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    HumbleBundle Festival of Speed Sale

    I know I enjoy a good racing game and saw a few that were great deals. Enjoy! Festival of Speed Sale
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    Free copy of Spec Ops on Humble Store!

    Can't be free! Little older game but still quite a bit of fun. Just login, add to cart and done!
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    Free copy of Darkness II on Humble Store!

    Here you all go! Enjoy!
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    ESXi AIO Critique

    Hello everyone, First wanted to thank many of those who helped me in my previous thread many months back. Now that I have a bit more time I am moving into the purchasing and implementing the ESXi AIO Here's the thread that gave me some direction I have not built a ESXi build or had...
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    Data Encryption Question

    Hello all! Quick opinionated question to see what people think, I am curious to what people's thoughts are. If you have advantages or disadvantage for either please feel free to post your experiences too! For data encryption would you recommend full data encryption from startup or select...
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    Need a New Headset!

    Hello all! So after 18 months my Diable 3 USB SteelSeries headset mic is now dead :( From googling a bit seems to be a common problem with SteelSeries headsets of the mic randomly dieing after 12 months. (I have tested the headset in three different comptuers and mic will not pic up any...
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    Network Troubles

    First, I want to say thank you for any help on this as I am at my wits end at this point. Quick prologue, I have had a few intermittent DNS issues the last several days with webpages not loading properly across my whole network, once I discovered it was across the whole network switched my...
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    Major Server Expansion

    Hello all! I am asking for some expertise as I want to start consolidating VM applications and storage to a single computer and I know people here have more experience. I am currently sharing a raid 1 setup off my primary desktop using it as my share drive for all data storage on the network...
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    R9 290 Fuzzy White Screen Crash

    Hello Everyone! Computer Specs are in the signature. This has happened twice within the last two days where my computer will lock up, black screen then fuzzy white screen. Here is a picture I know the 290s had blacks screen problems, I haven't seen that since the new 3.12 drivers...
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    Bridge Fios Router

    Hello everyone! Have a few thoughts and would love to get some input if other people have done it personally and see how their setup was. Prelude: Currently have Verizon Fios and have had internet up until two weeks ago where I also added TV (increased Internet and got TV HD setup for $30...
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    Network Freezing

    Hello all! I have done quite a bit of googling and home troubleshooting, I cannot figure this one out. I have a single computer that once it goes onto the network and start to pull an internet connection it knocks out the whole internal network to the router, modem and all other devices...
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    4 Monitor Display Help

    Hello all! Hopefully someone can help me here, I'm personally new to AMD and multi monitor setup. I was on the green team before and besides plugging them in correctly, worked flawlessly for my setup. I currently run a 1 over 3 setup or Eyefinity+1 extended. I currently have 2x sapphire...
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    New Nvidia Card Tesla K40

    Looks like a significant increase over the K20X not just in a RAM perspective but also from boost clock and overall teraflops. I wonder when the consumer version with be available, I think 12GB of RAM would be good for some 4K Gaming!,2817,2427258,00.asp...
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    UPS Selection

    Hello all! Back again after working too much! Now come down to a few questions, I have done some research but would like suggestions from people who have much more experience than I do when it comes to UPS's. I am currently trying to pick some UPS as with the thunderstorms lately has...
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    Watercooling Assistance

    Hello everyone, Again requesting a bit of help from the pro’s! I am very new to liquid cooling; all I have used are AIO kits such as H60, H80, H80i, and H100i. My rig is in my signature and here is my plan. I want to cool my CPU and GPU’s. I am currently undecided at the...
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    Overclocking Frustrations

    Hello everyone! This has been an on going frustration for the last week. I have been trying to overclock my 3930k (rest of build in signature). I have read several guides and making sure I have as much informaiton before attempting the overclock. Here's what I am trying to do. Been...
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    Amazon Marketplace Questions

    Hello all! First want to say that this forum is fantastic and wish I would have found it sooner for a plethora of reasons! Thank you for all the help! I do have a question thought and hopefully a healthy debate or some insight onto the Amazon Market place. How has people's experiences...
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    Over clocking questions

    First I wanted to say I am pretty new to over clocking, have been doing a lot of reading and learning as much as possible. So I appreciate the patience from everyone while I ask these questions! I built a custom computer (in sig) and was testing stability before over clocking. The only change is...
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    Vista Problem?

    Hello all! I have had a few strange problems! I installed a new SSD into an older computer of my a Toshiba X305 running Vista, after re-installing I had problems installing my nvidia GFX drivers they fail every time i install, also my start up time is almost a two minutes? I did this same...
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    X79 Trim

    Hello All! Want to first wish everyone a fantastic day! Have a few questions to begin, is there still no TRIM for X79 using the IRS-e? Can you use IRS 11.5 on X79? or stuck with the IRS-e. Secondly what is the drawback of having SSD's in raid 0 with no trim? Appreciate the any...