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    Seagate SAS in SM JBOD - lots of read errors (anyone else?)

    Hello! I have the following new setup: server with LSI 9207 HBA firmware P19 Supermicro 837E26-RJBOD1 28bay JBOD I'm having troubles with high Read errors corrected by ECC counter in SMART. Writing to hard drives gives no errors, but as soon as I start to read data from hard...
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    Router/AP for office with 15 clients

    Hello! We are in need of a new router or AP. Currently we are using the old faithful WRT54GL but it is slowly showing signs of age... So we are looking for something new: - around 15 clients over wifi - 4-5 clients over LAN (we have another switch) - AC support - PPPoE support What...
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    Buying a dualport SAS SSD for ZIL and some questions about sector size

    Hello! I already have a topic on servethehome, but I said I'll ask here as well and maby get some more info. So, we are rebuilding our OmniOS SAN and will build a HA cluster with the help of RSF-1 software. For us to be able to connect out JBODs to 2 controllers, we need a dual-port...
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    Can I use vsphere client to create VMs in ESXi 5.5

    Hello! As far as I know, vmware vsphere client is useless in the new ESXi 5.5 when using machine hardware above ver. 8. Can I still manage and create machines with hardware ver. 8 and manage that? Or do I need vsphere web client for that as well? Matej
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    Cloud sync software for bussiness

    Hello! I have been asked to setup a central NAS at a small company to host their files (mostly word, excel, some pictures and PDFs). They will mainly work inside the office, but there are some laptops that get carried around when people want to work on the way as well... There is also a...
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    Web-based KVM frontend

    Hello! I'm searching for a KVM web frontend. What I would like: - web frontend - easy to use(like vmware vsphere client) - free - management tool running on the same system(as part of node or in a VM) (no need to have a dedicated management pc, just like vmware with vsphere client) -...
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    Asrock with new storage motherboard

    I know it's a bit old news, but I just learned of the new board Asrock will release in the coming months(weeks?) names E3C224D4M-16RE. ATX form factor Socket 1150 supporting i3 and Xeon processors(probably pentium and celeron as well) 4x DIMM slots for up to 32GB of memory 2x 8x PCIe 2x...
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    VmWare or Proxmox/oVirt/...

    Hello! I'm in a process of overhauling my network and server infrastructure and can't decide which way to go... I already have SAN/NAS based on OmniOS and I will add 2 virtualization nodes to that setup which will host a couple VMs I need for myself(LAMP, transmission, tvheadend,...) and...
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    New SAN/NAS build, components check

    Hello! I'm rebuilding my NAS/SAN, which is based on OmniOS and napp-it. I will use it to store my personal data, CrashPlan data from my friends and ESX VMs(at least some of them). Components: SuperMicro X10SL7-F - due to having 14 sata ports and IPMI. With additional HBA, I get to 22...
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    Helpdesk ticketing software

    Hello! I'm searching for a helpdesk ticketing system. I have a lot of friends and some smaller companies that I ocasionally do IT work for them and would like to implement a ticketing system for them to report problems. What am I seaching for: - there will be 1 or 2 agents(me and my...
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    How's this build for Lightroom/Photoshop/Premiere

    Hello! I'm putting together a PC for a friend, who will use it for Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere and ocasonally for AfterEffects... My budget is limitted to 1200€ and this is what I've put together: Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR3 Kit be quiet! Pure Power L8 700 Watt Fractal Design...
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    Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite or Mikrotik RB750GL

    Hello! I'm redoing my network and can't decide on which router to pick... Currently I'm choosing between Edgerouter lite and RB750GL. My WAN connection is 100/100MBit and 1GBit local network. I plan on having 2 vlan-s, home vlan, DMZ vlan with ESXi virtualized servers and SAN/NAS and maby...
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    Upgrading to ESXi 5.1U1 skips all VIBs

    Hello! Today I wanted to upgrade my ESXi 5.1 to 5.1Update1. I used the command esxcli software profile update -d -p ESXi-5.1.0-20130402001-standard to download and start the update procedure, but after some...
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    Win Server 2012 foundation OEM - can I downgrade?

    Hello! We recently purchased Win Server 2012 Foundation OEM HP, but we found out that some features we need are not working and need to downgrade to 2008 R2 foundation server. Is that possible with OEM license? Matej
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    Which USB flash drive for ESXi base

    Hello! Which USB flash drives do you recommend for ESXi host installations? How big does it have to be? Matej
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    APC SmartUPS dead, what can be the cause?

