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    AC Revelations PC delayed IS NOT BIG SURPRISE.
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    Alienware TactX $29 @ MSRP is $99. It's basically a G9x in a different shell with no interchangeable grips. It's manufactured by Logitech for Alienware. I can highly recommend the Avago 9500 (the sensor it uses). For...
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    Alienware TactX $29 @

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    WoW Cataclysm Stream

    Hopefully not against the rules. This stream is active right now showing Cataclysm in sandbox mode:
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    Bloons Tower Defense 4

    Prepare to waste lots of your free time at work. These are the best flash games I've ever played.
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    GTX 275 Throttling Issue

    So I picked up a BFG GTX 275 today, installed drivers and everything went swimmingly. Now, I tried to use Rivatuner for my overclocking purposes, but apparently it doesn't currently detect the 186.18 drivers, so it doesn't allow me to overclock with it (I'm sure there's a registry setting or...
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    Catalyst 8.8 Beta Download Apparently it's been leaked onto the net. It's supposed to have greatly improved Crossfire performance as well as better Powerplay support for lower idle power consumption and temps. Haven't tried them myself, but I didn't see a...
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    My 4850 asplode

    So I was playing a little bit of TF2 earlier today like I normally do on my Visiontek 4850 @ 700/1100 with an Accelero S1 cooler, the sinks on all of the RAM modules and sinks on the VRMs, and suddenly my system turns off. When I tried to turn it back on, everything powered on just fine, but...
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    If you're having issues OCing your 4850...

    Try checking the stock core voltage. I just discovered that, along with the adjustable fan speeds in the different profile XML's, there is also an option to adjust core voltages (probably within a reasonable range). I couldn't get my 4850 stable over 650 core running with an Accelero S1 with a...
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    I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I just encountered a unique problem with my PC. I was sitting here watching the latest Zero Punctuation, not doing ANYTHING else on my PC when all of a sudden it turned off as if the power went out, only the power didn't go out. It then...
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    4850 AA issues in UE3 games

    So I upgraded from an 8800GT to a 4850 and I've been having large framerate drops with AA forced in UE3 based games, specifically Bioshock and Mass Effect. I'm running in Windows XP SP3 with a Q6600 @ 3.0GHz, 2 gigs of RAM and the 4850 at stock speeds on the 8.6 hotfix drivers. I run both...
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    Headphone Stand

    I've been wondering for a while... everybody who owns a nice pair of headphones always shows pictures of them hanging on some sort of a headphone stand. Why? What purpose does it serve to hang it vertically from a hook as opposed to setting them horizontally on your desk?
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    X1950XT cooler question

    This cooler is designed for the X1900 series according to everything I read, but I'm curious if it would fit on an X1950XT? Has anybody tried it or does anybody know whether it's workable on the 1950 series? Every other...
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    Headphone Problem

    I've been using this set of Sennheiser HD555s for about 4 months now and already they seem to be breaking down. The right headphone is rattling/scratching significantly whenever it plays deep bass sounds (I have noticed it most playing Battlefield) at reasonable volumes. Not once have I played...
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    Strange RAM Issue

    I just got 2x 1GB sticks of Corsair XMS Platinum DDR500 for my system (in sig), and I'm running them at 235MHz in accordance with my OC. Everything seems stable, 15 hours of Prime95 blend and 10 hours of memtest without any errors at the current settings. However, I have crashed a few times...
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    Mouse Sound Feedback

    All right, this is a long story, so I'll begin at the beginning. Earlier today I installed a new Audigy 2 sound card (after removing all the AC97 drivers and disabling it in the BIOS) and the card was bad. About 4 hours of fiddling testing, reinstalling and rebooting and screwing around, it...
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    eVGA 7900GT KO Seems like eVGA finally took a hint that the stock 7900GT cooler sucks and made a card with a different one. If anybody is interested in getting one, it would be cool to know how it performs in comparison to the stock reference...
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    Anybody have this happen before?

    OK, so I was pushing my OC a little further tonight on the system in my sig, on the stock cooler. I had gotten it up to about 2.7GHz when it booted smoothly, I got into XP, and right there, it froze and the system beeped at me. So I figured reboot and lower the clocks right? However, the...
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    Mousepads: How slick is too slick?

    So we all have our mousepad preferences. Some of us like our 5 cent cloth pads, some our glass Icemats and Corepads, some our hard aluminum Steelpads and eXactMats, some our plastic Ratpads and fUncs. Anyway, as I was using my eXactMat tonight, I encountered a phenomenon of physical...
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    Func Archetype: Base Problem

    I just ordered a Func Archetype from Newegg and got it today. There is a problem with the base: it is slightly bent, which makes the surface, when inserted into the base, bend also. This bending causes an extraordinary amount of very annoying and hindering scratching with the bottom of my G5...