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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I leave for basic training in a coupla months and would like one to rebuild my wife's computer before I go.
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    Help: Reboot loop with Multi-GPU Physx attempt (560 Ti + 8800 GTS)

    So I recently installed a 560 Ti in my system and decided to run an old 8800 GTS along side it for Physx. Whenever the 8800 is physically present the system will go through the post screen, but before it gets to the windows loading screen (I'm running Win. 7 Professional) it reboots. Ad...
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    The Most Boring Day in the 20th Century dad was born Apr. 11, 1954...:D I'll have to tell him this and mail him a cookie.
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    BC2 CTD when loading single player.

    Strange...I'm having the opposite problem. I'm able to play SP all day, but I get MP CTDs after loading (no errors, just right to the desktop). It didn't happen in 10.2, but I installed 10.3a and 10.3 and now I can't play multiplayer. I'll have to see if 10.2 still works.
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    10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse

    Guilty of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. :D In fact, I'm so guilty of 6 that we had to specifically get a house with a basement so I could get to have a "man/geek room" (wife calls it my "office" when in polite company :p).
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    Please tell me how Ea and Steam works for These games...

    If you buy BC2 from steam you can use the key with EA downloader as well. I think it's worth the 50 bux, though I initially had problems running the game with windows 7. After dual-booting and installing it on Vista 64 it works perfectly for me.
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    Bad Company 2

    I preordered/loaded through Steam and whenever I go to start the game (this is from inside the Steam Games panel) a little popup says: My connection works and I've tried disabling my firewall, making my PC the DMZ, forwarding the requisite ports, disabling and uninstalling my anti-virus, etc...
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    Hotel WiFi Should Be a Right, Not a Luxury

    As a bona fide product of the Deeeeep South I can say (without equivocation) that there are indeed areas of the South that are barren tech wastelands.
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    As you get older, are you starting to suck at gaming?

    I'm pushin' 30 and have noticed that while my reflexes and aim have gotten somewhat worse than they were in the 90s my tactical sense and use of strategy are much, much better. Less gunz-a-blazin' and more irritating traps or getting the opposing team/players to commit forced errors.
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    Iron Man 2 Trailer

    Hells yeah Don Cheadle >>>>> Terrence Howard Cheadle was epic in Hotel Rwanda.
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    Should we even think about the possibility of dedicated servers for MW2?

    I think this is my second biggest problem with this game. The matchmaking is fucked to say the least. I'm at lvl 70 and the other day I was in a lobby that was fairly evenly split between stars (50+) or multiple prestige players on the one hand and stripes (30 and below) on the other. The...
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    LTTP-away from PC gaming for 5 years and playing catch up

    I'm an FPS guy like yourself, but I've gotten into a few RTS games over the years, namely the Company of Heroes and World in Conflict series. I have to second Far Cry 1/2, the battlefield games, Call of Duty 4 (you might have played it on the console, but the PC version is by far superior)...
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    MW2 gameplay and strategies thread

    The best thing you can do is be patient and not get lulled into sleep by staring through the crosshairs for too long. Really, all you need are decent reflexes and awareness, hence why I use sitrep pro when sniping. There's nothing funnier than staring at an enemy sniper for 30 seconds before...
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    MW2 gameplay and strategies thread

    My usual kit Whatever sniper rifle Whatever machine pistol Semtex Flash grenades Scavenger Pro Cold Blooded Pro Sitrep Pro Gets me accused of hackery all the time.
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    Is there any way to set Steam status to "away" or "offline" permanently?

    I didn't really want to do this, but I got around the problem by simply changing my screen name in the user settings panel. Quick fix, but steam should really allow you to play all games online without logging into friends.
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    Is there any way to set Steam status to "away" or "offline" permanently?

    Sometimes you wanna just play an online game without being barraged with a bunch of invites to games or chats. Is there any way to "cloak" my steam status while playing a game online? Whenever I set it to offline it automatically reverts to normal when I join an online game and when I try to...
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    Modern Warfare 2 is worth it.

    I think what some people are not getting here is the frustration in the PC gamer community with IW's squandering of a truly massive amount of goodwill. I adored CoD 4 (and indeed the entire CoD series and before that the MoH series), but I'm rather turned off by some of the dismissive comments...
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    MW2 has hacking already, wall hacking video inside.

    I'm not holding my breath given that IW's response to gamer concerns and questions has basically been "Because STFU. That's why!"
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    L4D2 demo performance

    I had to disable crossfire to get L4D2 to stop freezing (and I'm talking hard locks requiring a total system reset), but once that happened it was smooth and silky with all settings maxed @ 1920x1080 (even on a single 4890). Specs: EVGA x58 sli Core i7 920 @ 3.6 GHz 6GB RAM Win 7 Pro x64
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    New Apple Ads Smack of Desperation?

