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    Autonomous Multi-Robot System Used To Move Vehicles

    That music is way too intense.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    Another vote for Enterasys. Price and performance is where it's at. Also lifetime warranty + support. You can't beat that.
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    Patch Tuesday Upgrades Cause Windows BSOD

    Good thing I read this. We were just about to install these updates on our servers. Declined them all.
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    Humanoid Robot Designed To Interact Safely With People

    That kid is going to grow up to be a serial killer.
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    Comcast Plans Data Caps For All Customers

    So does this mean my monthly cable bill will drop if I don't use it much? Or will I still have to pay a base fee of $50/mo for a slow connection?
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    Passwords expiring in the middle of the day

    lol, you're a funny one. Why I even wasted my time... Good night my friend.
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    Passwords expiring in the middle of the day

    There's a difference between being asked the last four digits of your SSN vs. it being exposed for anyone on your network to find out. That's a risk and you're liable. How about you post the last four digits of your SSN for all to see? Also under FERPA, SSNs, even portions of it, are defined as...
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    Passwords expiring in the middle of the day

    You store the last 4 digits of SSN in AD? You know anyone with a valid login can query for it. I wouldn't like the last 4 digits of my SSN being "exposed" to other employees.
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    Help With New Server Build Please !

    As others have mentioned, buy from a reputable OEM such as Dell. You will want warranty. Buy memory separately to save on cost. Save the homegrown solution for the home.
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    Comcast EDI service - Any pitfalls?

    We've been a Comcast EDI subscriber for the past 3 years. Excellent service. Very competitive pricing. We're doubling up circuit with them this summer. Only thing to watch out for is contacting the NOC for issues can be spotty. I've only had to call them once a couple years ago, and when I did...
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    semi-affordable 10gb switch?

    I have a two Netgear XS712T (12 port version) switches w/ one of the ports used to bridge the two together, mainly for redundancy. As others have mentioned, yes it's loud, and it pushes some serious air, but it's in my data center so who cares about noise. Connected to a three virtual host...
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    What Facebook Could Look Like On Oculus Rift

    A bag like that does not cost $199...
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    What do you use to manage BYOD at your company?

    Let me say this again: ClearPass ;)
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    What do you use to manage BYOD at your company?

    We are in-process of implementing BYOD too. Similar to what Mack is doing with VPN. Aruba for wireless. ClearPass Controller assigns roles based on login with bandwidth allocation. It also profiles their machine so I know who's on the network with what kind of equipment. Then we use Juniper...
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    The 10 Best Flying Games Ever

    No Flight Unlimited? This list is BS.
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    Xbox One Gets CPU Speed Boost

    psst... 150MHz ;)
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    The Windows Era Is Over

    Windows won't go away for a foreseeable time. Here's why: Businesses run Windows. And to those that chime Linux. I'm sure it's a great OS for a consumer, but good luck fully implementing that in a large business with legacy applications. I'm not going to waste my time or a million dollars of my...
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    Microsoft Stock Takes A $32B Hit

    It's not time to buy. I'm glad I dumped all my MS stock when it peaked right before they released their quarterly earnings. Their stock has been hovering in the mid to upper 20's for the past decade. There are plenty of other investment opportunities that have appreciated in value more...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

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    Kim Dotcom Complains About Women Inmates' Letters

    At least he wouldn't have to hire a companion
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    Wall Outlet With Built-In USB Charger

    Until your house catches on fire.
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    Any issues with Exchange 2010 installed directly on top of main DC?

    Don't do it. I would install VMware ESXi and virtualize two servers if all you can buy is one physical server.
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    not sure if anyone cares but Call of duty mw2 map pack coming end of the month

    No, it was free back then. Then EA started charging for "booster packs" :p
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    Some questions for Network Engineers

    and get an internship.
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    Network pics thread

    I'm not so fond of it. In previous iterations of firmware, it required a ton of monitoring and tending to. In the most recent firmware, it can learn from trusted hosts, making it more set-it-and-forget with occassional nuances. This is useful for a team as small as mine. It's a very powerful...
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    Network pics thread

    It's a Barracuda Web Application Filter for our hosted sites on campus.
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    Network pics thread

    1st pic is our PBX room with our core switch (Cisco 4503) with one of our switch stacks on campus. Hoping to get that replaced next year. Also planning on replacing our Cisco VPN Concentrator with a Juniper SA2500. Newly installed firewall...
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    Network pics thread

    Once you go JUNOS, IOS becomes a distant memory. :p
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    Network pics thread

    heh, I also just got an SRX650 at work. That's a big bad boy.
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    Network pics thread

    Just upgraded my home network recently. Out with the old... In with the new! I also have a couple 2600 and 3600s laying around, but not pictured.
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    Anyone use a Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall 100?

    I want to note about the "IronPort stuff"... yeah it's insanely expensive, and it's 10x more powerful in terms of features than Barracuda, but it's also insanely convoluted to manage, unless they changed that within the past 1.5 years since I've used it. Maybe I'm just too used to Barracuda.
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    Network pics thread

    man, my previous IT Director totally went out and bought all Enterasys switches for our closests because he used it at his previous school... now me (previously the network engineer, now the IT Director) is stuck with this crap equipment. The only good thing about them is that they're cheap.
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    Anyone use a Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall 100?

    I have a 400 model with several thousand mailboxes. It does a very good job, but as others have said, the hardware is junk. I've had RAID failures multiple times. Luckily we renew our hardware replacement warranty every year and Barracuda is very good with shipping replacement units, but it's...
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    Exchange share HUGE. mailboxes not?

    Try performing an offline defrag to reclaim the space. The database will always grow, but never shrink.
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    Duke Nukem Developer 3D Realms Shuts Down

    This article makes a good point, which I have been wondering about as well when news of 3DR's closure was announced -- why would they announce a major milestone just weeks prior? I call shens.
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    Server firewalled in DMZ...needs to get to AD

    Consider a read-only domain controller in the DMZ with appropriate security precautions.
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    Pranks on IT Dept

    I've written two scripts to play pranks on my coworkers. One of them sets the volume to max and plays a random fart. Did this to someone while we all had a meeting in her office. Nearly busted a gut from the hilarity that ensued. The other script I wrote moves a mouse cursor a few pixels at...