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    Backup software

    I'm looking for something that will backup defined folders at shut down (or entire drives) but folders definately Thanks
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    Is Visiontek still around?

    I've got a 2year old GeForce 2 that's suppposed to be under lifetime warranty. It went kaput and I can't get through to the Visiontek Home or any other page.
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    $56.00 credit

    @ NewEgg for a mobo. Gotta stick with Athlon, Athlon XP. Need the best bang for the buck @ around $80.00, shipping included. Suggestions? TIA
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    White/Blue LED's Cheapest I've found.
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    Recommend a modem for me

    I'm stuck with dial up and my modem is acting up. I need a good hardware (no win-modem crap, please) modem. Need brands and model numbers Thanks