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    Asrock Z77E-ITX boots with intel stock cooler, but not AXP-140

    So a few days ago I had the AXP-140 installed and working fine, but then I was stress testing it and it shut off. It would still turn on but it wouldn't boot. I took everything out of the case, and put the intel stock cooler on for easier access and it turns out it works. Today I replaced it...
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    Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe up for Pre Order
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    SG05: AXP-140 w/120mm slim fan or Samuel 17 w/regular fan?

    So I did some research and found that the AXP-140 only fits in the SG05 with a 120x20mm fan. Would it be better to use the AXP-140 with the slim fan, or would a Samuel 17 with regular fan cool better? Thanks!
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    Heatsink for P8H61-I?

    So I realized that my H50 isn't going to fit into my SG05 with a 3.5" drive without mods, so I'm doing away with that. I just bought an ASUS P8H61-I, here's the layout: My RAM is Corsair Vengeance, and I'll be using a 6870. Are there any...