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    seagate hdd error, need advice

    I just bought a SATAII perpendicular HD 250 gigabyte version Whats happens is i'll install windows with a copy of windows xp, and when the computer restarts i get an error that basically says //windows/root/ hal error, or something very similar to that. I've tried reinstalling windows about 6...
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    sata 2 controller performance

    I have the ASUS A8N5X and it only supports up to sata 1.50 gb/s or whatever. My question is if I buy a sata 2 controller such as this would it allow me to gain the performance benefits of the newer standard? Also, is there any...
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    Monitor making high pitch noise

    Is it unusual for my 19*inch 17*viewable AOC monitor to make a high pitch "eeee" at certain resolutions? I kid you not. At 1152x864 the screen gets a weird rainbow like spread coming from all four corners, and a high pitch noise. I normally use 1280x960, but i've been reading that perhaps the...