, Byski

    Is there any performance comparisons of the active backplates available for a 3090 FTW3? Seems to be a few options, I could just go with EK with their premium and be sure I have the quality and performance, but I am not sold on the look of their backplate offerings. I don't mind the other...
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    5000X vs O11 XL Dynamic

    Looking to go a bigger case than my current 500D SE RGB case, so I can go full custom water loop for the first time. Aesthetically, I love my current 500D SE RGB, but it gets a bit warm in this case with AIO coolers, that's why I want to go full custom loop in another bigger case, plus just...
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    FI27Q-X best settings for competitive gaming?

    Who else has the FI27Q-X monitor? What are your picture settings for best visibility for competitive FPS, i.e. PUBG? When I first got this monitor I tried my own picture settings" Brightness 50 Contrast 50 Gamma 3 Color Vibrance 12 OD Balance While this setting looks very good, I was having...
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    Worth water cooling GPU and CPU for more FPS?

    To all the overclocking guru's out there, I have a few questions I would like to ask. Basically, my aim is to maximize the fps I can get gaming in PUBG @ 1440p on a 240Hz Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q-X monitor. I already get upto 240fps, but as you know in PUBG the fps fluctuates considerably. So...
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    32" G7 to a 27" IPS or?

    Currently rocking a 32" Odyssey G7. Very fast and responsive monitor, I really love it. I mostly play PUBG, but when I enable VRR, it feels less responsive input wise and I experience tons of overshoot when looting inside buildings. So I disable VRR, and it feels great to use. However, I feel...
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    Samsung g9 49" with 16:9 resolution?

    Just wondering of anyone here who has the 2020 G9 knows if we can use this monitor with a custom 16:9 resolution with black bars on the side. I play alot of PUBG and need to have a 16:9 resolution because I can't concentrate well with ultrawide real estate. If I can use 16:9 resolution, will...
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    I would like to know if using the Asus Z390 STRIX-E onboard wifi 5 (intel ac9560) would be better or on par in terms of ping performance then using a dedicated wifi card like Asus PCE-AC88 4x4 AC3800 to play competative online games with? I am only concerned with online gaming speeds, not...
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    Owners of both 38GL950G and 48" CX

    I have the 38GL950G, and although it is a beautiful and speedy gaming monitor, I kind of miss the extra eye candy of an OLED picture. So I was wondering if there are any owners here of both these displays side-by-side, that could give their views on them both primarily as a gaming display...
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    FTW3 Ultra 3090 constant crashing!

    Just recieved this card yesterday and am very upset already because games are constantly crashing to desktop with atleast one BSOD aswell so far. My temps seem to be fine @ 75°C max under load and clock speeds are out of the box around 1800-1900 MHz tops. I have the latest 457.09 drivers and I...
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    Valve Index or wait for the HP Reverb G2?

    What is the best VR headset that will give me the best visuals and experience on the market today? I am in Australia so the Index is not availavle to us although I can import in a few different ways. What should I be looking at: 1. Valve Index (Import costs roughly $3100 AUD) 2. HP Reverb G2...
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    9900K OC 5GHz but stress test only 4.6GHz?

    Just built new rig: Corsair 500D SE RGB EVGA SuperNova P2 1000w ASUS Strix ROG Z390-E i9-9900K Corsair 115i Platinum 16GB Gskill DDR4 @ 3600 C14 MSI RTX 2080 Ti SeaHawk X @ 2050MHz Samsung EVO 970 PLus Samsung 850 PRO Trying to OC this 9900k to 5GHz, in CoreTemp and HW64 it shows 5Ghz some...
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    9900K or wait for KS?

    Was just days away from pulling the trigger in a new 9900K. Then saw the news about KS coming out in a few weeks time. I can't find any gaming benchmarks of the KS over the K. Should I wait for the KS or just get the 9900K this week? I will mainly be interested in high refresh gaming @ 1440p/4K.
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    Gskill 3600 C14 vs C18

    Building a new i9-9900K system soon. Rite now, I have available at a local computer store: 1. Gskill Trident Z RGB 3600 C18 2. Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200 C16 Both same price. I can get either of them at anytime from my local store. Or is it better off for me to order online and wait for...
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    LG 55" Oled to Gaming Monitor?

    Been playing some competative online fps games lately but realised I will most likely need a proper gaming monitor to enhance my experience or so because of their higher refresh rate, 100-144Hz as opposed to my TVs 60Hz and slow input lag. But, I have been gaming on my 55" LG Oled TV for the...
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    LG E6 OLED washed out HDR

    still don't get why my HDR PC gaming still looks so washed out. I have tried all different settings and they all seem to give me a washed out picture compared to RGB 8b mode. Can someone help suggest what all my TV and PC settings should be set to? Input label: I have tried Game console and...
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    MSI RTX 2080 Ti Sea Hawk X temps

    I cannot find any reviews on this particular card, so I cannot see what other people's temps are with this card. My card very easily reaches over 65°C even with my very aggressive fan profile. I was thinking this is a bit much for a water cooled card, there are air cooled cards out there with...
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    5930K @ 4.2GHz a bottlebeck for 2080 Ti?

    Anyone if this CPU would bottleneck a 2080 Ti @ 1440p and 4K?
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    GTX 980 Ti Hybrid SLI or Single 1080

    What do you guys rekon, keep my SLi EVGA 98O Ti Hybrids, or sell and get a single GTX 1080 such as the Extreme Gaming edition?