    Hello! Yesterday, our APC SmartUPS 3000 (SU3000RM3U) suddenly stopped working and went dead. I tried powering it up again and it would not respond to pressing PowerOn button. There are no leds shining on the front. I tried pressing the "reset" button in the back, but it still ain't...
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    Supermicro x9SCM-F and ESXi -- slow write, fast read

    Hello! I'm having weird performances with the following hardware: Supermicro x9SCM-F Xeon i3-1230V2 8GB memory Bios: 2.0b If I SSH to ESX box and try a dd(time dd if=/dev/zero of=./dd1.tst bs=2048000 count=2048) command, I get an awful slow write, between 10MB/s and 20MB/s. Hard...
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    50m WIFI link with one tree in the way

    Hello! I need to make a 50m WIFI link and I have a tree top in the way. Is it still possible to make a link? As far as hardware goes, I was looking at Ubiquiti :: AirMax Airgrid M2 16dBi High Power or Ubiquiti :: AirMax Airgrid M2 20dBi High Power or Ubiquiti :: AirMax NanoBridge M2...
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    Apple mail and iOS,OSX

    Hello! Apple mail on iOS: Does apple mail on ios only downloads headers, or does it download content and attachment as well, during IMAP sync? I would guess only headers, but I want to be sure. What about when I open a mail? Download content only or attachment as well? I would say it...
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    HP Elitebook desktop flickering(what is the cause)

    Hello! Desktop on my notebook started to flicker. I cleaned the pins and connectors on the board and LCD panel but problem still persist. Where could the problem be? Flat cable? Inverter? LCD panel? If I plug an external monitor, everything is OK. Also, everything is much better if...
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    Building a proper mail server(and not get our mail tagged as spam)

    Hello! I have to build a mail server for my company. I want to do it correctly and do everything to stay off the blacklists and my mail being marked as spam at the recipient side... So far what I have in mind: - new server(probably a ESX all-in-one box) - Linux as OS(probably debian, since I'm...
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    Weird red noise on black screen(laptop)

    Hey there A few days ago I turn on my laptop and my screen looks like that: There are also green and blue stripes when background is in other colors, but black always has this noise, even when I'm watching a movie... If I plug my laptop to external VGA port, picture is perfect. What coudl...
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    Encrypted backup to remote location(windows)

    Hello! I'm searching for a solution(free one) that would do backup of a local PC(incremental and full ones), encrypt them and send them(ftp,scp,rsync,...) to the off-site server. On-site server is running Windows and the off-site is running Linux. Anyone know of any "all in one"...
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    Windows Server and RDP(what do I need)

    Hello! At a company where I work I got the task to set up a server, where we could share certain folders and been able to RDP from outside the company. So now I'm not sure what I need, since I'm quite new to MS Server area and it's licensing... Anyway, I need folder sharing for 3 users and...
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    VLANs and Trunks, cant see devices

    Hello! I'm building this network and I stumbled upon a problem that I don't understand. Here is how my config looks: PC -----------vlan5-------Cisco 3560----trunk3-5----Cisco AP1420 Vmware guest ----| Configuration of 3560: interface Vlan3 description ===== ID-180, wifi1===== ip address...
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    Software for import/export Firebird tables

    Hello! I have a firebird database that is corrupted. When I look at the data in one of the tables, I get I/O error: end of file at around line 120 of 2500. I tried fixing the database with gfix tool to no success. I also have a bit old copy so I was thinking to export all good tables from...
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    Xeon E5606 or E5620 for 2 VMs in ESXi

    Hello!! I hope I'm writing in the right forum and that I'm not asking a 1000 times already asked question:) I'm buying a new server for ESXi and in it, I will be running 2 VM. One will be CentOS with LDAP and radius for wireless authentication and the second one will be windows 2008 or...
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    Building Vmware ESXi(low cost, choosing hardware)

    Hello! We decided to get rid of most of our servers and replace them with ESXi. Since we are a small non-profit cybercenter, we are looking for a cheap but good solution. At the beginning, we will be virtualizing: - web/sql/mail linux server - W2k8 AD server - Wxp/W7 development server...
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    Are Samsung F3 1TB(HD103SJ) 4k hard drives?

    Hello! Since there are a lot of 4k sector hard drives out now, I can't seem to find an answer to my question. Is Samsung F3 1TB(HD103SJ) a 512bytes or 4k block drive? So I will know how to format it. Matej