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    24" 90 degree Rotatable Display

    No other requirements, other than maybe a good viewing angle.
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    24" 90 degree Rotatable Display

    Thread title says it all. Does anyone have a suggestion for a rotating monitor? I've been looking for a while for a monitor I can use to read documents, but am not having much luck finding one with a rotating stand. Thanks.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Nevermind. It does. Thanks everyone.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Last question: Will it scale the data from the 80 GB to the 500 GB? Thanks.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Thanks. I didn't know that was out there. I'm also wondering what happens if there is already data on the target drive, though. Does the program need a fresh drive? Will the program scale the image if there is already data on the drive? (I know that some programs will take an 80GB image...
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    I'm thinking about getting Acronis True Image 2010 to transfer my XP install from an 80 GB drive to a 500 GB drive with data on it already. Has anyone used this product to do this? Will the program scale the image so that it can use the rest of the 500 GB on the disc without deleting the data...
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    Firefox 3.5 Is Out

    Awesome. Definitely a lot faster loading so far. Happy to give up Crystal Menus for this kind of speed.
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    Boot Camp problem

    I formatted it through the boot camp utility, and gave XP 10 GB of room (FAT system)... I was thinking about trying it with NTFS, but it really shouldn't make a difference.
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    Boot Camp problem

    Hey guys, So, I have a problem which very imminently needs a solution. A friend of mine's MacBook Pro was previously set up with Boot Camp and XP 32-Bit. Then, the hard drive crashed and all was lost. However, it now has a fresh install of Leopard (which includes Boot Camp), so everything...
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    Bionic Commando bombs at retail

    Ha, you said "BC"!!
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    Newegg has RIIE open box for 258

    Why are all the i7 boards "open box" at newegg?
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    HD TV + RCA (360/PS2)

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    What is holding my FPS back in WoW?

    You obviously haven't tried this.
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    Gamespot PSP return policy is no return !

    They probably just wouldn't take it back b/c it has software included in the package, right? That makes sense, and is similar to every other return policy I've ever heard. Though, I feel like they should exchange it for you though. That's some bullsh** to have to send it to Sony after seven...
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    Best PS2 Wireless Controller?

    Bump to get a reply on the signal quality for the second controller.
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    Ikea desk gallery

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    Heh, should I buy a 7950gt for $20?

    Dude at school is selling a BFG Tech 7950gtoc 512MB for $20. Worth it? The newest games I run are Half Life 2 and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, but I'd like to be able to run them at 1920 x 1280 on a 24" widescreen. This card has the power to do that right?
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    Most Memorable Moment In Gaming For You

    There're so many, but the most memorable moment I had was finishing Starfox on Super Nintendo. The pilots had "voices," which were just random noises that were supposed to be alien languages, but when I killed the final boss, the fighters flew up together, and then they started talking to each...
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    After 17 years, it has finally been accomplished.

    Target Earth, easily the hardest game I've ever played. The only way to get through the first level is to press start on the second player controller and make yourself invincible. The only freakin' way.
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    Looking for IBM Ultra Slim Bay filler

    People, The CD drive on my T43 laptop keeps popping out for some reason. I almost never use it, so I'm thinking about getting something else to fill the bay, that way I don't have to travel with the stupid thing and deal with it popping out. Is there a plug that IBM/Lenovo sells that can be...
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    Does the currnet PS3...

    And Skinemax. Burn! I know this adds nothing to the thread. Sue me.
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    Final Fantasy games have an annoying quip lately

    And all of this guidebook business is in addition to the fact that Square is now making games that have a lot of special weapons that can only be unlocked by multiplayer (like in FFT: War of the Lions). I think that's even more annoying.
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    Final Fantasy games have an annoying quip lately

    I've been annoyed by this also, especially because, like you said, it's obviously a method to sell strategy guides. But, that's the great thing about
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    what do i need

    Definitely, for sure, upgrade your hard drive to at least a 500. Seriously. But not really.
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    just got a ps2...

    FFXII, man. That game is tits.
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    What's the best slim PSP protective case available?

    The logitech case is the best, and it does work for the slim. It's not a perfect fit like it was for the larger version, but it's protected my slim from a fall of about five feet and there wasn't a single scratch. Mine is also orange, so...that makes it even awesomer. Totally.
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    What's the best deal going on the PSP?

    There's quite a bit of motion blur on the new PSP screens. Even just playing a game like tactics, when the camera rotates, it's significant. I can't imagine it's very good for games that have a lot of movement, but at least it doesn't detract much from that game.
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    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade question

    I've never gone online with Dark Crusade and when I try to now, it asks me to download a patch. I accept it and it says "downloading... 227/227." It just sits there like that. What am I to do? It does the same sort of message if I try to go online with the original Dawn of War and Winter...
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    Drive won't work

    Thanks. Yeah, I was doing that actually, but it looks like this drive is DOA. I bought it from Newegg and UPS smashed one side of the box so hard that the bubble wrap inside was all popped on that side... Thank you UPS... It's making the clicking death sound of a hard drive gone bad...
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    Drive won't work

    Hi guys, I just bought a new 500 GB Sata2 Western Digital internal drive and it won't work with the system in my signature. I have one already with windows installed, so I thought this one would just sort of plug and play... It shows up under hardware profile and Windows says it has the...
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    The first game you have ever played

    My first game was Number Munchers on the IIGS. Man, I played the crap outta that game after school every day.
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    (Old board - I know) question about Neo4 Platinum SLI Soundblaster card

    So, my PSU died for the computer in my signature. I need a new one, but all of the new PSUs come without -5V lines since it's not in the standard anymore. The manual for my motherboard says, "MSI reminds you . . . you MUST have a -5V in the power supply for it to run." (Of course, they don't...
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    New Halo 3 beta video

    Wow, I like the prospect of automated weapons like those in Perfect Dark. Too bad I suck at Halo . . . Bad . . .
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    Weird power button or PSU issue

    six hours - so what do you guys think? Is it the power supply? I don't want to drop the cash without some expert advice from you all.
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    Weird power button or PSU issue

    Power supply isn't old. It's the one in my signature and it's about a year and a half. I don't overclock. When I was playing games last night (when I could get it started) the CPU temp was at 44C and the NB was at 41C. Don't know ambient exactly, but there are those. The room is not hot...
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    Weird power button or PSU issue

    So, this may be easy, but it's pissing me off because I can't figure out which component is the problem. Here's what's going on. When my computer has been sitting off for a long time (a number of hours), if I press the power button, I get a short surge of power to all the components, but it...
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    OK, so this is maybe a little bit irrelevant, but why do you have letters in your text bolded to spell porn. Sneaky little pervert. :) Oh, and I wish E3 were still the way it was...even though I've never been. I liked all of the G3 and IGN coverage though...
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    Question about Windows Logon on an external hard drive

    So my brother's hard drive crashed and won't boot up because of a corrupt file. I pulled out the hard drive and put it into an external case to try to pull some irreplaceable pictures off of it, but he had a logon for windows and now I can't get to the My Pictures folder because I'm not logged...
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    Please Help

    Nevermind guys. I figured it out.
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    6800 Ultra vs. 8800GTS/GTX

    You cite the Killer NIC wikipedia article as authority, an article that blatantly says at the top that the article is written like an advertisement? You might as well be citing the Killer website. Biased authority is not convincing. Maybe you should cite to the anandtech article that...