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    8 TB drives
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    6TB Helium drives

    Just in time for Christmas, no idea of the Black Friday prices .!
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    MS says WHS will die

    MS has said there will be no more WHS releases after the WHS 2011. You can purchase the Windows 8 2012 Essentials for $425. WHS 2011 will be available through 2016, and be supported for many years after that. Oh, and SBS is also discontinued...
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    $199 24 bay, dual Xenon server But, before you scoop one up, pleease read -
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    Flexraid for WHS2 spoiler
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    Drivebender is out

    Drivebender, the pooling storage software for Win XP through Win Storage Server is now out of beta, in full release. One caveat, it doesn't have VSS capability ( yet ), and cannot be used to backup the server of WHS2. Early reports show no problem with up to 5 simultaneous movie streams...
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    WGS - using Lion server as a home server In a radical departure, WGS is extolling Lion server for the role of a Home server. The intro is worth a read, on why the owner of WGS decided to promote a change in his personal direction.
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    WHS V2 is RTM

    Available for download, OEM out in April. Response is, generally, ambivalent/divided. See articles on wegotserved and mediasmartserver.
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    WHS RTM, March 30th We'll see ...
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    ESXi and Unraid
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    upgrading the network stack on WHS

    One of the properties of WHS that folks often say they would change is the 2003 network stack. There is a hotfix out that allows you to do that.
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    Black Dwarf Server build Shoebox server build, innovative
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    Just another storage pool/file replicating home server OS I thought it might be worth mentioning that Amahi Home Server with Greyhole technology is now available. Worth a look.
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    Using WHS OPK to reinstall system partition , step-by-step instructions on reinstall, quick, easy. Ben Ogilvie
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    extreme media server - 90 tb's, 200 watts Worth a look, happy t-day
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    a different approach to WHS OS mirroring

    Just in case anyone else is interested in mirroring their OS drive without wasting too much drive space, I may have found a solution to this. When I first bought all the hardware, I decided to go with this external HD enclosure for the mirrored OS drives. For one thing, my motherboard didn't...
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    The other mass media storage server forum thread Just FYI, on another very well attended forum ( AVS ), there is another source of builds and knowledge on media servers. You might want to get some coffee, the thread is now 130 pages long. Ben
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    Demigrator.exe issues

    One of the most common complaints about WHS is the interruption of media streaming caused by Demigrator. Some have this problem, some don't. I was wondering if there was any insight from the board members on if they have, or don't, and if they do have it were they able to resolve it. Also, does...