    I got one the other day when OC'ing my Win7-i7 machine. :P :D
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    Windows 7 Whopper…in the Flesh

    That needs some bacon between the patties.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Poasty goodness.
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    Professor: Kindle is a “Poor Excuse of an Academic Tool”

    It's innovation in the sense of "doing something new", but new in this case isn't necessarily better. It's actually much worse if it disallows annotations, notes, etc. It's a glaring omission that renders it's academic use moot. Likewise there's the issue of reselling analog books, lending...
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    Professor: Kindle is a “Poor Excuse of an Academic Tool”

    These are things that will make it impossible for the Kindle to catch on in the academic world, especially in text heavy disciplines. The lack of page numbers is especially is the kiss of death. You can't get through a graduate level course without an easy way to find page numbers and not having...
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    Windows 7 32bit vs 64bit

    You shouldn't have any problems with 32-bit software running on a 64-bit OS. I've used every 64-bit OS MS has released and the only problem I've ever encountered relating to a game has been the well known incompatibility between Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and 64-bit OSes. Even that wasn't a...
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    What's your Windows 7 experience Score?

    I'm still using a 7200 rpm SATA fancy storage here~!
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    Buying a Refurb monitor Asus VH242 or Soyo DYLM24D6

    The aesthetics of it aren't really a concern (my office is in an unfinished room in my looks like the training scene from Rocky III). So would you roughly equate the two in terms of reliability (ignoring the fact that they are both refurbs)?
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    Buying a Refurb monitor Asus VH242 or Soyo DYLM24D6

    So I'm putting together a new rig and I'm searching for a new monitor and I have the choice between the 24" Soyo and 24" Asus. The prices I'm getting are similar between the two (Asus is 17 bucks more) and the Asus is 1080p instead of 1920 x1200 like the Soyo. I'm aware of Soyo's recent...
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    U.S. Internet Speeds Causing Digital Divide?

    I used to live near Springfield and couldn't get FIOS because the f'ing apartment signed a deal with COX. All of the home owners nearby had FIOSy goodness and I had to deal with shitty techs and double billing.
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    U.S. Internet Speeds Causing Digital Divide?

    Bethlehem, PA RCN Cable $35/mo 10/0.8 Mbps advertised (actual is usually pretty close, maybe off by a few percent)
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    Unusual Logitech mouse problem - freezing (not sure if this goes here)

    How long after you bought your MX510 did you have it replaced?
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    Unusual Logitech mouse problem - freezing (not sure if this goes here)

    So I've had an original Logitech G5 for around 3 years now and it's worked perfectly with multiple computers, but in the last month or so I've had some frustrating problems with it. Just over a month ago I purchased a Logitech Wave keyboard and installed the Setpoint software to use the...
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    PSU recommendation needed for i7 build.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've decided to go with the HX850 since I'm partial to corsair products (currently using an HX620) and modular cabling. Cheers.
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    PSU recommendation needed for i7 build.

    So I'm building a new machine for myself so my better half and I can have separate home offices. My build is going to be as follows: Core i7 920 Radeon 4870 1GB + 4890 (I know, I know, but I'm getting the 4890 at a good price. I'm going to pick up another 4890 in a few months and perhaps...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Let's play "recommend me a router" :) I just bought a house with 3 total floors (basement, 1st, 2nd) and I need to ensure it has wireless access in every room. It's an older house (built in 1936) and has extremely solid construction (lots of metal beams, hardwood floors, etc.). The modem...
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    Registry setting that will remove XP's 4 mbit wireless limit...

    A coupla years ago I was using a usb wireless dongle on a pc of mine and it limited me to ~4 Mbits on a 10 Mbit connection. I know it was 10 based on the consistent speeds I obtained on a wired connection. In my searching online I found a registry setting or tool that allowed me to utilize...
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    Street Fighter 4 Thread

    I'm diggin' Gouken, esp. his "alley-oop" throw into a hurricane kick or shin-shoryuken. However, after getting all the characters up to Gouken I had to stop playing arcade mode. I've been playing the SF series since the original came out in the arcades (almost 30 yrs old (!!)) and Seth is...
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    The "I Bought My Left 4 Dead Copy!!" Thread

    Just played vs mode. Playing as infected is some serious fun.
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    This is pretty sad and amazing at the same time

    If I had the money I'd give that kid a full ride to college. Those are some serious engineering chops.