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    3090 wb

    What's the go to 3090 wb these days? Do any cool the back of the card also?
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    3960x dieing?

    Anyone know if ccxs/cores tend to die on zen? My 3960 rig has stopped booting anything after bios unless I turn on core count 1+1 on my gigbite mb. Doesn't matter if it's a USB drive, ssd or m2. It just freezes on the aorus screen.... oddly it works in bios fine and gives no post error codes...
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    Best wireless router for $100?

    My brother is looking for a good wireless router in the around $100 range...he is not so much looking for speed but range. Any go to uints y'all can recommend?
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    ups batteries

    whats yall go to store/ brand for ups batteries? my 9px could probably do with a new set soon. a new set 20 cbs are about 20 each where knock offs are about 12-15. are they all made in the same place in china and about the same?
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    Cooling smell/possible leak

    Anyone ever opened the case and smell coolant? Loop been running for about 8 months topped off the reservoir last week was about 1/3 full and noticed I could smell the ek coolant thought it was just because I had the reservoir open to fill it and moved on. Well today was cleaning the dust...
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    3960x build problems

    Just put together a new build and I can't get slots 1 of acbd to read any ram. slots 2 of abcd appears to work enough to boot to windows going to run stress tests today and see if it's stable. Bad mb or bad CPU seating maybe? Mb is gigabyte master. Any tricks I can try before breaking down my...
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    I got a slight ich to return to eve after many years...worth it and how's the state of the game today? It's been about 5 years since I last played and I'm not sure where to even start anymore lol.
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    Lg g5 burn in

    How can an lcd get burn in? I did a lot of texting today and all night i have had a keyboard burnt into my screen. I have not seen ir on a lcd since the early lcd days. Its worse ir then if you leave a plasma on a desktop for a few hours
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    X79 dark pice issues

    In slot 1 and 3 i should be able to run in 16x16 but even if i tun all my other slots off. Slot 3 wont go past 8x in bios or Windows even if i set it to 16x. I did have a gpu die in that slot could it have 1/2 fired the slot? Interestingly the nvidia control panel shows it as 16x but gpuz shows...
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    1070 AMP Extreme

    This card is nuts it stays under 50c with the fan on 50%. Core clocks to where all other ones clock but the ram goes to 4850mhz. does all 1070s ram clock this high? Also is 4754 gpu score about avg for a 1070 in fire strike ultra?
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    290x died

    My 290x died and im uesing an old 6970 and it sucks. Should i replace it with a 480 to hold me over till the higher end cards droop or just get a 1080 or 1070 and be done with it? Rig is a 3930k at 4.8 and 1440p. But im thinking of picking up a 4k tv and form my undstanding the 1080 is still a...
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    Spoilers tag

    What is the spoiler tag hear?
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    Switch to verizon from Sprint?

    we just had a Verizon rep come to our office and he claimed that Verizon has a much better network and that we would get $400 credit per line x8 lines. So my dad wants me to look into it so what do y'all think? Is it worth switching to Verizon? Right now for phones we have 1 s4 4 s5 2...
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    840 evo going bad?

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model : Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB Firmware : EXT0DB6Q Disk Size : 250.0 GB...
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    w7 usb install help

    ok so my asrock x79 mb craped out and i replaced it whit a evga x79 dark and i can not get windows to install form usb flash drive. it starts booting it and i get the windows loading bar then i get the little ball things that become the window and it crashed right before the balls make the...
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    bad 3930k?

    so i shut my pc off the other day and i couldn't get back in to windows. so i try safe mode starts loading windows and the screen just goes blank, try repair same thing and i was having trouble getting in to bios, so i did the stander ts step pull all ram sticks but 1 etc try a other set of ram...
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    long crossfire bridge

    The dam middle pcie slot on my x79 mb went out. Do they make a really long bridge that will go form slot 1 to 3 on an asrock extreme 4 mb? Btw waht causes a pcie to go bad I was having bad artifacts last night so I pulled all 3 cards and put them back in that uesed to fix it but it was...
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    good radiator fans

    as the title says what are good radiator fans for high fpi radiators that do not sound to loud?
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    best 7970 block

    i have 3 reference 7970s MSI R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE they are getting to hot the gpu are in teh 70-80c range but the vrms are getting to hot one card is over 100c at stock clocks. im looking to go water on them as i already have my cpu on water. so whats a good block that cools the vrms really...
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    3 7950s on a 1000w psu?

    i plan to get 3 7950s for my rig in a few days and do you think a hx1000 will cut it? rest of the rig are 3930k at 4.8ghz 2 hhd 1 ssd 1 dd5 pump and some case fans. im thinking it will be close but should work?
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    AMD Never Settle: Reloaded Bundle

    do you get 1 code per gpu pr 1 per order? im going to order 3 7950s and on newegg they add 3 codes to your cart but on amazon nothing is added to your cart and. is it any 7950s sold by amazon that get codes? and i read the Terms and Conditions this line stands out ▪ One free game...
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    bad Corsair Force GT ?

    ok so i have a 120gb force gt as my boot drive and for the past 2-3 months my pc locks up no bsod just hard locks up and i have to restart the box. i have run ever test i can think of and the cpu and ram checks out, went though 12 hours of occt 12 hours of prime and nothing failed. i tried...
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    labtop games

    ok so Isaac is getting close and if i lose power i would like to be abaly to game on my laptop which has a amd A6-3650, what are some good games that will run on this?
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    need some pc help

    ok so i have no clue what is going on. when i stated up my pc and got to windows i had some odd screen artifacts like really bad screen tearing and seeing doubles of things for a sec. so i restated pc and went to bois did the same thing there. so i shut it down and took out 1 6950s at a time and...
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    need help whit my 3930k pc

    ok so i have no clue what is going on. when i stated up my pc and got to windows i had some odd screen artifacts like really bad screen tearing and seeing doubles of things for a sec. so i restated pc and went to bois did the same thing there. so i shut it down and took out 1 6950s at a time...
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    good dac to go whit d5000

    What's a good dac to go whit d5000s and a Asgard amp? I'm coming out of my old xfi to the Asgard right now and since I added the amp I pick up so much pc noise that I had to stop uesing the Asgard. My mob has and coax and optical out if I uesed those to a good dac would I still get all the pc...
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    need some wireless network help

    so my boat shed was broken in to last week and im going to be putting up 2 1080p cameras. The thing is my boat shed is about 300ft away form my house and i was wondering what is the best way to set up a wireless network form the house to the shed. it looks like i can just get two routers and...
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    Best 7970?

    Just won $500 at the casino so I'm thinking about picking up 2 to replace my 2 6950 unlocked. What's the best cards out there right now? And how much faster is two 7970 vs two 6950?
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    Buckus rocks

    he sent me a 1090t and a nice heat sink to go whit it for free. so yea buckus is the man, im ibt it right now so far so good so il try to clock it up this weekend and then start folding on it next week if all goes good. Btw teem 33 rocks
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    inline filters

    any one know any good inline filters for 1/2in id tubing? i cant seal my chillers ice chest reservoir whit water/antifreeze all the way and it keeps getting crap in it. are there any filters that aren't going to hurt flow rate to much?
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    3930 ppd?

    I just stated folding whit my new rig and in the last 2 days I only have 28k points. Shouldn't I get more ppd out of this rig at 4.8? I set up the pass key and every thing
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    asrock Extreme 4

    well i built this rig whit a 3930k 16gb of ram and this mb and all i can say is i am very impressed whit this mb for it to only be $230. it can run my chip at 5ghz takes all 3 of my 6950s and my old pci sb xfi sound card np, the bois is well done and has lots of settings for the voltages and...
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    bad corsair ram stick?

    ok so i built a new rig last week whit a 3930k and asrock extreme 4 every thing was working good for a few days, then one day i couldn't get my pc to post it keptd getign stick on dr debug code 69 so i reset coms, pulled all cards and hdds and still had the same thing. so i pulled ram out 1 at a...
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    3930k 10 temp help

    ok so i have a 3930k and the cores temps betwen cores are over 10c apart on 3 of teh cores under load. core 0 is 50c core 1 is 42 core 2 is 38c core 3 is 37c core 4 is 49c and core 5 is 49 c. is this the way intell chips are? or could i have a bad mount on my wb? and do the lga 2011 cpus run...
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    wher to buy fx?

    are there any places that are not sold out online of the FX 8150?
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    BD on chilled water?

    Any one know how bd will clock on chilledx water at-10F? On my 955be I went foorm 3.8 to 4.5ghz. Whit bd being a power hog does any one think that bd will scale better then X4s at low temps. I wonder if when cold if bd might clock really high and maby reduce the power leakeg? Any thoughts? I...
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    any xf sli/cf reviews?

    any one find any reviews where they have and xf vs install rig running high res cf or sli just to see how as a platform the fx does vs the intel?
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    AMD Processors (1012 Viewing)

    wow 1k for the amd forums dotn think i ever seen that many before.... if we dotn get benchs tonight going be riots lol